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Collaborators as "Frenemies"

How Program Evaluation and Performance Management Fit With One Another

In Partnership with ASPA's Center for Accountability and Performance

September 15, 2016 | 1 p.m.

About this Webinar

As Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene wrote in Governing magazine, "Historically, there's been an unfortunate and unproductive divide between people who have the same goal of getting government to make more informed and data-driven decisions".  The two groups? Those who are tasked with measuring performance and program evaluators. Though state employees who focus exclusively on performance measurement hold a variety of posts and utilize their skills differently, program evaluators follow a far more rigorous regimen and adhere to specific standards. How can the two groups work best together and why is there a clear line drawn between them in many circles? Participants will learn answers to the following questions:

  • Why do some evaluators view performance measurement, as it's typically practiced, as a less useful discipline than their own?
  • What exactly are the roles of the two groups?
  • In what ways could they work together most effectively?
  • What are the most significant current trends in the two groups?


Rakesh Mohan, Office of Performance Evaluations in Idaho and CAP Board Member
Donald Moynihan, La Follette School of Pubic Affairs, University of Wisconsin Madison
Jonathan Walters, Author
Richard Greene, Moderator, CAP Board Member

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