ASPA needs talented individuals like you!  Volunteer a few hours of your time to assist ASPA's chaptersection and/or national initiatives. To find the chapter or section in your area, please consult the drop down menu to the right. 


Founders' Fellow Mentor

ASPA is currently accepting volunteers to serve as mentors to the 2015 Founders' Fellows Class. Volunteers must be current ASPA members.

The purpose of this program is to create a formal, structured venue for students and new professionals to build energized, action focused relationships with seasoned academics and practitioners in public administration that will help them prepare for their future careers. 

Mentoring will be provided for the purposes of helping Founders’ Fellows acclimate to ASPA, engage in ASPA, succeed in ASPA, the field, and in their studies and careers. This type of mentoring is a hybrid approach that focuses on social and leadership development, school-to-career, as well as academic and/or professional success.  Specifically, mentoring will consist of guidance, networking, and how to capitalize on their ASPA membership while at the conference and through their local chapters.  

To be considered as a mentor, please complete the questionnaire and submit by email to membership@aspanet.org