Legal Cannabis: The Nexus of Public Policy and Local Community Impact

April 29 | 1 p.m. ET
In Partnership with Excelsior College

Cannabis legalization has long occupied a central place in public policy debates, with defenders justifying its use for medical purposes. Now, against the backdrop of a global pandemic that has blown billion-dollar holes in state budgets, cannabis is increasingly seen as a solution for governments that need revenue quickly.  Although the debate continues, one thing is certain: Cannabis legalization has become a reality as more states around the nation vote to allow and regulate its use. And, it is more important than ever for localities to prepare for the introduction of legal cannabis in their communities. How can community leaders better understand the plant and the industry? How can they navigate with evolving regulations that keep the keep the public safe? How can they operate safely within the market?

Join us for a riveting conversation that will tackle these dynamics and provide you the chance to ask questions relevant to your community’s needs , led by a panel of experts that include a state regulation director, tax professional, compliance officer, business owner, and academic  with firsthand experience teaching about this complicated issue. The panel will discuss the impact of the legal cannabis market and ways to prepare for it at the local level. As these experts will highlight, striking the right balance among taxation, revenue, and issues of race and social equity is key.


Paul Coble, CEO, Thalo Technologies
Amanda Ostrowitz, Senior Vice President and Founder, CannaRegs
Gretchen Schmidt, Faculty Program Director for Criminal Justice Programs and Cannabis Control, Excelsior College
Jessica Velazquez, Managing Partner, Indiva Advisors, LLP