Candidate information for the slate of individuals running for ASPA National Council positions appears below.


District 1  Candidates
District 2 Candidates
District 3 Candidates
District 4 Candidate
District 5 Candidate
Student Representative Candidates

District I Candidates

Usha Narasimhan


Usha Narasinhan has been an active member of the Society at its national, regional and section levels. She is an honors graduate of Queens College, CUNY, and holds an MPA degree from Long Island University. She has more than 25 years of professional experience in transportation planning and health care administration, in addition to extensive volunteer experience. Most recently, Ms. Narasimhan is an at-large member of the New York Metropolitan Chapter Transition Steering Committee.

Joshua Osowski


Joshua Osowski is a Regional Park Superintendent with the New Jersey State Park Service. Throughout his career in state government, he has done much to improve the parks at which he has worked including, implementing change management at Liberty State Park, being an advocate for public service, and increasing the use of collaboration to provide the services people need. He believes the best way to improve government is by professionalizing its workers and encouraging them to reach out to and work with the public they serve. Osowski recently received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University—Newark. His research interests include improving collaboration and governmental outcomes. He is the president of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and serves as a District 1 representative on ASPA’s National Council. Josh is also an avid lover of the outdoors and has thru-hiked the entire 2,000-mile Appalachian Trail.

Candidate Statement

Dear District 1 ASPA Members,

I am asking for your vote to be ASPA District 1 Representative. As your representative I promise to 1) engage ASPA to become a stronger advocate for public service, 2) continue to promote democratic principles in ASPA and 3) work to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners.

I wanted to start by giving a short recap of what I have helped accomplish over the past three years as your District 1 Representative. In year one, I must say, it took a little time to learn how the National Council works and to fully understand the challenges and opportunities ASPA is facing. In year two, there was a proposed change to the ASPA Bylaws that would have placed the power to choose who would be ASPA’s future officers and council members into the hands of a few. Many of us believed this was an attack on democratic principles and would reduce the diversity of ASPA’s future leadership. I am proud to say I was an outspoken opponent to this constitutional change and, with the help of others, we were able to defeat the initiative. There were many good changes to the Bylaws, and in this third year, I have been working with the council to begin implementing these changes.

If given a second term, I promise to advance ASPA in several ways. 1) As a practitioner I see the attack that public service is under and I believe ASPA can be an important counterweight by being a stronger advocate for why public service is important. 2) I will continue to promote democratic principles within ASPA and work to make our organization more inclusive. 3) While pursuing my Ph.D. in public administration I have often been amazed how few practitioners know about the important research that is being conducted by academics. It is my goal to have ASPA increase the opportunities for academics and practitioners to work and learn from each other. If you believe in these goals vote for Joshua Osowski.

District 2 Candidates

Jonathan Del Collo


Jonathan “J.D.” Del Collo is a native of Berks County, Pennsylvania. After graduating from American University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree, he returned to Berks County and began his career in public service as executive assistant to City of Reading Mayor Paul Angstadt. He transitioned to Berks County government, serving more than 415,000 residents in a variety of capacities. Del Collo worked in the Recorder of Deeds Office for seven years before being appointed by then-county prothonotary Marianne Sutton as chief deputy in April 2006. On Oct. 4, 2016, upon the retirement of Sutton, Del Collo was sworn in as acting prothonotary. One year later, he was elected prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County by an overwhelming majority of the electorate. His hobbies include heraldry, genealogy, reading, baseball, listening to music, World War II history and current affairs. He and his wife, Rebecca, live in Reading.

Candidate Statement

My more than 20 year career of public service will be a tremendous asset to ASPA as it works to strengthen its practitioner membership and increase its presence at the local government leve. I will contribute unique experiences from my career, both as an elected official and years-long civil servant, to help ASPA achieve its mission, attract new members, strengthen its Chapters and Sections (especially those Sections with a considerable practitioner membership) and identify ways to expand the public’s recognition of and appreciation for the value of public service during a time when it is needed most.

Myung Jin


Professor Myung Jin is an associate professor and chair of public administration program at the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University. He has been serving as PAA faculty advisor for the last eight years and has been an integral part of a very successful and active Central Virginia Chapter of ASPA since its founding. Professor Jin serves currently as an associate editor at the Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs and as a symposium editor for a special issue, “Public Administration Education in Asia,” which is being publicized currently at the Journal of Public Affairs Education. Jin is also very active in his research, publishing more than 17 articles since 2011, and has been awarded more than $330,000 in research funding as either Pi or Co-Pi since 2012. His publications focus on the development of public human resources and have appeared in such journals as Public Performance Management Review, International Review of Administrative Sciences,Review of Public Personnel Administration and American Review of Public Administration, among others. Before joining the Wilder School, Jin worked extensively as a systems project consultant for a number of state government agencies in Florida, including the Department of Financial Services, Department of Health and Department of Children and Families.

Candidate Statement

I am honored to be nominated for District 2 Representative. Since attending my first ASPA conference a decade ago in Dallas, I’ve always appreciated the values and purposes that the association stood for, two of which are to encourage the exchange of knowledge and results of experience among persons interested or engaged in the field of public administration, and to advance the science, processes, and art of public administration. I want to share with ASPA why I am running for District 2 Representative and why I am asking for your support.

The purpose is twofold. The first is to help promote and build ASPA Chapters. I have seen firsthand how a local ASPA chapter can build strong connections among academics, practitioners and students. Since our ASPA Central Virginia Chapter was re-established only a few years ago, it has become a regular platform that attracts and stimulates the common (and sometimes not-so-common) public interests of both scholars and practitioners for the advancement of public administration and good governance. If elected District 2 Representative, I will continue to advocate and promote the role of Chapters, as well as Sections, and make sure that many important connections and intellectual dialogues that occur at ASPA conferences continue in the communities where ASPA members work and reside.

The second is to give back. Since 2007, I have proudly called ASPA my main academic home and I have benefited tremendously from being part of the Society. I will actively support ASPA National Council’s working strategic plan and ensure that ASPA continues to be a place where both scholars and practitioners can come together and share and promote for the greater public interest globally.

Glenn McGuigan


Glenn McGuigan's goal as the director of the Penn State Harrisburg Library is to work to build strong connections between the library and its constituents through fostering information literacy. He believes in the need for reinvention and enhancement of library services, spaces and collections. While he serves professionally as an academic library director, he values the importance of libraries and information literacy for all citizens. McGuigan joined the Penn State University Libraries faculty in August 1998 as a reference librarian at Penn State Abington. Since September 2000, he has served at Penn State Harrisburg as the business and public administration reference librarian. He was tenured and promoted to rank of associate librarian in 2005 and promoted to the rank of full Librarian in 2012. In fall 2015, McGuigan was appointed to serve as library director and head librarian. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts—Amherst, a Master of Library Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Business Administration degree from Penn State Harrisburg, he enrolled in the PhD program in public administration at Penn State Harrisburg in January 2010. He is finishing his dissertation currently with the goal to defend this fall. He has integrated his research in public administration with library science scholarship, merging his research agenda with his professional work. As an academic librarian and a researcher in public administration, his research focuses on public administration subject areas that intersect with library science and information subjects. The topics of his recent publications, and of his dissertation, reflect his interest in this intersection of subjects. His dissertation is titled, “Knowledge Dissemination in Public Administration: Measuring Academic Scholarship with Social Network Analyses of Scholarly Journal Citations in Public Administration and Related Fields.”

Candidate Statement

I respectfully seek your vote for District Representative for Region II on the ASPA National Council. While my career has been focused on academics and administration at Penn State, I believe my passion for public administration will allow me to represent all members of ASPA with dedication, passion and honesty. I see the theory and practice of public administration as being misunderstood by many who don’t understand the commitment to public service our members embrace. I believe in promoting how effective and efficient pubic administration is as a force of good in our society.

I actively participate in professional associations on both the national and regional levels. As a reflection of my scholarly work, I have presented twice at the previous two ASPA Annual Conferences. I have experience in professional organizations to advance respective fields. For example, I recently served on two national committees within the Business Reference and Services Section of the American Library Association, from 2011 to 2015. Previously, I have been a national leader in the Special Libraries Association (SLA), serving as the Section Chair of the College and University Business Libraries section, a unit of the Business and Finance Division of SLA, from 2005-2006. I was an Executive Board member of the Philadelphia Chapter of SLA from 2008-2010 and served as President of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of SLA in 2004. My involvement in professional organizations on both the national and regional gives me the ability to enhance the professionalism of our members.

My goal as District Representative is to work to strengthen the organization through focusing on professional development, enhancing external relations, bringing together practitioners and academics and encouraging organizational development.

District 3 Candidate

Akhlaque Haque


Akhlaque Haque is professor and MPA program director in the department of political science and public administration at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is the president of the Alabama Chapter of ASPA and serves on the SECoPA Board. Recently, he served as conference chair for the 2018 SECoPA, which was held in Birmingham. He is a long time member of ASPA and has held leadership positions with ASPA and NASPAA. He is a Fulbright Scholar and has been active in national and international development initiatives through his work on GIS and public policy, and is frequently sought for research counsel including as an expert panelist for a U.S. Congressional briefing. He is currently serving his second term (2002-05; 2017-) as editorial board member with Public Administration Review and, since 2015, serving as associate editor for Economic Development Quarterly. He served on the national advisory board of Data Management Task Force of NASPAA and currently serves on the NASPAA Research Committee.

Haque studies the complex social nature of the human enterprise as it relates to information, technology, ethics and social justice, administrative decisionmaking and urban and rural population health. He is the author of Surveillance, Transparency and Democracy: Public Administration in the Information Age (University of Alabama Press, 2015). He received his Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and his master's degree and PhD in urban and public affairs from Cleveland State University.

Derek Slagle


Derek Slagle is working currently as both an academic and a practitioner: He is an assistant professor of public administration at the University of Arkansas—Little Rock and also works as the special projects coordinator for the Arkansas House of Representatives. He holds a PhD in public administration, an MS in health administration and policy and a BS.

Slagle has been an active member of the American Society of Public Administration since he was as a doctoral student. He was a 2016 Founders' Fellow, was previously associated with the Gold Coast and South Florida chapters, has been engaged with the activities for the Section on Public Administration Education and has been working alongside other members to revive the Arkansas Chapter.

Candidate Statement

I am honored and delighted to be considered for candidacy for the ASPA National Council to represent District III. ASPA provides a very important venue for networking and for developing excellence in public administration scholarship and practice.

As a representative for District III I will actively work to:
  • Support mentorship programs for the next generation of public servants and academics. I have personally benefited from the mentorship and development programs through ASPA and I hope to strengthen these programs in the future
  • Foster collaboration and partnerships between Chapters, Sections and other organizations.
  • Advance ASPA through outreach to practitioners in public administration
  • Represent the interests and activities of local groups, improve ASPA communication and coordination across District III Chapters and promote regional events such as SECoPA
  • Support the strategic plan for the National Council and ASPA

District 4 Candidates

Hugo Renderos


A native of El Salvador, Hugo Renderos is senior advisor for the national governments of El Salvador and Nicaragua, where he advises on decentralization, human resources reforms and observing citizens’ human rights. His research focuses on peace studies, conflict resolution, mediation and peace accord negotiations. He also writes on LGBTQ issues in Central America.  Renderos holds a PhD in urban studies and public affairs from the University of Akron and earned two bachelor's and two master's degrees from the University of Nebraska. In his non-academic career, he has held positions as a social worker, interpreter, homeless shelter director and consultant on decentralization in Central America.  

Renderos has published journal articles and book chapters on human resources reforms in Central and South America, LGBT issues and on introducing and achieving peace and democracy in Central America.  As a public administration scholar, he has published in Public Integrity, The American International Journal of Social Sciences, Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies, The International Journal of Education and Social Science and in the Global Encyclopaedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance.  

Renderos is an active member of ASPA.  He currently chairs the Section on Democracy and Social Justice (SDSJ), the International Chapter (IC), the Nebraska Chapter and is council member of Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM).

Candidate Statement

I am a humble individual who believes in serving the public regardless of monetary rewards, hence my work in Central America. I am very passionate about public service. I believe in giving back what I have been given in various ways. I enjoy helping people reach their full potential, empowering the powerless and advocating for social justice and human rights. It always has been my mission to be a voice for the less fortunate and, at times, voiceless. I truly believe my calling is to help the disadvantaged in any part of the world. I always personally feel any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world as if it is inflicted upon me.

There are two areas that I will focus on when I become your District 4 Representative.

Recruitment—Many of our Sections and Chapters in District IV need representation from all parts of the states District IV covers. I will focus on recruitment in order to make each Section and Chapter grow and provide academic and practical collaboration between practitioners and academicians. I truly believe that if academics and practitioners work together great things happen. Therefore, I want to promote collaboration and cooperation between the two entities.

Active Membership Participation— Many of our Sections and Chapters are only that: Sections and Chapters. Not many activities are taking place and perhaps this may be a reason as to why there is a lot of membership apathy. I want to change this. In my experience with the Sections and Chapter I chair, only about half a dozen members actively participate in each group, even though there are more than 100 members in most of the Sections. I will reinvigorate District 4's Sections and Chapters by surveying the members’ needs and providing a venue for everyone to have their say. I want to make the District an inclusive one in which each Sections’ and Chapters’ membership is actively participating in its activities, academic and practical collaboration is sought, and highlight membership activities, accomplishments, recognition and promotions.

Your vote is my contract to you and to the rest of ASPA’s members that I will carry through with my word as detailed above. Please vote for me, I will not disappoint you and will do what I can so that you feel ASPA serves your needs as a society.

Zhirong Zhao


Zhirong "Jerry" Zhao is an associate professor of public administration at the Hubert Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, where he serves as the MPP director. He holds a PhD in public administration from University of Georgia and earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Tongji University (China). His research focuses on public budgeting and finance, in particular, infrastructure finance. He founded the Institute for Urban and Regional Infrastructure Finance and directs it today. In his earlier career as an urban planner, Zhao worked on planning projects for local governments across China and published journal articles and book chapters on urban renewal and historical preservation. As a public affairs scholar, he has published in many top journals in public administration, public budgeting and transportation, such as Journal of Public Administration Theory and Research, Public Administration Review, Public Finance Review, Public Budgeting and Finance, Municipal Finance Journal, Transportation Research Record and Journal of Transport and Land Use. He has led or participated on multiple funded projects supported by National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Transportation, Minnesota Legislature and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, etc., and served as consultant for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, National Governor Association, National Council of State Legislatures and Ernst & Young. Zhao served on the executive committee of ASPA's Association for Budgeting and Financial Management during 2014-2016. He was a co-founder of the China-America Association for Public Affairs and served as its president during 2015-2016. Currently, Zhao serves as the chair of ASPA’s Section on Chinese Public Administration.

Candidate Statement

I am an Associate Professor of Public Administration at the Hubert Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I hold a PhD in public administration from University of Georgia and earned my bachelor's and master's degrees in Urban Planning from Tongji University (China). My research focuses on public budgeting and finance, in particular issues related to urban and regional infrastructure finance.

In my earlier career as an urban planner, I worked on planning projects for local governments across China, and published journal articles and book chapters on urban renewal and historical preservation. As a public affairs scholar, I have published in many top journals in public administration, public budgeting and transportation. I have led or participated in multiple funded projects supported by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Transportation, Minnesota legislature and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, etc., and served as consultant for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, National Governor Association and National Council of State Legislatures, etc.

I have been active with several Chapters and Sections of ASPA, including serving on the Executive Council for Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM), and Chairing the Section on Chinese Public Administration (SCPA). I hope to serve on the ASPA National Council and would like to promote research, teaching and engagement on several areas, including public budgeting, infrastructure development and comparative perspectives of public administration.

District 5 Candidates

Galia Cohen


Galia Cohen is a professor of public administration at the University of Texas at Dallas and the book review editor for Public Administration Review. She specializes in human resource management and organizational development and has spent her career working both as a practicing consultant and academic. She teaches variety of leadership and human resource management classes at the undergraduate and graduate level. She also conducts professional development workshops in the areas of employee engagement and conflict resolution for law enforcement executives across the United States. She received her BA MA from Bar-Ilan University, Israel and holds a PhD in public affairs from the University of Texas at Dallas. She has published academic articles and book chapters and her research interests include law enforcement collaboration, strategic human resource management, conflict management and public safety administration. Cohen serves currently as District V Representative for the American Society for Public Administration’s (ASPA) National Council. In addition, she is an advisory board member for the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration (ILEA), The Richardson Police Department and The Collin County Sheriff’s Training Department.

Candidate Statement

ASPA has been a valuable building block in my professional career since I was a doctoral student. As an international student, ASPA reached out to me and provided me with the opportunities to supplement my education with professional development and leadership experiences. Now, as a practitioner and academic, ASPA has become a professional home for me, where I can present my research and network with prominent scholars and practitioners in my field. As a foreigner, I especially admire ASPA’s ability to bring together people from different cultural backgrounds and experiences that share one common passion, public service, to greater collaborative achievement.

I have been an active member of ASPA since 2009 and have served in a variety of leadership positions, including:
  • Chair of the 2017 Founders' Fellows Committee (*raising record amount of money in donations)
  • Book Review Editor of Public Administration Review (PAR) (2017-Present)
  • District V Representative to the ASPA National Council (2016-Present)
  • Executive Co-Chair of the 2018 Young Scholars Workshop Mexico City, Mexico
  • Executive Co-Chair of the 2015 Young Scholars Workshop Mexico City, Mexico
  • Executive Board Member of the Section on Personnel Administration and Labor Relations (SPALR) (2015-Present)
  • Student Representative to the ASPA National Council (2014-2015)
  • Recipient of the 2012 Founders' Fellows Fellowship
  • Member of the Founders' Fellows Committee (2013 to 2016)
I have no doubt my ASPA membership and the relationships I have developed through its activities have provided me with instrumental skills needed to pursue my career; skills that are not being taught in graduate school. Today, I would like to offer my knowledge and experience in an effort to support ASPA’s mission and help other members achieve their goals.

I am highly committed to ASPA, its Chapters and Sections and, if re-elected as District V representative to the ASPA National Council, I pledge to:
  • Serve as a unified voice for our district, bridging the academic and practitioner interests
  • Promote effective partnerships and collaboration between Sections, Chapters and other organizations
  • Encourage activism among our students and new professionals, which I consider as a critical element for sustaining and strengthening our organization
I believe ASPA is a linchpin that connects practitioners and academics in the field of public administration and it would be a privilege to continue to serve peers from both worlds as ASPA’s District V representative on its national council.

Jennifer Swann


Jennifer is am a firm and constant ASPA advocate and promoter. She started her membership as a student and has worked up to ASPA Oklahoma Chapter Secretary and most recently won the SWPA award for new practitioner of the year and student representative.

Candidate Statement

It is my intention to run for ASPA District 5 Representative in the upcoming election cycle. It is my honor to be nominated for District 5 Representative and to be considered is encouraging and thoroughly inspiring.

I bring a practitioner perspective to the slate of nominees and I pride myself in contributing to ASPA’s outstanding reputation for excellence. I began my membership with ASPA as a student member in my graduate of political science academic program and have progressively increased my participation and engagement in my local chapter, ASPAOklahoma, and have been instrumental in contributing to Chapter conferences and other exciting Chapter accomplishments. As a volunteer for my local chapter, I bring considerable leadership skills while connecting academic, professional, nonprofit, tribal and practitioner perspectives.

In addition, I have had the privilege to attend ASPA's Annual Conference last year as a scholarship award winner. I was honored to receive the 2018 APSA Section for Women in Public Administration National Conference Award and this year I am taking steps to help plan and coordinate the Section for Women in Public Administration Annual Conference Breakfast and Ally Training.

I have a strategic understanding of ASPA values and a personal commitment to public service and administration. The discipline required to engage and encourage other public servants is a driver for me to remain in ASPA and to work toward increasing the Societies goals of public service, excellence, and engagement.

In my work with local municipal government I strive to uphold ASPA values in the workplace and demonstrate the values and ethics that ASPA escribes to in their vision and mission statements. In the professional realm I have strategic and long-term planning experience, budgeting and financial management experience, as well as a decade or more, of direct public service experience, education, and engagement.  

Each of my experiences directly demonstrates that I am the ideal candidate for District 5 Representative because I am committed to what ASPA represents; accountability, performance, professionalism, ethics, and social equity. I am a thoughtful and an action-oriented candidate who believes that ASPA can serve to build bridges, connect individuals, and serve as an umbrella organization that helps to develop leaders and trailblazers in public administration.

Student Representative Candidates

Note: Only students are eligible to vote for Student Representative

Ana-Maria Dimand


Ana-Maria Dimand is a doctoral candidate in the department of public policy and administration at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. She holds an LLB from the Romanian-American University, Bucharest, Romania. She worked as a legal advisor for a central government organization in Bucharest, Romania, specializing in public procurement. After serving as head of the public procurement office, she went on to pursue a PhD in public affairs at FIU. Her dissertation explores the intersection of public procurement, environmental policy and intergovernment collaboration. She also has conducted research related to sustainability, local government innovation and organizational behavior. She is proficient in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian.

Candidate Statement

Hello ASPA members! My name is Ana-Maria Dimand and I want to serve as your Student Representative. My passion for public service started when I was in law school, which led me to pursue a career working for the public sector as a legal advisor. These years working as a practitioner instilled within me a set of values crucial for preserving the public trust and protecting the public interest, such as ethics, impartiality, professionalism and accountability.

I decided to pursue a PhD in public affairs to fortify these values. If elected as Student Representative on the American Society for Public Administration National Council, I will use my professional and academic experience to build opportunities for the student membership. With your vote, I will work toward helping students reach their fullest potential as they engage in the public sector. To that end, my vision as Student Representative is as follows:
  • I will work to broaden the opportunities for the national and international student membership of the American Society for Public Administration. Specifically, I will continue to expand the student webinar series, training and professional development opportunities by inviting influential members of the community to engage with students
  • Being an international student makes me sensitive to diversity and the needs requisite of different populations and/or settings. Thus, I will cater to all students, no matter the demographics or work experience, may they be part-time or full-time, national or international.
  • I will be open to student feedback and suggestions on ways to better serve our community.
It would be an honor to serve our student community and I am counting on your vote. Together, we can continue by engaging and expanding the student members, ensuring students’ needs are met, and preparing students for a future of public service.

Jenna Tyler


Jenna Tyler is currently a doctoral student in the public affairs PhD program at the University of Central Florida. As a doctoral student, she works both as a research assistant and as an editorial assistant for Public Administration Review. Her research interests include organizational disaster preparedness and recovery, community flood risk management and evidence-based practice, policy and management. She has published on some of these topics and others in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, including Environmental Hazards, Natural Hazards Review, Journal of Risk Research and Risk, Hazards, and Crisis in Public Policy. Most recently, Tyler was awarded a quick response research grant from the University of Colorado’s Natural Hazards Center to study business continuity and disaster recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Prior to starting the PhD program, she completed a joint bachelor-master’s program at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis. During this time, she interned with a variety of public safety agencies in the State of Indiana, which led her to then serve Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security as the training program coordinator for two years.

Candidate Statement

My ASPA journey began in 2017 when I was selected as a Founders’ Fellow and attended my first ASPA conference. Since then, I have joined the Section on Emergency and Crisis Management and ASPA's Central Florida Chapter. Although my time with ASPA has been short, I am running for Student Representative to give back to the organization that has not only introduced me to other scholars, students and practitioners who are passionate about public service, but also has provided me with a wealth of professional development opportunities. If given the opportunity to serve as the Student Representative, I will use my skills and experience to: (1) cultivate opportunities to enhance student members’ ASPA experience; (2) promote student members’ academic and professional accomplishments; and (3) advocate for the inclusion of students in ASPA’s governance structures. I plan to accomplish these goals by:
  • Encouraging students to become involved in ASPA Sections and local Chapters.
  • Advocating for students to be included in the governance structures of ASPA Sections and local Chapters.
  • Working with senior scholars and leading journal editors to provide professional development opportunities to students seeking a career in academia.
  • Working with established public administrators to provide professional development opportunities to students seeking a career in public service.
  • Organizing an informal social gathering for student members at the 2019 annual conference.
  • Reinstating the monthly student member newsletter.
  • Using social media platforms to promote student members’ academic and professional accomplishments.
I would greatly appreciate your support and vote.