ASPA is proud to host a robust e-learning program including three series of webinars: BookTalks, KeepingCurrent events and Students and New Professionals topics. This list is refreshed constantly as new events are added to our calendar. Please contact us if you have any questions about our upcoming discussions or would like to join us to host an event.

KeepingCurrent: Achieving Tenure as a Nonprofit Scholar

May 30 | 1:00 p.m. EDT

Sponsored by ASA's Section on Nonprofits

The Networking and Special Events Subcommittee of the ASPA Nonprofit Section is hosting this webinar, and will have several panelists and a moderator discussing concepts such as: communicating a nonprofit research agenda to a department or School that is not nonprofit focused (or to non-nonprofit scholars), putting portfolios together and information and documentation required, and demonstrating nonprofit worthiness for general academia.

Lauren Azevedo, Moderator, Assistant Professor, UNC Charlotte
Cynthia Lynch, Associate Professor, Hawaii Pacific University
Alisa Moldavanova, Associate Professor, University of Delaware
Sheela Pandey, Associate Professor, Penn State Harrisburg
Robbie Robichau, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

BookTalk: Crisis Communication Planning and Strategies for Nonprofit Leadership

September 5 | 1:00 p.m. EDT

Crisis Communication Planning and Strategies for Nonprofit Leaders examines the unique position of nonprofit organizations in an intersection of providing public services and also being a part of emergency and crisis management practices. This text discusses the evolution of crisis communication planning, the unique position of nonprofit organizations and the crises they face, along with provision of conceptual and theoretical frameworks to generate effective crisis communication plans for nonprofit organizations to utilize within diverse crises. Through the use of innovative real-life case studies investigating the impact of crisis communication plans, this book provides the foundational knowledge of crisis communication planning, theoretically supported strategies, crisis typology and planning resources. Each chapter focuses on critical strategic planning concepts and includes a summary of key points, discussion questions and additional resources for each concept. With this text, nonprofit organizations will be able to strategically plan for organization-specific and emergency management-related crises, develop effective crisis communication plans, garner internal and external support and generate assessment strategies to maintain the relevancy of these plans within their future endeavors.

Crisis Communication Planning and Strategies for Nonprofit Leaders offers a new and insightful approach to crisis communication planning to assist nonprofit organizations that are called upon to fulfill a variety of community needs, such as sheltering, food distribution, relief funding, family reunification services, volunteer mobilization and much more. It is an essential resource for nonprofit organizations.

Lauren Azevedo, Assistant Professor, Penn State Harrisburg
Brittany Haupt, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

BookTalk: Public Management as a Design-Oriented Professional Discipline

What, fundamentally, is public management? This question is rarely answered clearly and confidently, whether by students of public management or academics in the field. This book's argument is grounded in Herbert Simon's ideas about design-oriented professional disciplines. However, Michael Barzelay's argument runs counter to the idea that public management is a design science. It envisions the discipline as a professional practice that requires the thoughtful and skillful use of purposive theories of public organizations, along with reverse-engineered design-precedents, in problem-solving for public programs and organizations.

This event is coming soon! We'll post a date for it as soon as it is confirmed.

Michael Barzelay, London School of Economics