Student and New Prof Series: Resumes, Resume, Resumes!

Student and New Prof Series: Resumes, Resume, Resumes!
Marketing Yourself on the Page
Back by popular demand! Our webinar on this topic was so popular we are bringing it back for a summer reprise! 

There are different perspectives and views on resumes—what should be on them, what shouldn’t not, how long they should be, what they should cover, to name a few. The answers you get depend on whom you ask. 

What can’t be disputed is its importance. It’s more than a piece of paper that you complete at 3:00 in the morning prior to a job interview. It’s not a document for which you spend more time selecting the color and stock of the paper than the substance listed on it. Your resume introduces you to a potential employer, sells your skills and attributes to that employer and hopefully gets you to the next step. 

Everyone—at every stage of his or her professional career—needs to update a resume; constantly refresh and update it; and take “stuff” off while putting new “stuff” on. There is no cookie cutter approach to resumes, but there are rights and wrongs. 
6/21/2017 1:00 PM - 6/21/2017 2:00 PM

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