2018 Founders' Fellows

The following individuals have been selected to comprise the 25-member class for 2018:

  • Ian Adams (University of Utah)
  • Jessica Alcorn (University of Georgia)
  • Saud Alotaibi (University of North Texas)
  • Lyndsay Bates (University of Baltimore)
  • Neomi Frisch Aviram (University of Haifa)
  • Yuliya Harris (Wayne State University)
  • Josephine Hazelton (California State University—Stanislaus)
  • Nuri Heckler (University of Colorado Denver)
  • Trang Hoang (University of Texas—Dallas)
  • Vaiva Kalesnikaite (Florida International University)
  • Hannah Lebovits (Cleveland State University)
  • Zehavit Levitats (University of Haifa)
  • Sarah McGuire (Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation)
  • Monica Yamel Naime S Henkel (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas)
  • Julius Nukpezah (Mississippi State University)
  • Blanca Rand (Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency and George Mason University)
  • Wen-Chi Shie (Florida State University)
  • Iuliia Shybalkina (Syracuse University)
  • Cristina Stanica (University of Delaware)
  • Nathan Teklemariam (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Maren Trochmann (University of Colorado Denver)
  • Shilpa Viswanath (Rutgers University—Newark)
  • Nicole Wesley (Louisiana State University)
  • Chaitanya Yadav (University of Texas—Dallas)
  • Sasha Zapata (Rhode Island Quality Institute)

The 2018 Founders’ Fellows will receive a complimentary 2018 Annual Conference registration, a year-long mentorship with a seasoned practitioner or senior scholar and complementary lodging in the conference hotel.

More details coming soon!

Thank you to the following 2018 Founders' Fellows Sponsors:

We are already receiving sponsor support for the 2018 class of Founders' Fellows! Thank you to the following for your contributions:

ASPA Gold Coast Chapter
ASPA North Texas Chapter
ASPA South Florida Chapter
College of Charleston
Louisiana State University
Paul Danczyk
Public Administration Quarterly
Stephen Rolandi
San Diego State University
Section on Complexity and Network Studies
Section for New Administration Professionals and Students
Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA)
Thomas Stanton
Kendra Stewart
Texas Southern University
University of Baltimore
University of Haifa
University of Texas—Dallas

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