Implementing the ASPA Code of Ethics: Workbook and Assessment Guide

The Ethics Committee has prepared an introduction to the Code of Ethics. This document carries on the tradition of the workbooks prepared by the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee starting in 1979 and includes some material from the last edition in 1998. It is designed to help readers understand the Code by elaborating what it means and examining how to apply it in settings where they work or would like to work in the future. In addition, personal assessment questions have been added throughout the Workbook to identify the need for additional knowledge, challenges and potential risks faced, and opportunities to broaden ethical contributions. It is available for members to use in their own consideration of the Code and in their teaching and training.

The Workbook is available here. A separate Word file for you to use to record answers to the assessment questions can be opened here.

Comments and suggestions for revising the Workbook are invited to assist the Ethics Committee in making future revisions. Please send “Comments on the Workbook” to [email protected].