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The International Review of Public Administration (IRPA) invites you to edit a symposium issue.  Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • E-governance
  • Emergency Management
  • Personnel- Human Resources Management
  • Homeland Security in a Globalized Environment
  • Access to Health Care
  • Transparency
  • Controlling Corruption
  • Financial Management in Times of Crisis
  • Strategic Management
  • Technology in the Public Sector

IRPA is a leading international peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to research in public administration and public policy. The journal aims to stimulate research and critical thinking which can contribute to the development of innovative techniques or management skills, dealing with an emphasis on the future of public administration. It reaches a worldwide audience. 

The editors of the International Review of Public Administration (IRPA) ask you to consider this journal as a publication venue. The IRPA is an international peer-reviewed academic journal published biannually by the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA). It is indexed in International Political Science Abstracts and financially supported by the Korea Research Foundation. 

The journal strives to provide a worldwide audience with the opportunity for communication and further understanding on issues of public administration and policy. Moreover, the IRPA aims to provide a venue for international networking among scholars and practitioners in this field, publishing peer-reviewed articles in English, including basic and applied research, case studies and critical book reviews.

IRPA is published three times a year by the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA) and is indexed in International Political Science Abstracts. The recent creation of the ASPA Section on Korean Public Administration, for which IRPA is the official journal, will help create an active forum, stimulating discussion between scholars and practitioners on a wide variety of topics.

Please submit your manuscript electronically as an e-mail attachment written in MS Word to the Editors: Marc Holzer, Editor-in-Chief (Email: and Patria de Lancer Julnes, Managing Editor (Email:

Manuscripts should conform to the following guidelines: title, name, address, email, and organizational affiliation on the first page. On the second page place the title, an abstract, keywords, and commence the text. Submission to IRPA implies that an article has not been simultaneously submitted to other journals or previously has not been published elsewhere. The blind, peer review process normally takes up to eight weeks.


State and Local Government Review, the official journal of the ASPA's Section on Intergovernmental Administration & Management (SIAM) under editor Michael J. Scicchitano, is now published by SAGE Publications. Since 1968 the Review has provided a forum for the exchange of ideas among practitioners and academics that contributes to the knowledge and practice of state and local government politics, policy, and management.

The Review welcomes manuscripts that focus on state and local governments and those that explore the intergovernmental dimensions of public-sector activity. Visit to sign up for email alerts, submit your paper, subscribe to the journal or recommend SLGR to your library.


Public Integrity, welcomes original manuscripts from a variety of disciplines that address ethical issues of importance to the public, particularly those that introduce new discourse to the field. Inclusive of government, NGOs, nonprofits, business, corruption, law, social equity, criminal justice, environment, and human rights, the purpose of the journal is to advance knowledge rooted in the social science literature. A foundation of objective and informed inquiry, including speculative philosophy and empirical research, is a criterion. Visit the Public Integrity page on this website for more information.


Public Administration Book Proposals Welcomed

The ASPA Book Series in Public Administration and Public Policy is a partnership between ASPA and leading publisher, Taylor & Francis. The publisher solicits book proposals and manuscripts that are relevant to ASPA members and practitioners. Six books have been released with another nine in press or in development. You can see the books available through the ASPA Series here.

In addition to the ASPA Series, Taylor & Francis publishes a well-established “Public Administration and Public Policy” book series with over 140 titles that broadly bridges theory with practice and can be used in practice or in classroom settings. 

Below are some examples of topics in which we are especially interested, but we welcome other topics, too. We consider single authored, co-authored and edited works. Have an idea? Waiting to write a book? A simple paragraph to Rich O'Hanley, the editor-in-chief of both book series, is sufficient to get the discussion going.

Contact him at

Possible book topics include: 

  •     Measuring the Performance of Educational Organizations;
  •     Measuring the Performance of Health Care Organization
  •     Productivity Enhancement in Health Organizations Benchmarking;
  •     Pension Management;
  •     Outsourcing;
  •     Debt Management;
  •     Employee Performance Appraisal;
  •     Affirmative Action;
  •     Performance Budgeting;
  •     Benefits Administration;
  •     Labor-Management Cooperation;
  •     Statistical Methods in Public Administration;
  •     Effective Management Communication;
  •     Media Strategies in Public Administration;
  •     Job Analysis;
  •     Government Regulation of Business;
  •     Organizational Revitalization;
  •     Distributed Data Processing;
  •     Labor Contract Negotiations;
  •     Procurement Management;
  •     Economics for Public Administration;
  •     Revenue Forecasting;
  •     Age Discrimination;
  •     Reasonable Accommodation;
  •     Strategic Planning;
  •     Capital Budgeting;
  •     Government Financial Condition;
  •     Organization Development;
  •     Job Security;
  •     Accountability;
  •     Government Accounting and Standards;
  •     The Auditing Function;
  •     Team Development;
  •     E-Government.



The Young Scholars Workshop in Public Policy and Administration Research is held each year, specifically to provide young scholars working in public policy, public administration and related fields with an academically rigorous platform for the presentation of research, scholarly exchange and social networking. The workshop is sponsored by ASPA and Jilin University. To learn more about the workshop, click here.



A decade ago the first International Conference on Public Administration (2005) was launched in Chengdu, P.R.C., an initiative that sought to foster the intellectual and practical engagement of public administration professionals worldwide. The founders’ vision was an international event to bring together academics, practitioners, and students to share ideas and knowledge beneficial to the international public administration community. The 2014 conference was held at UESTC (Qingshuihe Campus) in Chengdu, China Oct. 24-26. To learn more about the conference, visit