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America's Crisis and Public Administration’s Ethical Dilemma: Homeless LGBT Youth in the 21st Century

In Partnership with ASPA journal Public Integrity
April 19 | 1 p.m. ET

An area of ethical concern for public administration must be the rising LGBT homeless youth epidemic. The concept of homeless youth is not a new phenomenon. However, the importance of homeless LGBT youth has been woefully overlooked within public administration. The rise in numbers of homeless LGBT youth is growing nationally and the results often are devastating. It is with a sense of urgency that this ASPA webinar is offered and the participants offer possible solutions in addressing this epidemic.

The webinar is intended for scholars, practitioners and community activists who have an interest in helping to eradicate or at least reduce LGBT youth homelessness in America.

Richard Greggory Johnson III, Professor of Public Policy & Management, University of San Francisco
Nancy Lopez, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of New Mexico
Sean McCandless,
Lecturer, University of Denver
Lorenda Naylor,
Associate Professor of Public Administration, University of Baltimore
Kris Norman-Major,
Professor of Public Administration, Hamline University
Mitchell Dylan Sellers,
Assistant Professor of Public Administration, Temple University
Jama Shelton
, Assistant Professor of Social Work, CUNY Hunter College