What are the dates of the conference?
ASPA’s 2021 Annual Conference will begin April 9 and continue through the following week, providing a dynamic, flexible event comprising both live and prerecorded sessions. Attendees will have online access to all content for months following the conference’s conclusion.

Why did ASPA decide to host the 2021 Annual Conference as a virtual conference?
The ASPA National Council made the decision after considering public health concerns and budget issues impacting the public service profession. We look forward to a vaccine to stop the spread of COVID-19; at the same time, it is unclear that one will be finalized and administered widely by next spring. Further, international travel restrictions will remain in place for an undetermined period of time, making in-person participation by non-U.S. attendees impractical, if not impossible. And, we are well aware of the financial limitations that many attendees face, as travel funds are not widely available and instead are significantly constrained.

Why make the decision now?
The National Council feels it is critical to provide certainty about the 2021 conference and resolve logistical and programmatic questions and concerns. Those interested in participating can now submit their proposals knowing that accepted submissions will be part of a vibrant virtual program and that they do not need to consider whether to risk their health or find scarce funds to travel to an in-person meeting. This decision also enables ASPA staff to focus on making this a robust, interactive and high quality event.

When will more details be available?
ASPA staff will use all communication platforms to announce updates as they occur. Keep an eye on your email, our website and social media platforms for the latest developments.

What are the registration fees?
Registration rates will be announced in the coming weeks. We anticipate that they will be significantly lower than our standard, in-person rates.

Will international participants have the same experience as U.S.-based attendees?
ASPA is committed to a virtual conference format that allows international attendees to receive the same conference experience as those in the United States. We will take time zones into consideration to enable live participation from around the globe and will be careful about timing to ensure maximum participation. All sessions will be archived for future, on demand viewing.

If I have transferred my presentation from the 2020 event, what do I do next?
Nothing at this time. ASPA staff will contact you with more details about your presentation in the coming weeks.

Will there be opportunities for Chapter and Section events?
Yes. ASPA leaders are committed to having our Chapter and Section communities convene during the virtual conference, just as they would in person. We hope that the virtual platform will enable more opportunities to meet, not fewer. Opportunities include Chapter and Section business meetings, symposia, panels and more. More details will be released in the weeks ahead; Chapters and Sections should plan now to be as engaged, as always.

Will there be a code of conduct for the 2021 Annual Conference?
Yes. A virtual code of conduct is being developed to which all attendees must adhere.

Whom should I contact with questions?
Please email aspaconference@aspanet.org with any questions.