The LGBT Advocacy Alliance

The ASPA LGBT Advocacy Alliance exists to provide a safe space for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and allied community, or LGBTQIA+ community, within the field of Public Administration.

The mission of the LGBT Advocacy Alliance Section is to provide a safe & supportive environment within ASPA & its partners by:
  • Focusing on equal rights, diversity & workplace issues
  • Providing policy assistance through research and education on critical/relevant issues
  • Being a clearinghouse for information, resources & materials
  • Facilitating & supporting community engagement/development & coalition building
  • Increasing awareness of cultural competency


Leadership and Contact Details

Chair: Chris Surfus
Vice Chair: Wally Swan
Secretary: Dalten Fox
Treasurer: Steven Bobes
Additional Board Members: Lorenda Naylor, Jose Luis Irizarry, Lorenda Naylor, Richard Greggory Johnson, III

Contact ASPA to get in touch with any of the above leaders.

Main contact address:
ASPA LGBT Advocacy Alliance
233 Fulton St. E, Ste. 210F
c/o Dr. Chris Surfus
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Annual Section Membership Dues: $10