7th AIRMAP Conference

The Association Internationale de Recherche en Management Public announces its 7th conference will take placce in Biarritz, May 31-June 1, 2018.

Public organizations are facing many challenges and constraints. Therefore AIRMAP decided to focus its seventh annual conference on public innovation and management.

In a context of financial crisis, change in demand for public services and the emergence of complex and collaborative forms of action, the public sector is being urged to rethink its modes of operation and relations with environment.

Nevertheless, while many public organizations are encouraging a dynamic of innovation that affects both the modes of operation and the nature of services and public policies, they seem to be confronted with a blurred notion, both within its area, but also in its solutions.

Several fundamental questions arise concerning public innovation, which represents a field of research that is both emergent, promising and little explored:
  • What are the innovations of today and tomorrow for public organizations?
  • How are the processes of public innovation characterized? What are the determinants, the brakes and the impacts?
  • What are the different forms of public innovations and their specificities?
  • What are the limits and deviations of public innovation?
  • What are the results and impacts on public performance?
  • Do international public innovation models and practices differ?
These are some of the questions that the 7th AIRMAP symposium offers to address. Contact David Carassus ([email protected]) with questions.