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The Journal of Public Affairs Education is soliciting proposals for a special symposium examining the critical aspects of public affairs education in the minds of prominent current deans and department chairs regarding their observations and opinions related to the state of public affairs education and what future trends we should expect as we move forward. This symposium is scheduled to run in volume 21:1 which will publish in February 2015. The symposium guest editor is Michael W. Popejoy.

This Call for Papers is addressed to deans, program directors and department chairs of public affairs programs throughout NASPAA to carefully consider current and future issues of critical importance to the field of public affairs education and report their findings to the field’s membership.

Various questions should be addressed; including but not necessarily limited to;

1)    What does it mean that a number of prominent institutions have faced existential crises? Why have these occurred? What is it about our endeavor that made some prominent higher education leaders think we were expendable? What should we do about it?

(2)    How do we compete more effectively with business programs, especially as more business schools move into nonprofit management and “social entrepreneurship” markets? Should public affairs programs and practice become more integrated with other fields? for instance, such as business administration and public health?

(3)    What will online education mean to the field? Does online education mean something different for public affairs programs than for other disciplines? How do these programs fit with “brick-and-mortar” programs? What does it mean that we no longer enjoy “splendid geographic isolation” from one another since we are all one click away?

(4)    What has the internationalization of our programs meant? How can we serve these new students? Do they want the “American experience” and perspective or do they want something tailored to their own needs and contexts?

(5)    How do our PhD programs help to define the way in which we will teach MPA students going forward through the training we provide to the next generation of assistant professors? Should online earned Ph.D.s be considered on a par level with on ground, traditional Ph.D. trained future leaders in the field?

(6)  What other questions or emerging issues should be considered now and in the future to better prepare public affairs education to properly prepare future students?

Please send your abstracts for consideration by June 15, 2014 to Dr. Michael W. Popejoy, Guest Editor at Full papers for those abstracts selected will be due by September 1, 2014 and will be turned in through the JPAE manuscript submission system for peer review.


The International Review of Public Administration (IRPA) invites you to edit a symposium issue.  Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • E-governance
  • Emergency Management
  • Personnel- Human Resources Management
  • Homeland Security in a Globalized Environment
  • Access to Health Care
  • Transparency
  • Controlling Corruption
  • Financial Management in Times of Crisis
  • Strategic Management
  • Technology in the Public Sector

IRPA is a leading international peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to research in public administration and public policy. The journal aims to stimulate research and critical thinking which can contribute to the development of innovative techniques or management skills, dealing with an emphasis on the future of public administration. It reaches a worldwide audience. 

The editors of the International Review of Public Administration (IRPA) ask you to consider this journal as a publication venue. The IRPA is an international peer-reviewed academic journal published biannually by the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA). It is indexed in International Political Science Abstracts and financially supported by the Korea Research Foundation. 

The journal strives to provide a worldwide audience with the opportunity for communication and further understanding on issues of public administration and policy. Moreover, the IRPA aims to provide a venue for international networking among scholars and practitioners in this field, publishing peer-reviewed articles in English, including basic and applied research, case studies and critical book reviews.

IRPA is published three times a year by the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA) and is indexed in International Political Science Abstracts. The recent creation of the ASPA Section on Korean Public Administration, for which IRPA is the official journal, will help create an active forum, stimulating discussion between scholars and practitioners on a wide variety of topics.

Please submit your manuscript electronically as an e-mail attachment written in MS Word to the Editors: Marc Holzer, Editor-in-Chief (Email: and Patria de Lancer Julnes, Managing Editor (Email:

Manuscripts should conform to the following guidelines: title, name, address, email, and organizational affiliation on the first page. On the second page place the title, an abstract, keywords, and commence the text. Submission to IRPA implies that an article has not been simultaneously submitted to other journals or previously has not been published elsewhere. The blind, peer review process normally takes up to eight weeks.


State and Local Government Review, the official journal of the ASPA's Section on Intergovernmental Administration & Management (SIAM) under editor Michael J. Scicchitano, is now published by SAGE Publications. Since 1968 the Review has provided a forum for the exchange of ideas among practitioners and academics that contributes to the knowledge and practice of state and local government politics, policy, and management.

The Review welcomes manuscripts that focus on state and local governments and those that explore the intergovernmental dimensions of public-sector activity. Visit to sign up for email alerts, submit your paper, subscribe to the journal or recommend SLGR to your library.


Public Administration Book Proposals Welcomed

The ASPA Book Series in Public Administration and Public Policy is a partnership between ASPA and leading publisher, Taylor & Francis. The publisher solicits book proposals and manuscripts that are relevant to ASPA members and practitioners. Six books have been released with another nine in press or in development. You can see the books available through the ASPA Series here.

In addition to the ASPA Series, Taylor & Francis publishes a well-established “Public Administration and Public Policy” book series with over 140 titles that broadly bridges theory with practice and can be used in practice or in classroom settings. 

Below are some examples of topics in which we are especially interested, but we welcome other topics, too. We consider single authored, co-authored and edited works. Have an idea? Waiting to write a book? A simple paragraph to Rich O'Hanley, the editor-in-chief of both book series, is sufficient to get the discussion going.

Contact him at

Possible book topics include: 

  •     Measuring the Performance of Educational Organizations;
  •     Measuring the Performance of Health Care Organization
  •     Productivity Enhancement in Health Organizations Benchmarking;
  •     Pension Management;
  •     Outsourcing;
  •     Debt Management;
  •     Employee Performance Appraisal;
  •     Affirmative Action;
  •     Performance Budgeting;
  •     Benefits Administration;
  •     Labor-Management Cooperation;
  •     Statistical Methods in Public Administration;
  •     Effective Management Communication;
  •     Media Strategies in Public Administration;
  •     Job Analysis;
  •     Government Regulation of Business;
  •     Organizational Revitalization;
  •     Distributed Data Processing;
  •     Labor Contract Negotiations;
  •     Procurement Management;
  •     Economics for Public Administration;
  •     Revenue Forecasting;
  •     Age Discrimination;
  •     Reasonable Accommodation;
  •     Strategic Planning;
  •     Capital Budgeting;
  •     Government Financial Condition;
  •     Organization Development;
  •     Job Security;
  •     Accountability;
  •     Government Accounting and Standards;
  •     The Auditing Function;
  •     Team Development;
  •     E-Government.



The 2014 Young Scholars Workshop in Public Policy and Administration Research will be held July 21-24 in Changchun, China. Proposals are being accepted until April 4, 2014. The Young Scholars Workshop aims to provide young scholars working in public policy, public administration and related fields with an academically rigorous platform for the presentation of research, scholarly exchange and social networking. The workshop is sponsored by ASPA and Jilin University. To learn more about the workshop, click here.



The 7th Sino-US International Conference for Public Administration will be held in the Yifu Conference Center at Renmin University of China, June 6-7, 2014. The conference will examine public management and governance reform during the last century and will focus on the future.  This year’s conference theme is: "Global Governance Reform: Lessons from the Past, and Plans for the Future." To learn more, visit the website at

The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century witnessed global tides for public administration/management reform. The questions are: Why did decades of public administration reform around the world not seem to have curtailed our governance crisis? Why did efforts in public management innovation not deliver what we expected that movement to deliver? Have we been on the right track?  What more could we do to make a difference?  What new tools and new knowledge can assist public managers to run their governments? How should public administration scholars around the world cooperate to face the new challenges?

This conference, with all these questions in mind, calls for papers and panels to address issues of public governance reform in the global setting.  Retrospective study on reform lessons and experiences, and forward looking studies on ideas, methods, tools and strategies are all welcome. The conference welcomes proposals from scholars in China, the United States, Asia, India, Europe and throughout the world.



A decade ago the first International Conference on Public Administration (2005) was launched in Chengdu, P.R.C., an initiative that sought to foster the intellectual and practical engagement of public administration professionals worldwide. The founders’ vision was an international event to bring together academics, practitioners, and students to share ideas and knowledge beneficial to the international public administration community. Organizers are currently accepting proposals for the 10th International Conference on Public Administration that will be held at UESTC (Qingshuihe Campus) in Chengdu, China Oct. 24-26. To learn more about the conference, visit

The 10th ICPA will emphasize the new advancements and challenges in public administration, past and present, with an eye on the decade ahead. Papers and proposals that assess the accomplishments over the past decade and/or put forward the challenges ahead are especially welcomed. Methodologies that encompass case studies, survey research, best practices, and comparative analyses between and among countries are solicited. We are especially receptive to proposals that focus on the sub-themes below.

  • Big Data
  • Privacy and Surveillance
  • Good Governance
  • Networking and Partnerships
  • Performance and Smarter Government
  • Human Resource Management
  • The Future 


More information can be obtained from the conference website: To read the full call for proposal, click here.


Public administration as a field has become theoretically more interdisciplinary and methodologically more rigorous, while the practice of public administration has been evolving in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. Responding to growing demand for new theoretical frameworks as well as innovative, interactive, and interdependent policy tools, the conference aims at offering an intellectually challenging and practically relevant opportunity for both scholars and practitioners. Submissions of quality paper proposals for the International Conference on “Next Steps for Public Administration in Theory and Practice,” are invited.

The conference will be held in Guangzhou, China November 16-18, 2014 in celebration of Public Administration Review’s 75th anniversary as well as Sun Yat-Sen University’s 90th Anniversary.

Organizers are interested in significant, original, and rigorous papers that discuss theoretical, methodological, and practical challenges and opportunities particularly in the age of austerity, complexity, uncertainty, and interconnectedness. All accepted papers will be compiled and published on the conference website.  Plenary papers and others presented in the conference will be published in a themed issue of PAR in 2016 after regular peer-review. Theory-driven, empirical or practically relevant research papers are welcome. To see a list of interested topics, click here.

Both individual paper proposals and panel proposals are welcome. Proposals must be submitted electronically to Meili Niu at by March 1, 2014.
Individual paper proposals should be no more one page and include paper title, author name(s) and institutional affiliations, contact details, and brief description of paper, while panel proposals should be no more than three pages and include panel title, names of panel chair and authors, institutional affiliations, and short description of the panel papers. Individuals are neither allowed to submit more than two proposals nor present two papers (regardless of singled or coauthored papers).Sun Yat-sen University will provide presenters with accommodation and meals up to three nights. No conference registration fee will be charged. To read the full call for proposal,
click here.


The Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) is pleased to announce the Third Global Conference on Public Policy and Administration in the Middle East. This conference will convene at the American University of Beirut on December 5 – 6, 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Despite long-standing calls to strengthen public sector governance throughout the Middle East, recommendations for reform have often been ignored, dismissed as impractical, or poorly implemented. The conference committee welcomes paper and panel proposals that contribute to the design and management of governance reforms throughout the Middle East. Proposals may employ case study designs, quantitative, qualitative or social network methods, comparative analyses, and investigations of best practices. To learn more about the call for proposals, click here.


The process of globalization has brought about great changes in all regions of the world. SESAME and AMEPPA will address 'Minority  Rights and the Role of Public Administration in the Middle East' at a global symposium September 19-20 in Petersburg, Russia.

The consequence of globalization had positive and negative impacts on ethnic, religious, and migrating communities in the Middle East, creating tensions, intolerance, mistrust, ultra-nationalism,  and  conflict.  The  symposium  encourages  scholars  to  discuss  any  of the following sub-themes:
The role of public policy and administration institution in maintaining social stability

  • Ethnic, religious, and other minority groups’ rights in today’s society
  • Issues of access and empowerment by minority groups
  • Integration, assimilation, and self-determination
  • Resolving the issues of Diasporas

To download the call for proposal, click here.