Ethics and Standards Implementation Committee

The Ethics and Standards Implementation Committee was created by action of the National Council and a vote of the ASPA membership in 2014. The Committee is responsible for advancing awareness and commitment to ethical principles and practices in ASPA and promoting the importance of ethics in public service through educational and review activities. The Committee provides advice to members in handling ethical problems, offers assistance to members who have been sanctioned by their organization for actions to advance the Code, reviews and seeks to resolve ethics complaints, and advises the Council of appropriate action to be taken when an ASPA member is found to have violated the Code.  At the request of the Executive Committee, the Committee investigates matters relating to possible unethical practices within the work of ASPA.  The Committee identifies emerging issues in public service ethics and actions that ASPA can take to address serious challenges to ethical administration.

To access the full proposal establishing the Committee, click the link below:
Ethics and Standards Implementation Committee Proposal