ASPA partners with public administrators around the world to advance the discipline. Below you can find a list of each of those partners and relevant links to related online resources.

You can find some archived programs from these partners' conferences and events here.

Association on Budgeting and Financial Management

The Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM) hosts an annual conference focused on international and comparative perspectives of budgeting and financial management.

Southeastern Conference on Public Administration

SECoPA enhances the public service field in the Southeast by providing opportunities for scholarly and practice-based exchanges, professional development & networking, nurturing students, new practitioners and academics and developing leaders in the profession.

Northeast Conference on Public Administration

NECoPA provides support for universities in the northeast region as they work to plan and host the annual NECoPA conference. This event is intended to provide educational opportunities for scholars, practitioners and others interested in public service in a collaborative environment by educating the general public and members of the organization on current issues, research and practice in public and nonprofit organizations.

Midwest Public Affairs Conference

The Midwest Public Affairs Conference (MPAC) is an educational consortium that promotes research, collaboration and socialization between academics, graduate students, policymakers and practitioners. It is an ASPA-affiliated event which serves the Midwest in a similar manner as other regional organizations like the Northeast Conference on Public Administration (NECoPA) and the Southeastern Conference of Public Administration (SECoPA). 


The Conference of Minority Public Administrators is the national entity devoted primarily to providing professional development opportunities for all America's racial minority public administrators. COMPA works to eliminate the institutional and social barriers to the professional development and employment of minority public administrators. Specific goals are to provide leadership in the elimination of discriminatory practices in the public sector; promote recruitment of minorities for leadership positions at all levels of government; provide a forum to promote, upgrade, and refine skills of minority administrators; and develop and maintain a roster of skilled minority professionals in public administration.

Transatlantic Dialogue

Transatlantic Dialogue (TAD) brings together scholars and practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic to stimulate a dialogue. Organized jointly by European and American networks, this conference aims to strengthen cooperation between European and American academics. Find more information on the TAD website.

International Conference on Public Administration

Each year, ASPA along with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in the P.R. China and the Chinese Public Administration Society Journal (CPAS), P.R. China host the International Conference on Public Administration. Scholars from around the globe are invited to engage on topics of public management on a global and domestic level. To learn more, visit

International Symposium on Ethical Leadership

Many nations are experiencing rapid growth and development that requires bold, visionary, and above all, ethical leadership.Yet, ethical leadership development lags behind economic development not only in most fast growing economies in Asia, Africa, and South America but also in advanced economies of Europe and North America. This symposium will explore issues of governance, creative leadership and individual moral responsibility in building good governance and combating corruption.