2018 LLAMA Career Institute—Creating the Sustainable Library: The Triple Bottom Line Approach

Sustainability isn’t the wave of the future any longer. It’s already here! City and county managers, university provosts, school superintendents, corporate vice presidents and librarians are all talking about sustainability more about than ever before.  Will you be prepared when sustainability comes to your library?

Gary Shaffer, Ph.D., university professor and former library system CEO, will present findings from his recently published book, Creating the Sustainable Public Library: The Triple Bottom Line Approach, on Friday, June 22, 12:30 to 4 p.m.  This LLAMA Career Institute is presented in conjunction with the American Library Association 2018 Annual Conference in New Orleans.

“Embracing triple bottom line sustainability helps better weave the library into the fabric of the community, campus, or parent organization,” states Shaffer, “In order to be truly sustainable, and thrive, not just survive, a library must shore up its finances, community, and workforce.”

Participants will:
  • Understand the three facets of sustainability and why they are important to the long-term success of libraries
  • Be able to articulate the 12 steps of sustainability;
  • Apply their sustainability knowledge to their own library’s situation;
  • Learn to identify how to improve organizational sustainability/survivability for their institution
  • Contrast and compare their library’s sustainability efforts to date with those presented in the workshop, as well as create a beginning plan for their library
  • Estimate the impact of their library’s sustainability efforts going forward

This pre-conference will help participants enhance their professional knowledge, expertise and skills in 12 of the 14 foundational competencies identified by LLAMA—communication skills, change management, team building, collaboration and partnerships, problem solving, evidence-based decisionmaking, budget creation and presentation, forward thinking, critical thinking, ethics, project management, as well as marketing and advocacy.

Registration: $165 for LLAMA Members; $215 for ALA members; $95 for Students and Retired Members; and $315 for Non-Members.

Register online: http://2018.alaannual.org/registration/ticketed-events#LLAMA  – this takes you to “Ticketed Events” on the ALA Annual site; then search for LLAMA Institute (Event Code: LLA1).

The LLAMA Career Institute is open to all. Registration costs include workshop materials and refreshments. Lunch is not included. Pre-registration prior to June 8, 2018 is recommended. On-site registration will be subject to availability at the prices listed above.

About Gary Shaffer, Ph.D
Shaffer serves as the Director of the Master of Management in Library & Information Science (MMLIS) program at the Marshall School of Business and its corresponding Certificate in Library & Information Management (CLIM) program for those who already possess a MLIS. He also serves as Assistant Dean/Director of USC Libraries Center for Library Leadership & Management all at the University of Southern California. Prior to joining USC, Shaffer served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Tulsa City-County Library, a 24-location public library system, with over 405 employees located in Northeastern Oklahoma. Shaffer started his library career as a trainee in the joint Brooklyn Public Library and Pratt Institute Public Urban Library Service Education (PULSE) program. He then worked for the Los Angeles County and Sacramento public libraries.

About the LLAMA Career Institute
Introduced at the 2013 ALA Midwinter Meeting, the LLAMA Career Institute is a continuing education offering aimed at library professionals at all career stages who want to acquire new knowledge, skills, and competencies in support of active and ongoing career development or potential career changes.