Happy Thanksgiving

Entering the holiday season, I’m sending this Thanksgiving message to wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday, and to celebrate and honor those of us in public service.

As you enjoy friends and family next week, please also take time to notice and be thankful for those who:
  • fight corruption, wherever it is found;
  • protect and support our communities, especially during our most trying times including natural disasters and public shootings;
  • teach future generations, in all settings, public service values and guiding principles including ethics, equity, efficiency, effectiveness, economy, and empowerment;
  • create public services where every member of our society can have access to safe areas for education, health care, recreation and engagement;
  • promote social equity of all kinds for the betterment of our society;
  • strengthen and support each other every day of the year.

Thank you for your dedication and courage, and for setting an example for how to excel for our communities.

You advance excellence in public service! And for that, we are grateful.