The Future of Public Service Symposium

Suffolk University in Boston announces a symposium: The Future of Public Service: Advancing the Civil Society through Partnership Government, to take place May 31, 2018.

Symposium Co-Chairs:
Brenda J. Bond, PhD, Department Chair, Suffolk University, Institute of Public Service
Marc Holzer, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Suffolk University, Institute for Public Service

First Floor Function Room
David J. Sargent Hall
Suffolk University
120 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02108

This dialogue will explore the next frontier of public service: partnership government. It will focus on a broad vision of public service grounded in the principles of the civil society, the common good, service to others and social equity, exploring the need for public service organizations and other actors to recognize and embrace the interdependence that is necessary to succeed as partners in an era of fundamental challenges to the role of government itself. The Symposium will offer a timely opportunity to broaden the meaning of “public service” to include not only government, but nonprofit, philanthropic, voluntary, business, media and legal communities, public sector unions, as well as interdisciplinary partners in the arts and humanities.

Suffolk University’s Public Service faculty believe we are positioned to lead a dialogue on the implications of actions that have been initiated recently at the Federal level, as well as by some local and state government and regional authorities. We seek to expand awareness of this “new frontier,” shaping the conversation and its direction in terms of research, practice, policymaking and collaboration.
This conference will bring together the best minds in the professional and academic worlds to discuss partnership government and the emerging trends, best practices, and paradigms connected to the health of civil society, social equity, and interdependence of stakeholders.

Conference Fees:
•    Individual registration fee: $35.00   

*All presenters and attendees must register.