ASPA 2017 Elections

Terms begin March 2018

Thank you to all who nominated someone to appear on this fall's ballot. The Slate of Nominees has been released and is as follows:

District 1
Maria D'Agostino
Dennis Martino

District 2
Jasper Cox
Diane M. Disney

District 3
Thomas Barth
Louie Moore

District 4
Stephen Kleinschmit

District 5
Richard Gregory Johnson, III
Aziza Zemrani

Student Representative
Christopher Pierce
Tyler Sova

Vice President
Richard Keevey
Thomas Stanton
Kendra Stewart

Elections will take place in November; make sure to look for your ballot in your email and participate in our democratic process. Please contact ASPA chief of program operations Lisa Sidletsky with any questions.

Informational Webinar

Use this webinar to answer any questions you have about running for office!

ASPA National Council Nominations Webinar 2017.