ASPA 2018 Election Cycle

The 2018 nominations process has ended. The nominations committee will be meeting shortly to look at all applications and determine the 2018 slate of candidates.

The petition period will open in September, once the slate has been announced. Ballots will be issued in October. Please contact us with any questions.

What positions are open for election this year?

District Representative seats (one from each District) and the Student Representative position.

What skills are most needed on the National Council?

We are looking for candidates to fill a variety of leadership skills, most importantly:
  • Strategic understanding of the public administration discipline so as to set a forward-looking strategy for the Society's growth
  • A functional understanding of budgeting and financial management so as to guide a responsible position for the organization, free from financial burdens and future debt
  • Volunteer leadership that enables friendly guidance for our Chapters and Sections, particularly with an eye toward helping our Chapters grow and stay successful
  • A thoughtful eye toward governance and organizational structure so as to be mindful of bylaws and other Society governance requirements

In particular, those with a keen understanding of some of the most critical issues of our discipline—infrastructure, finance, social equity and public service—will be welcome additions to the Council as ASPA works to advance public administration in these areas.

We are looking for thoughtful decisionmakers, strategic minds and action-oriented volunteers who are willing and able to follow the guidance of the national staff as we continue to grow ASPA as the premier member society for public administration.