ASPA’S 2020-2021 Election

Seven individuals—the president-elect, five district representatives and student representative—have been elected to ASPA leadership positions in 2020. Their service will begin on April 13, 2021 at the conclusion of the 2021 Annual Conference.

All individuals will serve on the National Council, the Society’s governing body. Among other responsibilities, the council sets ASPA’s overall direction and policy; oversees its management and ensures its financial stability; and establishes and oversees Chapters, Sections, committees and other bodies.

ASPA’s bylaws provide that the slate of nominees for these positions should be “representative of the groups and professional interests within ASPA, seeking a balance of academic and practitioner, including international, nonprofit, and all levels of government.”

In addition, ASPA’s policies direct that the slate of nominees should be diverse “relative to race, gender, ethnicity, disability, veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other important forms of diversity."

Now Announcing This Year's Election Results

ASPA is pleased to announced the following individuals have been elected to our leadership positions:

  • President-Elect: Patria De Lancer Julnes
  • District I Representative: Maria D'Agostino
  • District II Representative: Diane Disney
  • District III Representative: Miriam Singer
  • District IV Representative: Ana-Maria Dimand
  • District V Representative: Aziza Zemrani
  • Student Representative: Kayla Schwoerer

Each District Representative will serve a three-year term; the Student Representative will serve a one-year term; and the President-Elect will serve two years in that capacity, after which she will advance to the ASPA presidency for a two-year term.

We look forward to working with these leaders in the coming year.

Bylaws Amendment

This year’s election included a proposed amendment to ASPA's bylaws, which was approved by ASPA membership. The amendment will create a standing Development Committee, responsible for strengthening ASPA's overall financial position and serving as the focal point for ASPA’s fundraising efforts. Look for more details about this committee in 2021 and beyond.

Click here for a memo outlining the changes and rationale.

Click here to view the PDF of the bylaws, with the changes incorporated.

ASPA Elections "What to Know" Webinar

ASPA hosted a webinar to help those interested learn more about everything running for national office entails. Click below to watch!

Click here to access the video if the link doesn't load.

Position Descriptions

Below are additional details on the positions. Click on the links below to access information on each.  For more information on ASPA's current leadership, click here. For more on the nomination process, click here for ASPA’s bylaws.

District Representative
Student Representative


Who is eligible? An ASPA member in good standing who has been a member for at least one year immediately prior to his/her nomination.

Who elects the president-elect? ASPA members in good standing, whose membership is current through the end of the voting period.

How long is the term?The president-elect will serve a two-year term after which he/she will ascend to the ASPA presidency for a two-year term.

What are the responsibilities? As president-elect, the individual will serve on the National Council and Executive Committee; manage the Council’s work in establishing its annual performance goals, expectations and measures; and develop a report to the membership on meeting them.

As ASPA president, the individual will:
  • Serve as ASPA’s principal public spokesperson and public symbol, promoting members’ interests and protecting their rights and welfare.
  • Exercise leadership of ASPA; chair National Council meetings and the annual membership meeting; appoint members to committees and other bodies; and serve as ex-officio member with a vote on most ASPA committees.
  • Make appointments as the bylaws require and/or are necessary in ASPA’s interests.
  • Execute faithfully ASPA’s bylaws and policies, protect members’ rights and welfare and promote members’ interests.
  • Act as a liaison among the executive director, officers and Council members, Chapter presidents, committee and Section chairpersons and others on policy matters or disagreements.

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District Representative

Who is eligible? ASPA members in good standing, whose membership is current through the end of the voting period, who has been a member for at least one year immediately prior to his/her nomination, and whose primary residence or principal place of employment in the electoral district from which he/she is nominated and is to stand for election.

Who elects the district representative? ASPA members in good standing whose primary address is in the electoral district where the district representative is running.

How long is the term? Three years. District Representatives are eligible to serve no more than two full consecutive terms but are eligible to serve additional terms following at least one year of non-service. Incumbents seeking a second consecutive term shall be considered but are not guaranteed renomination.

What are the responsibilities? Council members are expected to assume leadership responsibilities vital to ASPA’s effective operation, including National, District, Chapter, and Section responsibilities:
  • Actively support ASPA’s goals, including leading development of its strategic direction and/or plan.
  • Engage in policy deliberations and decisionmaking impacting ASPA.
  • Represent ASPA’s goals and objectives to members and the general public.
  • Support and facilitate the work of Chapters and Sections and liaise between them and the national organization.
  • Ensure prudent use of all assets, including financial resources, intellectual property, people, and goodwill; seek to enhance such assets; and fulfill its fiduciary responsibility by supporting activities that advance ASPA’s effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Make an annual contribution to the ASPA Endowment and participate in Council-led fundraising initiatives aimed at strengthening the financial position of ASPA operations and/or the Endowment.

What are the districts?
  • District 1: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont
  • District 2: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, West Virginia
  • District 3: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
  • District 4: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming
  • District 5: Arizona, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah

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Student Representative

Who is eligible? ASPA members in good standing, whose membership is current through the end of the voting period, who has been a member for at least one year immediately prior to his/her nomination, and who holds the student or new professional membership category.

Who elects the student representative? ASPA members in good standing who hold the Student or New Professional membership category.

How long is the term? One year.

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What skills are most needed on the National Council?

ASPA seeks candidates with a variety of leadership skills, including a strategic understanding of the public administration field—spanning practice and scholarship—to position the Society for continued programmatic and financial growth. In particular, we welcome individuals with a commitment to the following:

  • Building a positive organizational culture. Engage and convene Chapter leadership and provide a District/locally based voice at the national organizational level. Actively participate in Chapter visits, contribute to cultivating new Chapters and strengthening existing ones; attend and support District-based conferences.
  • Participating in ASPA’s development activities. Support ASPA’s financial and programmatic position. Actively participate in Endowment- and fundraising-related efforts; provide leads and recommendations on prospective donors/supporters. Recommend programmatic ideas that advance ASPA’s focus on the field’s most critical issues, including infrastructure, finance, social equity and public service.
  • Demonstrating a Duty of Care, Loyalty and Obedience. Consistent with the role of governing boards, ensure ASPA’s mission and welfare stands at the forefront of the member’s contributions to the National Council.
We are looking for thoughtful decisionmakers, strategic minds and action-oriented volunteers who are willing and able to work the national organization’s professional staff as we continue to grow ASPA as the premier member society for public administration.

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