Astana Civil Service Hub Call for Digital Government Innovations

The Astana Civil Service Hub is pleased to announce a call for digital government innovations.

The purpose of the call is to institutionalize innovation in governance and civil service and encourage more effective civil service systems and more efficient public service delivery in the Hub participating countries.

Deadline: April 30, 2018, Noon (Astana time)

Innovative Solutions in 2018 will focus on digital government innovations. Sub-themes include, but are not limited to:
1.    Digital Civil Service
2.    Disruptive Technologies and Civil Service
3.    Digital Citizenship and Participatory Government
4.    Government Management in Fostering Public Sector Innovation
5.    Open Government Data and the New Frontier of Innovative Service Delivery
6.    Data-Driven Smart Government
7.    Incentivizing Staff and Building Capacity for Digital Innovation
8.    Creating a Working, Learning and Innovative Environment
9.    Public Governance: Digital Competencies


All public organizations/agencies at national and sub-national levels, academies of public administration, think-tanks, public associations, non-profit organizations, profitable organizations or private companies, as well as individuals – researchers and experts are eligible to apply. We accept applications from ALL COUNTRIES.

The following are NOT eligible to apply:
•    UNDP Country Offices
•    Country Offices of other UN Agencies

An applicant may submit more than one application but only one of the proposed solutions may be supported.

This is a multistage mechanism, which allows:
  • to identify successful innovative solutions
  • to facilitate deeper understanding by the Hub participating countries of the identified solutions by supporting preparation process of case studies and manuals with mechanism for potential replication and presentation of innovative solutions in public governance and civil service
  • to stimulate replication of these solutions in other countries

Apply in English:

Apply in Russian: