Ronald Bates - City Manager, Pico Rivera, Calif.

Thomas Prendergast - CEO/Chairman, New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (NYMTA)

John F. Shirey - City Manager, Sacramento, Calif.


Kevin Duggan - West Coast Regional Director for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

Elizabeth Fretwell - City Manager, Las Vegas Nevada

Warren Gove - Director of Enterprise Computing Center, Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Jacqueline Simon - Public Policy Director, American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE - CIO)


Donald J. Borut - Executive Director, National League of Cities

Nani A. Colorett - Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget, Department of the Treasury

Patricia Dalton - Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Alina Tejeda Hudak - Deputy Mayor/County Manager, Miami-Dade County

Thomas H. Warren Sr. - President and Chief Executive Officer, Urban League of Nebraska


Joyce A. Adkins - Commander, 633d Medical Operations Squadron, Langley AFB, Virginia

Lester P. Claravall - Child Labor Coordinator, Oklahoma Department of Labor


Ted A. Gaebler - City Manager, Rancho Cordova, California

Sallyanne Harper - Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Financial Officer, Government Accountability Office

John Berry - Director, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Kenneth H. Kraemer, MD - Chief, DNA Repair Section in the Demartology Branch, CCR, NCI

Bernard K. Melekian - Director Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice


Theresa Parker - Executive Director, California Housing Finance Agency

David Smith - County Administrator, Maricopa County, Arizona


Peter M. Blumberg - Head of the Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Promotion Section, National Cancer Institute

Barbara S. Dorf - Director, Office of Departmental Grants Management and Oversight, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

James E. Hartwell - Program Manager, U.S. Air Force Hurlburt Field

Thomas H. Muehlenbeck - City Manager, Plano, Texas

Mark A. Pisano - Executive Director, Southern California Association of Governments


Joan W. Bauerlein - Director, Aviation Research & Development, Federal Aviation Administration

Annabelle T. Lockhart - Director of the U.S. Department of Labor, Civil Rights Center

L. Ralph Mecham - Executive Director, California Legislative Analyst's Office

Jane G. Pisano - President and Director, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles


Frank A. Fairbanks - City Manager, City of Phoenix

Maria Gomez - Assistant Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Human Services, Child and Family Services

Elizabeth Hill - Executive Director, California Legislative Analyst's Office

M. Peter McPherson - Director, Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa


Daniel Fitzpatrick - City Manager, Peeksskill, New  York

Donna Gambrell - Deputy Director, Compliance and Consumer Protection Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Kay Goodwin - Secretary of Education & The Arts, State of West Virginia

Howard Hendrick - Director, Department of Human Services, State of Oklahoma


Sheila W. Beckett - Executive Director, Employee Retirement Systems of Texas

Gene L. Dodaro - Chief Operating Officer, U.S. General Accounting Office

David E. Janssen - Chief Administrative Officer, County of Los Angeles, California

Larry G. Massanari - Philadephia Regional Commissioner, Social Security Administration

Merrett R. Stierheim - Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools


J. Jarrett Clinton - Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs), U.S. Department of Defense

John F. Irby - Director, Federal Facilities Division, Real Estate and Facilities; Directorate, Department of Defense

Paul Lynch - Assistant Commissioner, Business Peformance Public Building Service, U.S. General Services Administration

Patricia Pileggi - chief of Special Prosecutions, US. Attoney's Office

J. Alex Valdez - Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Department of Health


Paul D. Barnes - Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources, U.S Social Security Administration

Alexander Briseno - City Manager, San Antonio, Texas

David Gaspar - Director, Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections

Jane M. Kenny - Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Community Affairs

James M. Serif - Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protetction


Walter D. Broadnax - Dean, School of Public Affairs, American University

Gloria J. Cousar - Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public and Assisted Housing Delivery, US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Vola Lawson - City Manager, City of Alexandria, Virginia

Richard Y. Stevens - County Manager, Wake County, North Carolina

Helen H. Taylor - Associate Commissioner, Head Start Bureau Administration of Children, Youth & Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Kathleen A. Buto - Director, Healthcare Financing Administration

Ray E. Corpuz Jr. - City Manager, City of Tacoma, Washington

Annette M. Sandberg - Chief Washington State Patrol

George C. Sinnott - Commissioner, New York Department of Civil Service

Robert S. Winokur - Assistant Administrator, Satellite & Information Services, NOAA


William Barron - Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor

Thomas Eichler - Cabinet Secretary, Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families

Joan Furey - Director, Center for women Veterans, Department of Veteran Affairs

William Kilmartin - State Comptroller, Massachusetts

Eleanor Spector - Director of Defense Procurement


Wendy H. Baldwin - Deputy Director, Extramural Reseach, National Institutes of Health

David O. Cooke - Director of Administration and Management, Office of Secretary of Defense

Oscar Jackson Jr. - Administrator, Department of Human Resources, State of Oklahoma

Lane B. Ramsey - County Administrator, Chesterfield County, Virginia


Ruth R. Crone - Executive Director, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

Barbara D Matula - Director, Division of Medical Assistance, North Carolina Department of Human Resources

William R. McLucas - Director, Division of Enforcement, Securities and Exchange Commission

Robert J. O'Neill Jr. - City Manager, City of Dallas, Texas


Israel Brooks Jr. - United States Marshals Service

William Drayton - President, Ashoka; Innovations for the Public

Grace A. Kilbane - Lead, One-Stop Career Center Initiative, U.S. Department of Labor

Edwin B. Silverman - State Refugee Coordinator, Illinois Department of Public Aid

Bruce Vladeck - Administrator, Health Care Financing Administrator


Tom Allison - Director, Division of Corrections Orange County, Florida

Robert L. Armstrong - President and CEO, Omaha Housing Authority

Eleanor Chelimsky - Assistant Comptroller, General for Program Evaluation, U.S. General Accounting Office

Ruth L. Kirschstein - Deputy Director, National Institutes of Health

Marvin M. Siflinger - Executive Director, Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency


N. Burton Attico - Director, Maternal Child Health Program Phoenix Area, Indian Health Service

Daniel E. Sweat Jr. - Project Coordinator, The Atlanta Project The Carter Center

Carol M. Fay - District Director, Internal Revenue Service, Salt Lake City, Utah

Harry P. Hatry - Director, State and Local Government Research, The Urban Institute

John Stewart - Executive Director, Consortium of Research Institutions, Knoxville, Tennessee


Camille Cates Barnett - City Manager, Austin Texas

Steven C. Bishop - Chief, Police Department, Kansas City, Missouri

Harry S. Havens - Assistant Comptroller General, U.S. General Accounting Office

J. Michael Quinlan - Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons

Donna E. Shalala - Chancellor, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Alvin L. Brooks - Director for Human Relations, Kansas City, Missouri

Frank C. Conahan - Assistant Comptroller General,  U.S. General Accounting Office

Diana Lam - Superintendent, Chelsea School System

Robert H. Mcclain Jr. - Undersecretary of Administration and Finance, State of Massachusetts

Michael J. Murphy - Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Internal Revenue Service


Marvin Andrews - City Manager, City of Phoenix, Arizona

William Barreda - Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Trade and Investment Policy

David Chu - Assistant Director for National Security and International Affairs

Nina Rothchild - Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Employee Relations

Gordon Sherman - Commissioner, Social Security/Atlanta Region


Lee P. Brown - Chief of Police, City of Houston, Texas

Anthony Fauci, M.D. - Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Rosslyn S. Kleeman - Director, Federal Workorce Future Group, U.S. General Accounting Office

Dean L. Macris - Director of Planning, City and County of San Francisco, California

Marcia C. Pops - Chief Probation Officer, West Virginia Circuit Court

Thomas D. Morris - Retired, Special Assistant to the Comptroller General (special recognition award)


Janet M. Hively - Deputy to the May, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Robert E. Lamb - Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security

Bishop L. Robinson - Secretary, Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

Jule Sugarman - Secretary, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Paul A. Volcker - Chair, National Commission on The Public Service


Randall C. Bacon - Director, Department of Social Services, San Diego County, California

Carl F. Bianchi - Administrative Director, Director of the Courts, State of Idaho

Howard M. Messner - Assistant Administrator for Administration and Resource Management, Environmental Protection Agency

William J. Pitstick - Executive Director, North Central Texas Council of Governments

Terrence A. Todman - U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Odilon Long, Peace Corps Volunteer (Recipient of special recognition award)


Alan F. Kiepper - General Manager, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Harris County, Texas

Donald L. McCune - Managing Director - International Fertilizer Development Center, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Martha A. Mcsteen - Acting  Commissioner, Social Security Administration, Baltimore, Maryland

Sally R. Reed -  County Executive, Santa Clara County, California

Esther C. Wunnicke - Commissioner, Alaska Department of Natural Resources


John E. Dever - City Manager, Long Beach, California

Joseph L. Fisher - Secretary of Human Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia

Claiborne Haughton Jr. - Director, Civilian Equality Opportunity Programs, Department of Defense

Michael V. Reagen - Commissioner, Iowa Department of Human Services

Joel D. Valdez - City Manager, Tucson, Arizona


Wayne F. Anderson - Secretary of Administration and Commerce, Commonwealth of Virginia

R. Alexander Grant - Associate Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Food and Drug Administration

Robert A. Kipp - City Manager, Kansas City, Missouri

Dewey Willard Knight - Assistant Manager, Metropolitan Dade County, Miami, Florida

Alice M. Rivlin - Director, Congressional Budget Office


Charles L. Dempsey - Inspector General, Department of Housing and Urban Development

Bradford Morse - Administrator, United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Sylvester Murray - City Manager, Cincinnati, Ohio

Janet L. Norwood - Commissioner of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor

David H. Pingree - Secretary, Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services