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Performance Management Trends in Cities, Counties and States

In Partnership with ASPA's Center for Accountability and Performance
June 21 | 2 p.m. ET

This webinar will bring participants the latest information about progress and trends in performance-informed government from the three major local governmental units: cities, counties and states. Panelists will offer an expert view of the state of the art in their respective levels of government. In addition to a broad view, they will focus on efforts made by their organizations in this field. You will learn:
  • The fundamental differences in the state of performance-informed government in cities, counties and states
  • The efforts made by NGA, NaCO and NLC to advance the work being done in this field
  • A once-over-lightly history of the advancements in performance-informed government in recent years

Dana D'Orazio, National League of Cities
Richard Green, Moderator, Barrett and Greene, Inc. and Chair, ASPA Center for Accountability and Performance
Jeffrey McLeod, National Governors Association
Natalie Ortiz, National Association of Counties