January 11, 2017

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2017 Brings You New Ways to Connect

As 2017 begins, ASPA is pleased to announce it has launched relationships with two new organizations to connect our members with the greater public administration community: SmartBrief and The Public Manager.

By now you should have received your first several editions of ASPA SmartBrief, our new e-news digest, which we began when GovManagement Daily ceased circulation at the end of 2016. This news feed will keep you connected to public administration and public policy news from across the country and around the world. If you have not received copies of the digest each morning, let us know so we can add you to the list!

We have also launched a partnership with The Public Manager to provide ASPA members with copies of this monthly newsletter. The Public Manager is an independent magazine that brings forth real stories of unstoppable innovation in U.S. government. Learn how peers on the federal, state and local levels get human capital matters right. Cut through the red tape and bureaucracy with proven best practices. And get a monthly dose of talent development inspiration from ATD, the world’s largest association for talent development. Issues are delivered monthly in digital format. Information for how to sign up to receive this resource is on ASPA’s website; make sure you make the most of it!

Both of these resources have been carefully chosen to provide our members with the news and information they need to stay connected with the rest of the discipline. We hope you find them to be helpful benefits! Please contact us for assistance with either of these resources.

Annual Conference Early-Bird Registration Expires Jan. 17

ASPA's 2017 Annual Conference is just over two months away and our early-bird registration rate expires in just one week! Register by Jan. 17 to receive our early-bird rate of just $439 (members).

The 2017 Annual Conference theme, "Saluting the Public Service: A Bold and Noble Profession," will focus on how public administration at all levels of government works to build a better society.

Eleven session tracks will focus on critical public administration topics through the lens of the bold and noble work our discipline undertakes throughout the year. More than 750 panelists and discussants will bring their expertise to these sessions, providing you with tremendous learning opportunities. Want to know who will be there? Check out our online panel lists by date and by track!

More information is being added to the Annual Conference website every day. Check with this resource regularly for updates and new details about everything that awaits you in Atlanta. Plus, follow @ASPANational and #ASPA2017 for live updates via Twitter!

Please visit the registration page for our list of registration fees and more information, as well as the link to register. (You'll have to log in to the site to register; if you need help remembering your login details or navigating the links, let us know!) While you're there, visit the hotel details page for information about our conference hotel and a link to secure your room.

We look forward to seeing you in March! Register today and guarantee yourself the early bird rate for this must-attend event! Questions? Contact us for assistance.

2017 Webinars BookTalks and Student Series Are Here!

ASPA's professional development webinars are ongoing throughout the year. Averaging 75 attendees per webinar and free to ASPA members, these e-learning opportunities provide you with valuable insights and information at your fingertips. Here's a quick look at upcoming opportunities. Make sure you register today for sessions that interest you and visit our website to review further details about all upcoming webinars, BookTalks and Student Series.

How to Support Decisions in Health Care
Jan. 17, 2017 | 2 p.m. ET
Gregory Acs, The Urban Institute
Rebecca Morley, Health Impact Project
Steven Teutsch, Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA, Public Health Institute and Schaeffer Center, University of Southern California
Richard Greene, Moderator, Barrett & Greene and Center for Accountability and Performance (CAP)

Questions about the aspects of a person's life that effect their health and quality of life abound as governments try to create the most effective social service systems at the most affordable prices. This webinar, in partnership with the Center for Accountability and Performance, features three expert panelists who will discuss health impact assessments, predictive modeling tools and a microsimulation tool that uses data from birth to middle age to examine the circumstances and actions that can provide powerful levers in early life to create outcomes focused on improving individuals' life in adulthood.

BookTalk: Public Policymaking by Private Organizations
Jan. 24 | 1 p.m.
A. Lee Fritschler, George Mason University
Catherine Rudder, George Mason University
R. Sam Garrett, Moderator, American University

From accrediting doctors and lawyers to setting industry and professional standards, private groups establish many of the public policies in today’s advanced societies. Yet this important role of non-governmental groups is largely ignored by those who study, teach or report on public policy issues. Public Policymaking by Private Organizations sheds light on policymaking by private groups, which are unaccountable to the general public and often even to governments.

Student Series: Teaching Public Administration - In Person and Distance Learning
Jan. 25 | 1 p.m.
Alexander Heckman, Franklin University
Tristan Hall, Franklin University
Angela Kline, Moderator, ASPA Student Representative, University of Delaware

More details coming soon!

ICYMI: PAR Symposium Hits The Washington Post

Researchers at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs have found that adding black police officers is not an effective strategy for reducing police shootings of black citizens in the vast majority of cities. In fact, hiring more black officers could lead to even more violent interactions with black citizens—at least until they make up more than 40 percent of the police force.

This article, part of Public Administration Review’s (PAR) symposium on policing and race, was highlighted in a recent The Washington Post article and will be part of a round table discussion taking place at a panel during the Annual Conference.

Look for more details regarding the symposium, this panel at the conference and other events surrounding the symposium’s release in the coming weeks.

2016 Executive Education Archived!

More than 30 hours of webinars and BookTalks that took place in 2016 are archived on our website and available for you as you start off the new year. Just a few of the most popular sessions included:

  • Peak Performance
  • Collaborators as Frenemies
  • Escaping Jurassic Government
  • The Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Four Key Approaches for Effective Data-driven Decisionmaking
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Grantwriting
  • The Sherlock Holmes Approach to Government
Catch up on any of these topics now! Just visit our archives (login details required), click on the link and enter the password to access your presentation.

We look forward to providing you with a similarly robust package of education throughout 2017! Contact us with any questions!

Want to add an event? Email Melissa Jun with the details!

Register Now: Government Leadership Course at Georgia State University Next Month

The Center for State and Local Finance at Georgia State University will host its executive education leadership course Feb. 6-8. The course helps equip professionals with the tools they need to be effective public sector leaders. Whether working in government or education, participants will come away with the knowledge to successfully influence others, interact with public officials, and oversee team members. CPE credits also are available. Click here to read more.

Best Dissertation Award from the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management

The Best Dissertation Award Selection Committee for the Public and Nonprofit (PNP) Division of the Academy of Management requests nominations for the Division's 2017 Best Dissertation Award. This dissertation award recognizes important academic work and high quality intellectual contributions to the PNP fields. Nominated dissertations that make contributions to the understanding of management in the public and nonprofit arenas will be considered. Click here to read more.

Quick with a Whip: Bullying in the Workplace—A Webinar

Join the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association (FEIAA) on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, from Noon - 1 p.m. ET for the next webinar in its series on Leadership and Trust. The speaker is Michael Belcher, a Federal Executive Institute faculty member. His topic is "Quick With a Whip: Bullying in the Workplace". This webinar will look at the difference between bullying and simple bad behavior. It will also explore various strategies to combat bullying and counter the corrosive effects of organizational cultures that condone its use. Click here to read more.

Updates and Announcements

With the new year, there have been numerous announcements from across the discipline—from conference details and deadlines to Chapter and Section announcements. Please make sure to visit ASPA’s In the News page and Chapter and Section News page to review these items. Some recent items include:

Welcome to Our New Members!
Click here to view recent new ASPA members!

PAR Update

The latest articles from Public Administration Review are available in the Wiley Online Library.


Celebrating 77 Years

American Society for Public Administration Code of Ethics

Practicing What We Preach! Public Administration Review Promotes Transparency and Openness
James L. Perry

Thank You and Welcome Aboard!

Interfaces: How to Connect Effectively with Citizens
Alex Brenninkmeijer

Kimberley R. Isett, Brian W. Head, and Gary VanLandingham, Editors

Editors' Introduction
Kimberley R. Isett, Brian W. Head and Gary Van Landingham

Water Policy in a Time of Climate Change: Coping with Complexity
Rob M. Skinner

Evidence for Tackling the Complexities of Water Governance
Tanya Heikkila

Hal G. Rainey, Editor

Representative Bureaucracy: A Lever to Enhance Social Equity, Coproduction, and Democracy
Norma M. Riccucci and Gregg G. Van Ryzin

Michael McGuire, Editor

25 Years of Transparency Research: Evidence and Future Directions
Maria Cucciniello, Gregory A. Porumbescu and Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen

Rosemary O'Leary, Editor

Behavioral Public Administration: Combining Insights from Public Administration and Psychology
Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen, Sebastian Jilke, Asmus Leth Olsen and Lars Tummers


Policy Positions of Bureaucrats at the Front Lines: Are They Susceptible to Strategic Communication?
Simon Calmar Andersen and Morten Jakobsen

Transparency by Conformity: A Field Experiment Evaluating Openness in Local Governments
James ben-Aaron, Matthew Denny, Bruce Desmarais and Hanna Wallach

Controlling Administrative Discretion Promotes Social Equity? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Sergio Cárdenas and Edgar E. Ramírez de la Cruz

Reputation and Accountability Relationships: Managing Accountability Expectations through Reputation
Madalina Busuioc and Martin Lodge

Nonprofit Policy Advocacy under Authoritarianism
Hui Li, Carlos Wing-Hung Lo and Shui-Yan Tang

For the Want of a Nail: The Interaction of Managerial Capacity and Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance
Erin K. Melton and Kenneth J. Meier

W. Henry Lambright, Editor

Know Your Values and Be Prepared: An Interview with Paul H. O'Neill
James L. Perry

Danny L. Balfour and Stephanie P. Newbold, Editors

Editors' Introduction
Alasdair Roberts
Book reviewed: Escaping Jurassic Government by Donald Kettl (2016)

Leadership and Evidence-Based Performance
Adam Eckerd
Book reviewed: The PerformanceStat Potential: A Leadership Strategy for Producing Results by Robert D. Behn (2014)

Beyond Representative Democracy: Toward More and Better Civic Engagement
Oriol Vidal-Aparicio
Book reviewed: Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy by Tina Nabatchi and Matt Leighninger (2015)

When Governance Networks Become the Agenda
Lasse Gerrits and Stefan Verweij
Book reviewed: Governance Networks in the Public Sector by Erik-Hans Klijn and Joop Koppenjan (2016)

The Endless Appeal to Rethink Public Administration
Donijo Robbins
Book reviewed: Rethinking Public Administration: The Case for Management by Richard Clay Wilson, Jr. (2016)

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