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My name is Andrea Headley and I am an Assistant Professor in the Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University.

I learned about ASPA when I was in graduate school and I first got involved as a student member in my local chapter. Then, I started attending and presenting my research at ASPA’s Annual Conferences, ultimately serving on ASPA’s National Council as Student Representative.

During my undergraduate tenue, I double-majored in criminology and human and social development, with a specialization in community and program development, and I minored in communication studies. I have an MS in criminal justice and a PhD in public affairs.

I am particularly interested in the relationships and interactions between governments and civilians. Specifically, my research and teaching interests have centered around criminal justice policy and management. One thing that especially sparks my interests in criminal justice is the fact that it intersects with so many other public sector services, from education to health care to employment.

This country is facing a significant challenge regarding how to have a more effective and equitable criminal justice system that caters to the needs of those who interact with it—from civilians to employees—and I know public administration can help with this.

I believe that serving the public, benefitting the greater good and contributing to a better society for all should not be a responsibility, option or spare time commitment. Rather, it should be a persistent, invasive lifestyle decision. Public service is not limited to the career path one chooses to enter, but rather can be achieved throughout all sectors, careers and organizations. There are enduring questions that must be asked: Whose will am I pursuing? Whose ends am I fulfilling? My definition of public service is not bound by sectoral constraints, but defined by the ends, not the means.

Within ASPA, the opportunities are endless. Our Society provides a space for any- and everyone who is interested in the public sector—academics and practitioners alike. It is one of the only professional association in this field that caters to both populations and creates a space for all to feel welcomed.

To those of you have already donated or who may donate in the future: You are the ones who make it possible for students and new professionals, such as myself, to have access to all ASPA has to offer. With your donations, you are expanding the network and professional opportunities for people like me. Thank you.