ASPA Statement on Recent Workplace Shootings
President Paul Danczyk

June 4, 2019

Washington, D.C. - Those of us in public service need to be accessible while working in secure spaces. This has caused increased tension that we must confront on a daily basis.

Whether you are an analyst, director, elected official, medical provider, faculty member or student, you share with your fellow public servants the common charge to provide the individuals you serve access to safe places to receive public services.

The recent mass shootings at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center and the STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado are stark reminders of how devastating these incidents are and how all of us are impacted in different ways.

To those personally impacted by these heinous acts, we stand with you. Some of us—including ASPA members in our Hampton Roads and Colorado Chapters—feel the depths of this grief in immediate ways. Others of us live and work many miles away. Yet we all recognize that these seemingly random acts could happen anywhere—in places where we do business, seek medical services, attend classes, send our kids to school, attend places of worship or fulfill our public service roles.

To those who risk their lives protecting others, we honor you. We appreciate those who have contributed emergency and follow-up responses. You perform some of the most difficult services asked of your community and we are grateful for all you do. And, we thank you for your courage in service and ongoing efforts to foster those very necessary open and safe spaces on which your community relies. Your presence makes public service possible. We commend you for your steadfast commitment.

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