Section on Complexity and Network Studies

It is widely recognized that much of public sector policy and implementation is now highly networked and requires significant collaboration among a wide array of public, private, and non-governmental actors. A large research literature has developed to evaluate performance and collaboration within these networks. However, problems such as the non-linearity, uncertainty, and constant change inherent in these networks continue to pose significant challenges to developing adequate research designs and methodologies.

The members of SCNS share a common interest in understanding these complexities through the use of theory, empirical research, computer simulation modeling and practices within the context of public administration and policy studies. Founded in 2006, the section has grown to include researcher and practitioners from across the globe.

SCNS sponsors panels at ASPA conferences, publications and collaborations with other national and international associations and programs. The section is proud to sponsor Governance, Networks & Complexity Journal that is free to all members with their dues.



Leadership and Contact Details

Chair/President: Dr. Qian Hu
Vice Chair/Chair-Elect/Vice President/President-Elect: Dr. Asim Zia
Secretary: Jeogyoon Lee
Treasurer: Jeogyoon Lee

Other Section Details

Journal Name: Complexity Governance and Networks
Journal Website:
Journal Editor in Chief: Dr. Azim Zia

Annual Section Membership Dues: $15