ASPA Turns 75

In 2014, ASPA celebrated its 75th Anniversary. This historic milestone marked an important stage in ASPA’s history. For more than 70 years, ASPA has been the leading organization for public servants from all sectors. Those in the Society have promoted accountability, professionalism, ethics and performance management and we continue to strengthen and highlight the significance of public service, recognizing public managers from across the United States and around the globe.

As part of its celebration, ASPA highlighted its historical contributions to public service, its support of professional development through its Sections and its numerous domestic and international linkages.

ASPA's History

ASPA is one of the oldest organizations in the United States dedicated to the professionalism of public service at all levels of government. Since its founding, ASPA has sought to enhance the art and science of public administration by supporting the improvement of both theory and practice within the field.

You can learn more about ASPA’s history, including its founders, charter members and historical contributions to public administration, by clicking here to download a copy of "100 Years of Solitude - A Slice of Public Administration" by Kenneth Ashworth.

Turning 75

To mark ASPA's exciting anniversary, the Society hosted an Anniversary Gala Dinner, which highlighted ASPA's rich history by recognizing past and current leaders. You can view pictures from the Gala here.

In addition, storyteller Rita Paskowitz, offered a dramatic oratory on the role of public servants. To watch a video of this presentation, click below.

Public Service Stories

As part of its celebration of its contributions to public service, ASPA has launched a campaign to change the conversation about government and public service. The project, Ask Me Why I Care?, highlights the public servants' stories and their motivation to work in public service. Videos are now online via YouTube!