ASPA is proud to host a robust e-learning program including three series of webinars: BookTalks, KeepingCurrent events and Students and New Professionals topics. This list is refreshed constantly as new events are added to our calendar. Please contact us if you have any questions about our upcoming discussions or would like to join us to host an event.

KeepingCurrent: Using Performance Data to Improve Customer Experience

February 29 |1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST
Sponsored by ASPA's Center for Accountability and Performance

Improving Americans’ experience with government services has been a focal point for more than a decade. Today, federal initiatives are guided by a presidential executive order that directs agencies to develop “customer experience” strategies and plans to make services they provide more like the simple, seamless and secure services Americans see in their personal, on-ine and in-person services in the private sector. The goal is to organize around the customer, not around the delivery programs. This is challenging research shows that when citizens feel they are treated fairly and professionally, trust in government increases. The presenters have first-hand experience grappling with these issues and will be able to provide webinar participants a real-time picture of the progress and challenges they face.

Webinar presenters will provide attendees with an overview of how the U.S. federal government uses performance measurement and management techniques to improve customer experience with government services, including:
  • An overview of the federal customer experience initiative
  • How agencies use performance data, evidence and evaluation to inform the design and implementation of their customer experience initiatives
  • How cross-agency customer experience initiatives use evidence to most effectively knit together programs serving mothers and young children in low-income families
  • How these federal initiatives engage state, local and nonprofit partners

Mo Earley, Federal CX High Impact Service Provider Portfolio Lead, Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget
John M. Kamensky, Moderator, Emeritus Fellow, IBM Center for The Business of Government
Lindsay Moore, Customer Experience Strategist, 0-5 Life Experience Team, Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget

KeepingCurrent: Peer-Reviewed Journals: Publishing from the Practitioner Perspective

March 5 |1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST

Public Administration practitioners can and should publish in peer-reviewed journals. It increases the credibility of their first-hand knowledge, the credibility of the practitioner as an expert and adds their experience to the permanent, searchable body of knowledge. It also strengthens journals by making them more credible and relevant. This webinar will demystify the process of getting published in peer-reviewed journals and show how to avoid the pitfalls that often confront practitioners as authors. Speakers also will discuss a new initiative by Public Administration Review to involve practitioners.

Take-aways include:
  • The advantages of peer-reviewed journals over other platforms such as blog posts.
  • The purpose of a journal article and how it serves authors and the audience.
  • More information about "Practically Speaking," a new section of Public Administration Review featuring articles co-authored by practitioners and academics.
Annette N. Brown, Chief Strategy and Evidence Officer, FHI 360; Author, "Why should practitioners publish their research in journals?"
Ronald Sanders, President and CEO, Publica Virtu LLC; Associate Editor, "Practically Speaking," Public Administration Review
David S. Reed, Founder, Center for Public Administrators; Associate Editor, Public Integrity

BookTalk: The Curious Public Administrator

This BookTalk is being postponed to a future date. We will provide more information when it is available.

Louis Brownlow, one of public administration's historical thinkers, argued that “the principal requirement of a good administrator is an insatiable curiosity.” This book is rooted in the notion that public administrators must practice insatiable curiosity to be effective, fair and democratic. By seeking to uncover how the world works, and therefore practicing curiosity, public administrators may be more likely to move toward evidence-based decisions, improving the efficacy and efficiency of public service. Curiosity encourages public administrators to seek answers in a caring manner and, in doing so, empathize with the communities that they serve.

This book incorporates the concept of curiosity into the field of public administration. Scholarship in philosophy, business administration, social science and other fields address curiosity, but public administration has yet to examine this concept in detail. The Curious Public Administrator fills that hole. The book also presents novel primary data on curiosity in public agencies by examining curious organizations and surveying local government officers, and on how public affairs faculty view curiosity and incorporate the concept in their research and the classroom. Finally, Hatcher integrates this information to present a model of administrative curiosity, focusing on creating a guide for future research and teaching.

Will Hatcher, Chair, Department of Social Sciences and Professor, Augusta University
Sean McCandless, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
Beth Rauhaus, Moderator, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University