The Harry Hatry Award is presented to an individual whose outstanding teaching, education, training, and consultation in performance measurement and management has made a significant contribution to the practice of public administration. The award winner must have spent the primary part of his/her career in public service. This award recognizes a person who has made outstanding contributions on a sustained basis rather than a single accomplishment.


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Harry Hatry Biography

Harry Hatry has directed the Urban Institute's Public Management Program (and its predecessor, the State and Local Research Program) since the 1970s. He has been a leader in developing and promulgating procedures for measuring the performance, especially the outcomes, of government and private nonprofit organizations. He has been a leader in examining ways to make better use of performance information to move performance measurement to performance management.

He has contributed to a number of the major national efforts to bring about a citizen/customer, results-oriented focus to service agencies at all three levels of government. These include the Governmental Accounting Standards Board's Service Efforts and Accomplishments Reporting initiative, the International City/County Management Association's work in providing annual comparisons of local government agency key performance indicators, the United Way movement's focus on outcome measurement, and he played a small role in the development of the federal Government Performance and Results Act of 1993.

His numerous publications over the years have introduced many public employees and students to the concepts and procedures of performance measurement and evaluation, including his early "Practical Program Evaluation for State and Local Governments," "How Effective Are Your Community Services: Procedures For Measuring Their Quality," "Performance Measurement: Getting Results" (now in its second edition), and is a co-editor of the “Handbook of Practical Program evaluation,” now in its third edition.

Mr. Hatry received the 1985 Elmer B. Staats award for excellence in program evaluation and the 1984 American Society for Public Administration award as the "Outstanding contributor to the literature of Management Science and Policy Science."  He was elected in 1980 to the National Academy of Public Administration (the counterpart to the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering).

In 1993 he was a recipient of a National Public Service Award, presented jointly by the National Academy of Public Administration and the American Society for Public Administration.  In 1995, he received a “Trailblazer” award for his work on performance measurement at the National Conference on Managing for Results, sponsored by the State of Texas and University of Texas.  In 1996, he received the “Evaluator of the Year” award from the Washington Evaluators Association. 

In 2000, he was a recipient of the “50th Anniversary Einhorn-Gary” award from the Association of Government Accountants for outstanding service for sustained commitment to advancing government accountability.”  In 2005, The Urban Institute named him a Distinguished Fellow.

In 1999 the Center for Accountability and Performance of the American Society of Public Administration presented him with a lifetime achievement award for his work in performance measurement and established the “Harry Hatry Award for Distinguished Practice in Performance Measurement.”


YEAR           WINNER

 2014  Jeffrey Tryens  former executive director, Oregon Progress Board
 2013  Michael Jacobson  Deputy Director, Performance and Strategy, King County Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget
 2012         Dr. Barbara Cohn Berman

 U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar 
 Vice-president, Fund for the City of New York

Member of Congress (Texas -28th District)
 2011      Ted Greenwood  Sloan Foundation
 2010  Allen Lomax   Community Indicators Coalition
 2009   Stuart Grifel  Auditor’s Office, City of Austin, TX
 2007  Pamela Bloomfield  Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General
 2006  Carl DeMaio  President, Performance Institute, Washington, DC
 2005  Richard C. Tracy  Director of Audits, Portland, OR
2004   Michael F. Brown  County Administrator, Santa Barbara County, CA
 2003  Paul Epstein

J. Christopher Mihm
 Principal, Epstein & Fass Associates

Director of Strategic Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office
2002   Steve Morgan City Auditor, Austin, TX 
2001  James R. ("Jay") Fountain   Assistant Director of Research, Governmental Accounting Standards Board
 2000  Patrick W. Manion   Deputy City Manager, City of Phoenix 1990-1997
1999   Harry Hatry   The Urban Institute