Marketing Your Chapter or Section

ASPA can help you market your Chapter or Section through hosting your website, providing newsletter space and other tools. You may also find information about advertising in PA TIMES  helpful, as well as downloading the ASPA logo to assist you in branding your group. Please make the most of these resources as you work to get the word out about your Chapter or Section. 

Website Hosting

Many Chapters and Sections wish to have a website to represent their groups. ASPA recommends that you use a host provider, like Network Solutions or GoDaddy, to host your site and a website builder, like WordPress or Weebly, to build and manage your website. There are a number of Chapters and Sections who have done this very well; contact us if you'd like to be connected to them for thoughts and assistance.

Please note that you do not have to have your own website. Chapters and Sections have effectively managed their groups through FaceBook pages, LinkedIn Groups and other online tools. You should explore these options before you decide having your own website is the best course of action.

Newsletter Advertising

ASPA publishes an e-newsletter twice a month that is read by more than 9,000 subscribers, garnering an average 29% open rate. The Bridge spotlights ASPA news, as well as conferences, call for proposals and current events in the public administration community and field. If you have an announcement you would like included in The Bridge, please contact ASPA chief of membership, marketing and communications Karen Garrett

Interested in subscribing to The Bridge? Contact Karen to be added to the list!