ASPA's newspaper, PA TIMES, covers developments in the professional field of public administration. Article topics include successful local state and federal government programs, PA trends and new PA methods.  PA TIMES focuses on the issues that face public managers today. It also highlights best practices in the field and updates members on how ASPA plays a role in the support of the public sector. ASPA's chapters and sections highlight their innovative programs and publications in PA TIMES as well. 

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PA TIMES. Review the submission guidelines and a listing of the types of articles accepted, as well as some writing tips to increase your chances of selection for publication. Below is the 2013 editorial calendar.


The 2014 issues of PA TIMES will explore the intergovernmental system and the future of public service. How do components relate to each other and what role does technology play in strengthening public service? Check out our themes and consider submitting an article.

Jan/Feb/March - Intergovernmental Relations: Rationalizing the Federal System in the U.S. and Abroad
International Supplement - Federalism or Decentralization: Building Global Cities
Deadline: Jan. 20, 2014

April/May/June - Strengthening the Public Service Workforce
Public Service Supplement - Preparing the Next Generation
Deadline: April 7, 2014

July/Aug/Sept. - Innovative Budgeting: Funding 21st Century Public Goods & Services
Deadline: July 14, 2014

October - Technology & Training: Creating a 21st Century Public Sector
Education Supplement - Building a New Generation of Leaders: Interdisciplinary & Cross Collaboration
Deadline: Sept. 8, 2014

Nov/Dec. - Smaller Government: Better Government?
Deadline: Nov. 10, 2014

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Monthly editions of PA TIMES will focus on current issues developing in the public administration community. Articles for consideration can be sent by email to Submissions are considered on a rolling basis.

Below are a list of the upcoming topics that will discussed on PA TIMES online in 2014.


Redefining Public Service Through Volunteerism

Improving  the Public’s Perception of Public Institutions  



The History of ASPA- Reflections of 75 Years of Service

Why Choose A Career As A Public Administrator?

Profiles of Outstanding Women in Public Service


21st Century Public Service: Telecommuting, Work-sharing & Alternative Work Schedules

Managing Public Health Systems


Collaborations: Public Agencies, Nonprofits and Public Charities

Fiscal Responsibility and Public Administration


The Environment and Public Administration: Natural Resources Management

Public Service Across the Globe (UN Public Service Day – June 23)


Expanding the Role of Public Administration: From Citizen Participation to Open Government

Public Services, Private Delivery – Alternatives to Delivering Public Goods


State- Sponsored Tourism and State Economy

Global Perspectives of Public Administration


Emergency Management Services and Public Safety

From Academia to the Agency: Leaving The Classroom to Learn First Hand

 October What Ever Happened to Civics? Refocusing on Teaching Tomorrow’s Great Citizens and Leaders 

Portraits of Service: Profile of Veterans and Service Members

E-governance, Modernization, and Performance Management

 December Social Media and the Information Age:  Using Influence and Persuasion in Public Service 

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