ASPA needs talented individuals like you!  Volunteer a few hours of your time to assist ASPA's chaptersection and/or national initiatives.


Get involved!  Become a chapter or section leader; speak at a conference; publish an article; or lead a webinar.  These are just a few of the ways in which you can participate in ASPA. You can also volunteer to lead a webinar or professional development workshop. If you are interested in hosting a webinar, contact ASPA at 202-585-4312.


ASPA as well as its sections and chapters presents awards to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of public service. The ASPA National Awards are presented at its Annual Conference each year. To find out about section or chapter-sponsored awards, click here.


Throughout the year, there are numerous opportunities to present research and discuss emerging trends at conferences across the continental U.S. and around the globe. In addition to ASPA's regional conferences organized by the Northeastern Conference on Public Administration and the Southeast Conference on Public Administration, ASPA also partners with several organizations to co-sponsor or host conferences on various issues related to public administration. To view a list of presentation opportunities, click here.


As an organization dedicated to publishing and promoting knowledge and research around issues related to public administration, ASPA offers several opportunities for members and non-members to share their expertise in the field. Among the publications through ASPA shares information is Public Administration Review, PA TIMES and numerous section journals. To learn about publishing opportunities, click here.










View our comprehensive index of advertising opportunities in our media kit to help you plan your budget and maximize your organization's reach. ASPA advertisers reach an audience of professionals, students and decisionmakers in the public administration community. To learn more about advertising with ASPA contact, Tim McCormack at tmccormack@ascendintegratedmedia.com.


To learn how you can become an ASPA Annual Conference sponsor, please contact Lisa Sidletsky at lsidletsky@aspanet.org or 202-585-4312.