Below is a list of the journals ASPA's Sections produce. Should you have further questions about these resources, contact the publishing Section for more information. Visit our Section list for contact details. Some of these resources may be available through ASPA's bookstore. Click here to explore those resources.

Information about Public Administration Review, ASPA's flagship journal, can be found here.

American Review of Public Administration - Section on Public Administration Research

ARPA aspires to be the premier academic journal in the field of public affairs and public administration. As an assiduously peer-reviewed journal, ARPA  features articles that address rapidly emerging issues in public affairs and public administration, and is open to both traditional and non-traditional approaches. Of particular interest are theory-based empirical research; reviews or syntheses of research; and conceptual/theoretical discussions on or over the boundaries of traditional public affairs and public administration. ARPA is a Sage Periodicals Press journal. Visit the website for more information or click here to submit a manuscript.

Editorial Information:
Stephanie P. Newbold (,Rutgers University, Campus at Newark

Marc Holzer (, Suffolk University

Telephone: 1-800-818-7243 

Questions or submissions regarding book reviews should be sent to:
Book Review Editor:
Julianna Mahler (, George Mason University

Chinese Public Administration Review - Section on Chinese Public Administration

CPAR is the first international academic journal specifically addressing the issues of Chinese public administration. CPAR covers administrative reform and law, public policy, productivity improvement, civil service, and many other topics. Its objectives are to open an avenue for exchange ideas between Chinese and other scholars, and to help bridge their work; develop innovative technique and encourage a wider application of those already established in Chinese public administration; present integrated analyses of theories, concepts, strategies, and techniques dealing with Chinese public administration; and stimulate research and critical thinking about the relationship between Chinese public administration practice and management theories. CPAR is the official journal of the Section on Chinese Public Administration of ASPA and is published by the National Center for Public Performance (NCPP) at the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), Rutgers University-Newark. 

Editorial Information
Marc Holzer (, Suffolk University

Managing Editors:
Elaine Yi Lu, Associate Professor, City University of New York

Wenxuan Yu, Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

Associate Editors:
Heungsuk Choi, Professor, Korea University, South Korea

Liang Ma, Associate Professor, Renmin University of China, China

Tsai-Tsu Su, Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Alfred Muluan Wu, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

Gang Chen, Assistant Professor, University at Albany, State University of New York

Jesper Schlæger, Associate Professor, Sichuan University, China

Assistant Editors:
Min-Hyu Kim, Ph.D. Candidate, Rutgers University

Huafang Li, Ph.D. Candidate, Rutgers University


Complexity, Governance and Networks - Section on Complexity and Network Studies

Complexity, Governance and Networks aims to contribute to the philosophical, theoretical, methodological and empirical developments in complexity, governance and network studies in public administration, public policy, politics and non-governmental organizations. The journal publishes primarily theoretical essays and original research papers.  The editors welcome theoretical essays that advance thinking in definitional and conceptual issues in studying nonlinearity, emergence, self-organization and (co-)evolution in complex political, policy and governance systems and networks, as well as other related topics. We welcome empirical studies that employ quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. Empirical manuscripts may include applications of agent-based (multi-agent) simulations, systems dynamics modeling, social network analyses, qualitative case studies (e.g., single and comparative case studies), content analyses and mixed methods (e.g., qualitative comparative analysis, process tracing). Essays on the methodological issues in any of these applications will be considered for publication in the journal, as will literature review papers. Those interested in submitting an article should contact the managing editor. To learn more about the journal, visit its website,

Editorial Information
Göktuğ Morçöl, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Responsibility areas: Americas and Africa 

Geert Teisman, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Responsibility areas: Europe, Asia, and Australia

Managing Editor:
Lasse Gerrits (, Erasmus University Rotterdam-The Netherlands  

International Public Management - Section on International and Comparative Administration

IPMJ is jointly sponsored by the International Public Management Network and ASPA's Section on International and Comparative Administration (SICA). Members of SICA receive IPMJ with their annual membership. Manuscripts for consideration for IPMJ should be submitted by email as a Word attachment.

Editorial Information
Fred Thompson, Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University

Managing Editor:
Karen Piter, Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University

Michael Barzelay, Interdisciplinary Institute of Management, London School of Economics; 
Lawrence R. Jones, School of Business Administration and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate University; 
June Pallot, Department of Accountancy, Finance and Information Systems, University of Canterbury; 
Kuno Schedler, Institute for Public Services and Tourism, University of St. Gallen

Book Review Editors:
Raquel Gallego Calderón, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Elke Loeffler, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England

Journal of Health and Human Services Administration - Section on Health and Human Services Administration

This journal of ASPA’s Section on Health and Human Services Administration (SHHSA) is published by the Southern Public Administration Education Foundation, Inc.

Editorial Information
T. Aaron Wachhaus (, University of Baltimore

Journal of Public Management & Social Policy - Conference of Minority Public Administrators

JPMSP publishes theoretical, applied, and/or discussion papers on public administration, political science, and public policy issues associated with the process of economic, educational, environmental, political, and social well-being of diverse populations. JPMSP also accepts book reviews and case studies designed to bring literature to the attention of a wider readership. JPMSP aims to provide a forum for scholarly research addressing diverse issues. Manuscripts in four areas of research: politics, economics, equity, and the environment are welcome. JPMSP is cosponsored by the Conference of Minority Public Administrators section of ASPA and is published by the National Center for Public Performance (NCPP) at the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), Rutgers University-Newark. Visit the Journal's website for more information and past issues.

Editorial Information
Editor in Chief:
Andrew Ewoh

Managing Editor:
Marc Fudge

Editorial Assistant:
Jonathan Wexler (

Phone: (845) 575-3000 ext 2948 | Fax: (845) 575-3640

Public Administration Quarterly - Section on Professional and Organizational Development

This is the journal of ASPA's Section on Professional and Organizational Development, published by the Southern Public Administration Education Foundation. 

Editorial Information
T. Aaron Wachhaus (, University of Baltimore

Public Budgeting & Finance - Association of Budgeting and Financial Management

Public Budgeting & Finance is co-sponsored by ASPA's Association of Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM) and is published quarterly. Visit the Journal's website for more information and past issues.

Editorial Information
Philip G. Joyce (, University of Maryland

William Simonsen (, University of Connecticut

Book Review Editor:
Carol Ebdon (, University of Nebraska Omaha

Public Integrity
- Section on Ethics and Integrity of Governance

Public Integrity, published bi-monthly, is the premier scholarly journal addressing ethical issues affecting society since its inception in 1998.  Articles analyze key ethical issues in the fields of government, business, NGOs, nonprofits, corruption, law, social equity, leadership, criminal justice, environment, and human rights.  Its broad scope of articles, thought-provoking editorials, and expert book reviews make it an essential resource in ethical research and a tool for advancing modern, informed dialogue on the topic across the globe. Public Integrity is sponsored by the American Society for Public Administration, and serves as a resource for both scholars and professionals. It is published by Taylor & Francis/Routledge. Click here for more information about Public Integrity and click here to access Public Integrity through the Taylor & Francis website

Editorial Information
Carole L. Jurkiewicz, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Boston,

Managing Editor:
Richard Ghere, Ph.D., University of Dayton,

Associate Managing Editor:
Emile W. Kolthoff, Ph.D., Open Universiteit, Faculty of Law,

Associate Managing Editor:
Michael Macaulay, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington,

Associate Managing Editor:
Werner Webb, Ph.D., College of Economic and Management Sciences, University of South Africa,

J. Patrick Dobel, Ph.D., University of Washington,

Book Review Editor: 
Brandi Blessett, Ph.D., Rutgers University,

Media Editor:
Donald C. Menzel, Ph.D., Ethics Management International,

Digital Media Editor:
Erin L. Borry, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham,

Acquisitions Editor:
Richard Jacobs, Ph.D., Villanova University,

Public Integrity is on Social Media:
Taylor & Francis:

Public Performance & Management Review - Section on Public Performance and Management

For more than 35 years, PPMR has been a respected quarterly journal and one of the most highly rated in the field. It is a scholarly forum that addresses a broad range of factors influencing the performance of public and nonprofit organizations and agencies. Each issue of PPMR includes cutting-edge research and advice on managing for productivity, measuring and evaluating performance, improving budget strategies, managing human resources, building partnerships, and applying new technologies. Journal rankings in 1994, 2007 and 2010 rank PPMR among the top journals in the field (Bernick & Krueger, 2010). The journal is extensively indexed or abstracted (including the Social Sciences Citation Index, Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition, Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences) and has been added to the online archives of JSTOR. PPMR is cosponsored by the Section on Public Performance and Management of ASPA and by the National Center for Public Performance (NCPP) at the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), Rutgers University-Newark, and is published by M.E. Sharpe.  

Editorial Information
Marc Holzer (, Rutgers University, Campus at Newark

Public Voices - Section on Historical, Artistic, Reflective Expression (SHARE)

Public Voices is a unique journal that focuses on historical, artistic, and reflective expression concerning public administrators and the public service. Unlike traditional social science journals, Public Voices publishes unorthodox, controversial perspectives on bureaucracy in particular and the public sector in general. The material is not limited to analytical articles but also includes original fiction, poetry, photographs, art, critiques of existing works, and insights based on experience, observation and research. Among the journal’s contributors are public servants, writers, artists, and academics in all fields. Public Voices is cosponsored by the Section on Historical, Artistic and Reflective Expression (SHARE) of ASPA and is published by the National Center for Public Performance (NCPP) at the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), Rutgers University-Newark. Visit the journal’s website for editorial information, submission guidelines and past issues.

Editorial Information:
For manuscript submission please submit five copies, with the author's name and affiliation on a separate cover page to:
Managing Editor:
Iryna Illiash (, Rutgers University, Campus at Newark

Proposals for symposia, as well as movie reviews, photographs and art work, should be sent to:
Marc Holzer (, Rutgers University, Campus at Newark

Review of Public Personnel Administration -
Section on Personnel Administration and Labor Relations

Send manuscripts to:
Managing Editor:
Stephen E. Condrey
Review of Public Personnel Administration
University of Georgia
Carl Vinson Institute of Government
201 North Milledge Avenue
Athens, GA  30602
Phone: (706) 542-6251
Fax: (706) 542-9301

Find the journal online at

Editorial Information:
Mary E. Guy (

Managing Editor: 
Stephen E. Condrey (

Special Features Editor:
Meredith A. Newman (

Book Review Editor
Gary E. Roberts (

Public Personnel Management - 
Section on Personnel Administration and Labor Relations

Public Personnel ManagementPPM is published specifically for human resource executives and managers in the public sector. Each quarterly edition contains in-depth articles on trends, case studies and the latest research by top human resource scholars and industry experts. 

Editorial Information
Jared J. Llorens (, Louisiana State University

To submit your manuscripts contact
Eddie French (, Mississippi Statue University



State and Local Government Review - Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management

State and Local Government Review is jointly sponsored by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and ASPA's Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM). Visit the website for more information and submission guidelines. 

Editorial Information:
Michael Scicchitano, University of Florida

Assistant Editor:
Jayne Plymale

Administrative Assistant:
Leslie Lamb

Subscription Manager:
Karen Pou

Lisa Carson

Reid McCallister

Promotions Manager:
Ann Allen

Public Works Management & Policy - Section on Transportation Policy and Administration

Public Works Management & Policy is dedicated to publishing analyses, research, and opinions to help shape the agenda for discussion and resolution of the broad and diverse issues facing the international infrastructure profession. The format of the journal is designed to bridge the gap between practitioner and academic discourse on civil infrastructure around the world. Recognizing that this dialogue has relevance for all audiences, Public Works Management & Policy seeks to keep you informed of the latest advances in the field by presenting the best work of both practitioners and academics.

In the pages of Public Works Management & Policy you will find useful and valuable work on a wide range of topics, including: public infrastructure and the economy, public works institutions, functions and history, infrastructure development and financing infrastructure, engineering and project management, environmental planning and policy, public works service operations, performance and risk infrastructure, system maintenance and renewal, public works legal issues and risk management for infrastructure systems.

Editorial Information
Richard G. Little (, University of Southern California

Founding Editor:
Claire Felbinger (In Memoriam)

Managing Editor:
Deidre Flanagan, University of Southern California

Development Editor:
Willard T. Price, University of the Pacific

Senior Editorial Advisors:
Randall W. Eberts, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Bruce D. McDowell, Intergovernmental Management Associates, MD

Manuscripts should be submitted online here:


Related Journals

While the above list reflects journals specifically related to ASPA, there are many others of which you should be aware. Click here to view a comprehensive, though not exhaustive, list , and look below for another.

Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs

The Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs (JPNA) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that is sponsored by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and published by the Midwest Public Affairs Conference (MPAC). JPNA is focused on providing a connection between the practice and research of public and nonprofit affairs. This is accomplished with scholarly research, practical applications of the research, and no fees for publishing or journal access. JPNA publishes research from diverse theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary backgrounds that address topics related to the affairs and management of public and nonprofit organizations. The content of the journal spans the spectrum from public finance and organizational behavior to health administration and veterans’ affairs. Manuscripts may be submitted directly to our submission site on the JPNA website:
Editorial Board
Bruce D. McDonald, III, North Carolina State University
Lindsey M. McDougle, Rutgers University - Newark
Associate Editors
Myung H. Jin, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mirae Kim, Georgia State University
Samuel Stone, California State University, Fullerton, United States
Current Issues in Practice Editor
Marlene Walk, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Book Review Editor
Marcus Lam, University of San Diego
Social Media Editor
Sarah E. Larson, University of Central Florida

JPNA is on Social Media: