Book Review Guidelines

Public Integrity welcomes book reviews as well as suggestions for books to review. We offer two options for book reviews.

First, Books in Brief, offers a short synopsis of books from various disciplines that have implications for the study and practice of ethics. This format should include a 1-2 paragraph synopsis of the book that addresses its ethical relevance, as well as the reviewer’s evaluation of the value of the book for scholars and practitioners.  

Second, Single Book Reviews, are approximately 1,500-2,500 words in length, and should begin with one or two paragraphs summarizing the main points of the book. The main body of the review should focus on core issues in the book that relate to the study and practice of ethics. The review should close with implications for scholarship and practice.

Book reviews should be submitted via the journal’s online submission system (Editorial Manager): When submitting a book review, be sure to choose “Book Review” from the drop-down menu of submission options. If you have any questions regarding book reviews or any suggestions of books to review, please contact Book Review Editor Heather Getha-Taylor at