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The Overwhelmed Employee: The HR Challenge
The human resources department is viewed as the place where benefits are processed, orientation sessions are conducted and staffing levels are maintained. However, HR managers spend considerable time dealing with workers who are suffering from employee burnout. Read more.

Promoting Health at Work in a Changing World
The ultimate paradox for public managers today is the inability to forecast the future, yet remain healthy and safe in their work environments. In order to deal effectively with these forces, public managers need to design and evaluate organizational structures. Read more.

The Militarization of Law Enforcement
When Michael Brown was shot and killed in August 2014, it ignited a firestorm of controversy concerning the handling of African-American citizens by law enforcement. Many argue that law enforcement officials were justified in their use of excessive force, yet critics maintain the clashes in Ferguson are a classic example of the increasing militarization of law enforcement across the nation. Read more.

Dahl, Tradeoffs and the Challenge of Democratic Structures

The work of Robert Alan Dahl offered important insights into the nature of democracy and its application to the governance of localities. Read more.