ASPA is proud to host a robust e-learning program including three series of webinars: BookTalks, KeepingCurrent events and Students and New Professionals topics. This list is refreshed constantly as new events are added to our calendar. Please contact us if you have any questions about our upcoming discussions or would like to join us to host an event.

BookTalk: Leadership: An Honest Discussion ... A Call to Lead

November 2 | 1:00 p.m. ET
In Partnership with National Louis University

A Call to Lead: Discover the Leader Within focuses on what it takes to be an effective leader. It examines the inner soul work that is imperative for leaders to perform in order to lead and care for the souls of others well. It explores the hard and soft skills required to lead successfully. Likewise, the book seeks to help readers gain the knowledge that leadership is a service and not a privilege.

Among the topics the title explores:
What is leadership?
What are the different styles of leadership and traits of a good leader?
What is the evidence of an effective leader? What does it mean to create a DEI environment?
What are some tools an African American woman leader should have in her toolkit and what do they mean for anyone with an interest in leading effectively?
How important is it to understand servant leadership? Do leaders need development/mentorship (Leadership glows and grows)?

Join our panelists as they discuss leadership tools for effectiveness and highlight for you some of the key takeaways from A Call to Lead: Discover the Leader Within. Be ready to ask questions as ample time will be provided for Q&A.

Nasha A. Johnson, Assistant Principal, Oakdale Academy
Wytress Richardson, Author and Chair, Applied Behavioral Science Program, National Louis University
Jacqueline Samuel, Moderator, Program Director and Asst. Professor, Master of Public Administration, National Louis University


Student Series: Public Communication: Skills, Applications and Value

November 4 | 1:00 p.m. ET (Rescheduled from October 21)
Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Management Council

One of the most useful tools at a student or new professional's disposal is the ability to communicate appropriately in public. Whether you're giving a presentation, leading a meeting or having one-on-one dialogues with peers and colleagues, good communication skills are invaluable - and often lead you either to complete success or complete failure. What are some of the skills you need to communicate properly and how do they work in different situations? Join this discussion and learn more about how to communicate well publicly. (This webinar is geared specifically toward students and new professionals but all are welcome to join!)

Aroon Manoharan, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Kayla Schwoerer, Moderator, ASPA Student Representative and Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University, Newark


Crafting a Compelling Resume

November 30 | 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m .ET

There are different perspectives on resumes—what should be on them, what should not, how long they should be, what they should cover. The advice you get depends on whom you ask. What cannot be disputed is the importance of your resume; it is your first opportunity to stand out and let employers know that you are the person for the job.

In this Students and New Professionals Series webinar, ASPA Executive Director Bill Shields will draw on his 20 years of experience helping students craft effective resumés and guide you through the process of creating compelling ones—a resume that will introduce you to a potential employer, sell your skills to that employer and get you to the next step of the hiring process.  

The webinar will cover the do’s and don’ts of crafting your professional resumé and ways to leverage it to advance your career—and allow for plenty of audience Q&A time.

Kayla Schwoerer, Doctoral Student, Rutgers University—Newark and ASPA Student Representative
Bill Shields, Executive Director, ASPA and Adjunct Professor, American University