Below you will find a list of some of ASPA's Chapters and Sections and the awards they present. For more information, please contact each group about its awards program. You can find contact information for Chapters online here and you can find contact information for Sections online here.  

Delaware Chapter

The Delaware Chapter gives out awards each year. You can find details about their awards program on their website here.

Sacramento Chapter

The Sacramento Chapter has a robust awards program, having given out more than 130 awards over the past 34 years. You can find more information about the 2016 awards program online here.

American Academy of Certified Public Managers (AACPM)

Henning Award 
This is the highest award presented by the American Academy of Certified Public Managers. It is given annually to a member for his or her accomplishments and outstanding contributions to public management. 

Linda Jefferson (North Carolina Office of State Human Resources)

Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM)

PFP Jesse Burkhead Award
The award recognizes the best article published in the Section’s journal, Public Budgeting and Finance.

Ken Kriz (Wichita State University)
Jun Peng (University of Arizona)
Oiushi Wang (Rutgers University at Newark)

Michael Curro Student Paper Award
The award recognizes the author of the best written paper in a class or under faculty supervision.

Stephanie Leiser (University of Washington)

Kenneth Howard Award
This award is a lifetime achievement award given to a practitioner in the field of budgeting and financial management.

John Culpepper (Ret.) (Finance Director, Athens-Clarke County)

Aaron Wildavsky Award
This award recognizes lifetime achievements in budgeting and financial management.

William Simonsen (University of Connecticut)

LGBT Advocacy Alliance

Founder’s Award
The Founder’s Award celebrates the dedication to the creation of the ASPA LGBT Advocacy Alliance Section.

Erik Bergrud (Park University)

Visionary Award
The Visionary Award recognizes the unique characteristics of an individual to envision a future that would be diverse, inclusive and equitable. True visionaries are not part of the herd and their solutions are not always popular. They stand out with their strong beliefs and hold steadfast to their guiding principles, even in the face of adversity. They are ahead of their time.

Chester Newland (University of Pacific)

Section on Emergency and Crisis Management (SECM)

Dissertation Award
This award supports dissertation research being performed by PhD candidates who have successfully defended their proposal but do not have a completed dissertation, in the area of emergency and crisis management.

William J. Petak Best Paper Award
This award recognizes the outstanding paper in emergency and crisis management presented at the ASPA Annual Conference.

Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM)

Donald C. Stone Practitioner Award
This award recognizes significant contributions to the practice of intergovernmental relations over a substantial period of time that have made an impact on the practice of intergovernmental management as a whole, rather than only on a specific organization, institution or function.

Rakesh Mohan (Director Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho Legislature)

Donald C. Stone Scholar Award
This award honors significant contributions to the study of intergovernmental relations over a substantial period of time that have made an impact on the study of intergovernmental management as a whole, rather than only on a specific organization, institution or function.

Timothy Conlan (George Mason University) 

Donald C. Stone Best Student Paper Award
This award recognizes the best paper on federalism, intergovernmental relations written by a graduate student in the past year.

Andrew Crosby (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Section on International and Comparative Administration (SICA)

Fred Riggs Award
This award recognizes those who have made significant, substantial and widely recognized contributions to the conceptual, theoretical or operational development of international, comparative or development administration. The award is named in honor of Fred Riggs, a pioneer in these fields and a founder of the Section.

Dr. Evan Berman
Jennifer Brinkerhoff (George Washington University) 

Garcia-Zamor Best Paper Award
This award recognizes the author of the best paper presented at the International Riggs Symposium during the Annual Conference. The award was named after Professor Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor, a long-time SICA member. SICA has established a committee that reviews the papers presented and determines the winner of the award.

Gerald Caiden (University of Southern California) 
Palina Prysmakova (Florida International University)
Michelle Tandardini (Florida International University)

Col Award for Outstanding SICA Leadership 
This award is offered to SICA members who have demonstrated strong commitment and active leadership contribution to SICA’s mission. It is named after Jeanne Marie Col and is presented annually at the Section’s business meeting. 

Jeanne-Marie Col (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY)

Section on Korean Public Administration (SKPA)

Junior Asian Scholar Award
This award is presented to East Asian graduate students whose papers have been accepted for presentation at the ASPA Annual Conference. The three best papers and a number of notable papers are awarded with certificates and monetary prizes to recognize students’ scholarly promise in the field.

Section on Personnel Administration and Labor Relations (SPALR)

Outstanding Service to the Public Service Human Resources Profession
This award recognizes outstanding service to the field over a career of service; recipients are selected by the SPALR executive committee.

Irving Yi-Feng Huang (Tamkang University) 

Outstanding Scholarship in Public Sector Human Resources
This award recognizes outstanding scholarship over a career of research and is generally awarded to senior researchers; recipients are selected by the SPALR executive committee.

Evan Berman (Victoria University of Wellington)

SPALR Dissertation Award
This is a monetary award given on a competitive basis for dissertation work in progress.
Geri Miller-Fox (University of Utah)

Outstanding Book in Public Sector Human Resource Management 
This is an award given on a competitive basis for a published work. 
2016   R. Paul Battaglio (University of Texas at Dallas)

Section on Public Administration Research (SPAR)

Best Book Award
The Best Book Award will evaluate criteria such as outstanding accomplishment of the research objectives, high-quality writing and potential to constitute a lasting contribution to public administration literature. The winner of the award will receive a plaque, a small honorarium and notice published in the American Review of Public Administration.

Section for Professional and Organizational Development (SPOD)

SPOD Student Award
SPOD scholarships are designed to help facilitate learning to advance students’ academic work and interests in finding solutions to public organizational challenges. The scholarships are also intended to introduce students to the work of SPOD and encourage their long-term involvement in the various activities and leadership of ASPA and the Section.

Section on Public Performance and Management (SPPM)

Annual Conference Scholarship
SPPM offers scholarships to support participation in the Annual Conference by academics and practitioners interested in performance measurement and management. The scholarship aims to broaden understanding of performance measurement and management efforts in the public sector; incorporate the ideas of academics and practitioners on issues of performance measurement and management that might not otherwise get a chance to participate, and demonstrate the value of professional conferences for young professionals.

Best Article Award 
Awarded to an article published in the journal, Public Performance and Management Review. 

Kirk Emerson (University of Arizona)
Tina Nabatchi (Syracuse University)
    Article: Evaluating the Productivity of Collaborative Governance Regimes: A Performance Matrix 

Section on Science and Technology in Government (SSTIG)

Excellence in Science and Technology Research Award
The award recognizes scholars who have made a substantive contribution to improve our understanding of how science and technology can be leveraged to enhance the effective and efficient management of public organizations.

Excellence in Government Innovation Award
This award recognizes the contributions of public sector professionals in advancing technological innovation in government. It highlights the best case practices that may be replicated in other public sector settings and stimulate academic inquiries from the academic communities.

Digital Governance Junior Scholar Award 
This award, jointly sponsored by SSTIG and the Digital Government Society, recognizes junior scholars who have made a substantive contribution to improving our understanding of how best to utilize information and communication technology to improve public governance and public service.

Anneke Zuiderwijk, Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) 

Section on Transportation Policy and Administration (STPA)

Truitt-Felbinger Award
The award was established in memory of Lawrence J. Truitt and Claire Felbinger, former STPA Chairs, valued colleagues, scholars, practitioners and teachers and is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of transportation policy and administration.

Barbara Ivanov (Ret.) (Washington State Department of Transportation Freight Systems Division)

Student Paper Award
This recognizes scholarly papers from undergraduate and graduate students related to transportation policy and administration.

Section for Women in Public Administration (SWPA)

SWPA Conference Scholarships
These scholarships help defray the cost of attending ASPA’s Annual Conference.

Janer Cordero (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
Andrea Headley (Florida International University)
Natalie Wenzler (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

Joan Fiss Bishop Leadership Award
Established in 1985, the honoree by example and action has: promoted increased participation of women in the public service profession; exhibited a defined contribution to increased involvement in the public sector; shown innovative leadership and accomplished professionalism in their public service career and made a commitment to the profession through current or past ASPA membership.

Mary Ann Feldheim (University of Central Florida) 

Marcia P. Crowley Service to SWPA Award
Originally established in 1991 and rededicated in 2007, the honoree is recognized for: outstanding service to SWPA; their service to the Section for several years; and for making a demonstrated impact on the work of the Section. The honoree must be a current Section member in good standing.

DeLysa Burnier (Ohio University)

Rita Mae Kelly Distinguished Research Award
Originally established in 1991, the honoree is recognized for: their research contribution to gender-related issues; performing research on an issue(s) significant to women’s role in public administration; and making an impact through research on women’s lives.

Suzanne Discenza (Park University)

Julia J. Henderson International Award
Originally established in 2007, the honoree is recognized for their demonstrated commitment to international public administration, in particular, or to international public service, in general, by a lifetime of public service; or to careers in international administration and public service.

Section on Democracy and Social Justice (SDSJ)

Social Equity in Action Award
This award recognizes individuals in the local area where the conference is held that represent the nexus of government policy and personal action that promotes social equity.

Section on Public Law and Administration (SPLA)

Exemplary Service to Section on Public Law and Administration Award

This award recognizes a SPLA member who has contributed outstanding and committed service to the Section.

SPLA Jurisprudence Champion Award 
This award recognizes an individual who has made superior and notable contributions to the field of public law and administration that reflect social change. 

Marsha Pechman (Chief Justice, U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington)

SPLA Stellar Practitioner Award 
This award recognizes an individual who has made effective and compelling contributions to the practice of public law and administration that, over time, have impacted how public administrators implement public law.

Tail Hairston (Seattle Pacific University) 

John A. Rohr Scholarship 
ASPA’s Section on Public Law and Administration (SPLA) annually awards one $500 scholarship to help defray the costs associated with attending the ASPA Annual Conference.

Ashley Kelly, Jackson State University 

Section on Environment and Natural Resources (SENRA)

Student Essay Award 
This annual award recognizes the best essay on the topic of the environment authored by a graduate student. 

KyungWoo John Kim (University of North Texas)

Section on Ethics and Integrity of Governance (SEI-GOV) 

Lifetime Achievement Award 
This award is given for excellence in public affairs ethics scholarship, teaching and service during the course of a career (minimum 25 years) in academia or public service. 

2016    Frances Burke (Suffolk University)

Terry Cooper (University of Southern California)
 Carol Lewis (University of Connecticut)

Donald Menzel (Ethics Management International and ASPA Past President)

Outstanding Student Paper Award 
s award recognizes excellence in graduate student research and writing on topics related to public affairs ethics including corruption, integrity, social equity, corporate responsibility and politics.

Brandon Ford (Villanova University)