CAP Emerging Leaders Award of Excellence

This new program will recognize up to five early- or mid-career professionals in the field of performance management at the federal, state or local level. This award recognizes and encourages a new generation of practitioners who are actively implementing performance management systems, innovating new practices and promoting the importance of performance and accountability within their governments and communities. Emerging Leaders can be self nominated or be nominated by others and will be chosen by a subcommittee of current CAP Board members. Nominees should have approximately five to 10 years of experience within a government organization and have shown leadership, innovation and/or accomplishment.

Apply or nominate someone here.

Previous Winners

Rafael Baptista
Sarah Dickinson
Thomas Tippett
Leah Tivoli

Rudy de Leon Dinglas
Haley Kadish
Jaime Lees
Tim Moreland

Pete Bernardy
Curtis Brown
Shannon Carney
Kristine Grill
Nicollette Stanton

Adrienne Schomeker
Carmen Moreno-Rivera
Kate May

Melissa Schigoda
Leigh Tami
James Wagner
Tina Walha

Ben Birge
Justin Bruce
Katie Johnson
Oliver Wise

Kate Bender              
David Gottesman 
Daro Mott
Julie Steenson
Greg Useem