This award is presented to persons who have made outstanding contributions to the professional literature of public administration over an extended career. To be eligible the nominee must have had at least one article published in Public Administration Review and a minimum of 25 years of active scholarship that has furthered the discipline of public administration.


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Dwight Waldo Biography

Born in 1913 in DeWitt, Nebraska, Waldo earned his bachelor's degree from Nebraska State Teachers' College, his master's from the University of Nebraska, and his doctorate from Yale. He taught for 21 years at the University of California (Berkeley) before joining the Syracuse University faculty in 1967. Waldo was one of the superstars of public administration. He served for many years as editor-in-chief of Public Administration Review, was president of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration and was widely respected as an author, consultant, and scholar.
For an in-depth discussion of Dr. Waldo's scholarly work, look at two articles in PAR (May/June 1997, Vol 57, No 3., and June/July 1997, Vol 57, No 4.) entitled "Bureaucracy and Democracy: Essays in Honor of Dwight Waldo" and "Modern Comparative Administration: Essays in Honor of Dwight Waldo," both by H. George Fredrickson and Frank Marini. A third article from this series was printed in the June 1997 issue of JPART.

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