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Bad Data: The Hobgoblin of Effective Government

In Partnership with the Center for Accountability and Performance

July 26 | 1 p.m. ET
With a growing emphasis on the use of data to effectively and efficiently run government, its quality is critical.  All too frequently, the information used is out of date, inaccurate, incompatible, siloed, difficult to use and confusing. This panel will delve into the reasons data can be problematic, the ramifications, and the reasons this issue is of paramount importance.

Stefaan G. Verhulst, Co-Founder and Chief Research and Development Officer, Governance Laboratory, New York University
Outside his position at New York University, Stefaan Verhulst is also an adjunct professor in the department of culture and communications at NYU, senior research Fellow for the Center for Media and Communications Studies at Central European University in Budapest, a board member of ORBICOM-Unesco and an affiliated senior research Fellow at the Center for Global Communications Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He regularly advises international organizations and has written and co-authored several books on a variety of topics including internet governance.

Ben Ward, Manager, Information Technology Audits Unit, California State Auditor's Office
Ben Ward is a manager in the Information Technology Audits Unit for the California State Auditor’s Office. He is responsible for managing information systems audits, which include system control reviews and data analytics. Ward is a certified information systems auditor and an ACL certified data analyst and has worked for the California State Auditor’s Office for more than 10 years.

Katherine Barrett, Partner, Barrett and Greene Inc.
Katherine Barrett is a principal with Barrett and Greene Inc., an organization that researches, analyzes and writes about state and local governments. The Volcker Alliance, the Council of State Governments, Governing Magazine, The Fels Institute at the University of Pennsylvania and others are among its current primary outlets. Barrett has been tracking the topic of “bad data” for some years now, and was co-author of a much-read Governing magazine cover story about the topic that ran in June 2015.

Richard Greene, Moderator, Partner, Barrett and Greene Inc.

Cyber Security

August 2 | 2 p.m. ET

ASPA is excited to have sought-after and seasoned speaker Alan Shark provide this webinar about cyber security and public administration. Cyber security and cyber terrorism is a costly and growing problem, affecting government entities, nonprofits, publicly held companies and personal accounts. Shark has presented on numerous cyber security topics and will look at this issue from a public administration lens covering:
  • Mobile and e-government
  • Digital technology trends in government
  • Thought leadership and professional development issues for IT practitioners

Join us for this timely and useful topic and learn from an expert about an important issue within all levels of government.​

Alan Shark, Executive Director and CEO, Public Technology Institute, Rutgers University SPAA

Veteran Policy

September 20 | 1 p.m. ET

This webinar will have a special focus on the relationship between the practitioner and scholar. VA experts will highlight their research priorities and areas where academics and practitioners can collaborate, and will outline actions for developing a field of study. It will also offer suggestions on ways to connect practitioner needs and priorities to researcher interests and priorities

Raun Lazier, Director of Policy, Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Policy and Planning
Raun Lazier serves as the principal advisor to the deputy assistant secretary for policy on issues related to enterprise-wide policy, strategy, legislative reviews, organizational changes, external engagements and public-private partnerships. He also manages VA’s policy and research agendas.

Nathan Williamson, Senior Policy Analyst, Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Policy and Planning
As OPP’s veteran policy research program manager, Nathan Williamson is responsible for leading research and engagement efforts in support of VA’s veterans’ policy research agenda.