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January 11, 2023

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ASPA 2022-2023 Election Results Announced!

ASPA's 2023 election results have been finalized and we are pleased to announce the individuals who will join ASPA’s leadership this year. Their terms will begin at the conclusion of the 2023 Annual Conference in late March:

  • District I: Michael Ahn
  • District II: Marlon I. Brown
  • District III: Ronald Sanders
  • District IV: Merlene-Patrice Bourdeau-Quispe
  • District V: Juliet Lee
  • Student Representative: Jennifer Martinez-Medina
  • International Director: Pan Suk Kim
  • President-Elect: John Bartle
Each District Representative and the International Director will serve a three-year term; the Student Representative will serve a one-year term; and the President-Elect will serve a two-year term before ascending to the Presidency for an additional two-year term.

We look forward to working with these leaders in the coming year. We also thank all the candidates who stood for election. Our organization is enriched by your participation and dedication to our work.


Annual Conference Early-Bird Deadline Expires January 20!

ASPA's Annual Conference early-bird registration rate will expire next Friday, January 20. Take advantage of our current low rates and receive five days and more than 200 hours of content—and access to view it for months after the event is over!

Fees are as follows:

  • Members: $249
  • Nonmembers: $349
  • Students: $199
  • Symposium-Only: $149*
This deadline will not be extended. Register by January 20 and secure your attendance at the lowest rate available!

*The symposium-only rate is for individuals only attending one of the full- or half-day symposia. If you register at this rate, you will not receive access to the rest of the conference.


E-Learning at Your Fingertips

ASPA staff work tirelessly to keep your skills up to date and the information flowing all year long through our e-learning program. Visit our website to see more details about upcoming KeepingCurrent, BookTalk and Student and New Professional series programming.

As we schedule webinars for the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see topics including:

  • Agile government
  • Views from law enforcement
  • January 6 reactions and responses
  • Fighting for democracy
  • Building opportunity and equity in the workforce
  • Equity in higher education
If you...
  • have a topic you'd like to present via our webinar program...
  • are a Chapter or Section leader and would like to work with us to sponsor an event...
  • have published a book you'd like us to feature within our BookTalk series...
... contact us and we'll be happy to work with you to schedule an event in 2023! We're looking forward to a full and exciting year of programming. Look for more news in the coming weeks!

From the Archives
BookTalk: What Should We Do?
People who want to improve the world must ask the fundamental civic question: “What should we do?” Although specific challenges and topics are diverse, they often encounter problems of collective action (how to get many individuals to act in concert), discourse (how to talk and think well about contentious matters) and exclusion. To get things done, they must form or join and sustain functional groups, and through them, develop skills and virtues that help them to be effective and responsible civic actors. Good civic action requires insights from three traditions of theory and practice and synthesis of all of them that also addresses the challenge of scale: how to preserve intentional, ethical, collective action when millions or billions of people are involved? This webinar looked at this important topic.


ASPA Announces 2023 Donald C. Stone Lecturer!

Dr. Francis Fukuyama, Oliver Nomellini Senior Fellow at Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, has accepted ASPA's invitation to provide the 2023 Donald C. Stone Lecture.

Established in 1995, the Stone Lecture is one of the ASPA annual conference's most celebrated sessions. It honors the legacy of our Society’s charter member and past president, who served as the nation’s deputy budget director and played an integral role in developing the Marshall Plan. Past lecturers have included many of our nation’s leading scholars, academicians and public service leaders.

Fukuyama will continue this esteemed tradition when he addresses conference attendees on Tuesday, March 21 at 11:45 a.m. EST.

Fukuyama has written widely on issues in development and international politics. His 1992 book, The End of History and the Last Man, has appeared in more than 20 foreign editions. His book, Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment, was published in September 2018. His latest book, Liberalism and Its Discontents, was published in May 2022.

Fukuyama was a member of the political science department of the RAND Corporation and of the policy planning staff at the U.S. Department of State. He was Omer L. and Nancy Hirst professor of public policy at the School of Public Policy at George Mason University (1996-2000) and Bernard L. Schwartz professor of international political economy at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University (2001-2010). He served as a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics (2001-2004).

Fukuyama is a non-resident fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Center for Global Development. He also is a member of the board of trustees of the RAND Corporation; board of governors of the Pardee RAND Graduate School and the Volcker Alliance; and a member of the American Political Science Association and the Council on Foreign Relations. Fukuyama is married to Laura Holmgren and has three children.

Fukuyama received his BA from Cornell University and PhD from Harvard in political science. He holds honorary doctorates from Connecticut College, Doane College, Doshisha University (Japan), Kansai University (Japan), Aarhus University (Denmark) and the Pardee RAND Graduate School.

ASPA is pleased to host Dr. Fukuyama during the 2023 Annual Conference and looks forward to hearing his remarks. We hope you will be in the audience to learn from his perspective.

Contact the ASPA conference team with any questions or conference needs.

In Memoriam: Harvey Ruvin

Longtime Miami-Dade County Clerk Harvey Ruvin, who served in the role for three decades after being a county commissioner for two decades, died in December. He was 85.

Ruvin was an ASPA member dating back to 1994 and was very active in the South Florida Chapter. He is the longest-serving elected official in Miami-Dade County (term limits now making his tenure impossible for others to attain). First elected mayor of North Bay Village, Florida, in 1968, he became county commissioner and later brought order to the County Clerk’s Office, which oversees much of the county’s court system, including evictions, divorces, traffic citations, real estate sales, wills and other legal matters.

Ruvin served in a variety of notable positions and is the recipient of many awards including the 2003 Public Technologist of the Year from the Public Technology Institute; Computerworld Magazine’s 2004 Medal of Achievement; the ASPA South Florida Chapter's 2004 Public Administrator of the Year Award; and the Chapter's 2016 Elected Official of the Year Award. He is the only individual to have won both awards from the South Florida Chapter.

Ruvin is survived by his wife Risa, sons Eric (Kim) and Zachary (Parkhi), sisters-in-law Linda (Danny) and Cara (Bryan), and brother-in-law Jeffrey (Etty).

Read more about his career in public service here.

Public Administration Today Highlight

Public Administration Today features white papers, research and blogs from across the profession. This edition's highlight looks at city planning! If you're interested in more—especially your own curated news feed in your inbox every week—visit the website, create an account and check off your interest areas so you can stay up to date about the latest research being released!

Smarter Government: Santa Monica Eases Citizen Interactions with City Hall
When the pandemic shut down many government offices in March 2020, residents could no longer physically interact with government employees in many cities, including Santa Monica, Calif. The Santa Monica city manager turned to the municipality’s CIO for a solution to boost citizen services online.

PAR Symposium Call for Papers: Reviews to Reimagine and Rejuvenate Theorizing

Although reviews of scholarly literature can play an important role in reimagining and rejuvenating scholarship and pedagogy, reviews also can serve to reinforce existing understanding, thereby blocking avenues of progress. From a metascience perspective, reviews should indeed provide a synthesis on a subject but should also be critical of how we as researchers “do” research to encourage continuous development of our scientific repertoire—both in terms of theory development and methodological rigor. Breslin and Gatrell (2020) use the miner-prospector metaphor to distinguish creative and original review approaches from the standard systematic review. Increasingly, there have been calls over the last few years to reorient reviews to question taken-for-granted scholarly understanding and use reviews to reimagine and rejuvenate extant understanding and break disciplinary boundaries.

PAR’s pages have featured many creative and original review articles and the goal of this symposium is to add to this corpus of high-impact reviews. As a discipline, we need reviews to systematize existing knowledge in order to understand this knowledge better and create new ideas. To stand on the shoulders of giants does not necessarily prevent progress, but it takes some courage to go beyond summarizing what others have found and even more courage to suggest a fundamentally different organizing principle.

Public Administration Review invites manuscripts that survey scholarly literatures and promote new insights. Manuscripts will be subject to an editorial evaluation followed by PAR’s peer-review process. Manuscripts will be assessed according to review scope goals, and execution—of broad interest to public administration scholars and practitioners; clear articulation and execution of review goals; review methodology—replicable and transparent review methodology; and review contribution—contribution to reimagining and rejuvenating extant understanding. Manuscripts should be submitted online, choosing “Symposium Article” as the article type at the time of submission. In the comments to the editor, please note that the article is intended for the “PAR Review Symposium 2023.” All proposals are due by February 15, 2023. Click here to view the full Call for Papers.

JSEPA Releases Issue One, Volume One

The first issue of the Journal of Social Equity and Public Administration (JSEPA) was released earlier this month. As Susan Gooden, Richard Johnson III, Sean McCandless and RaJade Berry-James note in the first article, "The Journal of Social Equity and Public Administration: From Vision to Victory", JSEPA is the byproduct of years of hard work from members of ASPA's Section on Democracy and Social Justice, its founding sponsors and, of course, the founding editorial board.

This first publication is a victory borne by a community of scholars and practitioners; a community dedicated to the idea that public administration can and will embrace social equity as a guiding principle in its research and practice. The editorial board is thrilled to share Issue One and grateful for the work everyone has accomplished to make JSEPA a reality.

National Civic League All American City Competition Open

The National Civic League is accepting applications for the 2023 All-America City Award. Since 1949, the All-America City Award has recognized communities that leverage civic engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness and innovation to successfully address local challenges.

The 2023 All-America City Award will recognize 10 communities that are working to improve the health and well-being of young people, with particular attention to efforts that engage young people in this work. Democracy thrives when all residents are active and engaged in the policies and decisions that shape their lives. In 2023, the National Civic League is seeking to identify communities that are breaking down barriers to meaningful youth participation and enacting programs that will improve quality of life for youth, and all residents, by extension.

Applications are due February 15, 2023. Twenty finalists will be named in March 2023 and invited to assemble a community team to present their work at the All-America City Award event in Denver, CO, June 9-11, 2023.

For additional information, watch this informational webinar and download the 2023 application.

NISPAcee Announces 2023 Conference in Belgrade, Serbia

NISPAcee has announced its 2023 conference will take place May 25-27 in Belgrade, Serbia, with the theme, "The Future of Public Administration Enabled through Emerging Technologies."

Contemporary public administration is tackling the challenges of globalization, social and demographic changes, migration and climate change. Layered and complex reform trajectories and instruments are needed to modernize public administration, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and achieve high standards of reliability and accountability. All sectors of society, including public administration, will have to play a role in the effort toward a green transformation. Faced with rapid and accelerating socio-economic change, public administration needs to take into account the opportunities offered by new technologies, as well as develop new services aimed at openness, transparency and citizen participation accordingly. The conference will pay particular attention to the topic of the digital transformation of public administration. The issues to be taken into consideration are: the role of the public sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as the challenges of implementing new technologies in the transformation of public administration. Moreover, in the knowledge society, the capacity to innovate and ability to implement innovations are very important for the public administration of the future.

The call for papers is open to all topics and all methods and approaches relevant for the theme, from conceptual and theoretical papers to case studies and policy and applied level assessments, from "large n” quantitative analysis to in-depth qualitative investigations. The conference will provide a forum for an open exchange of theoretical ideas and applied level experiences. Special attention will be given to the NISPAcee region but the conference will aim to integrate and connect the experience and perspectives emerging from countries of the NISPAcee region to the current global experience and perspectives regarding the described main theme of the conference. All paper submissions are due by April 10, 2023. Click here for more information.

Tips and Resources

Shorter Days Affect the Mood of Millions of Americans—A Nutritional Neuroscientist Offers Tips on How to Avoid the Winter Blues
Research shows that young adults and women are particularly susceptible to seasonal affective disorder.

How to Disagree without Fighting
This columnist has five tips for how to disagree productively. Democracy depends on it, he says.

Hitting the Road to Retirement
The path from filing your paperwork to getting your full benefits can be long and winding.

Getting Outside Could Improve Your Sleep
Getting outdoors, even in gloomy weather, may benefit your sleep, according to new research with college students.

For Better Health This Year, Keep It Simple
In the study of habit formation, researchers have found that health goals succeed when they are fast, convenient and easy.

Working in Isolation Can Pose Mental Health Challenges. Here’s What Anyone Can Learn from How Gig Workers Have Adapted
Gig workers navigate the challenges of solo work by seeking out relationships and cultivating skills to cope with emotional turbulence.

In the News

Today's headlines contain plenty of news coverage of some of our nation's most pressing public administration challenges. ASPA has curated some of the most important stories from recent weeks. If you have not seen these yet, make sure you read them now!


Public Finance Public Service Social Equity


Members in the News

University Of Alabama At Birmingham Professor Receives Fulbright Specialist Award To India
Former ASPA District Representative Akhlaque Haque has received the Senior Fulbright Nehru Scholar Award to India.

How One State Is Excelling at Process Improvement
How One State Is Curbing Growth in Health Care Costs
By Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene

Phoenix Council Members Used City Suite to Watch NBA Finals, Concerts
Pat Shields, a member of ASPA's Ethics Committee, is quoted in this article.

Is Metro Birmingham Ready for Regional Governance?
A guest column by new professional member Christopher Tyler Burks.

Five Ways the Tensions of Federalism Will Play Out in 2023
By Don Kettl

Welcome New ASPA Members!
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Around Public Administration

Here are the most recent updates from across the profession. Did we miss you? Send us your news and we'll include it in the next round!

Upcoming Events:

Calls for proposals and other updates:
  • Public Money and Management Special Issue on Global Responses to Human-Made Disasters
    The interconnectedness of international economic, financial, societal and ecological systems has reached its apogee, as individual, organizational or national disasters increasingly hit our global world. As the war escalates on the European continent, PMM has decided to publish a theme on responding to human-made disasters. The theme will reflect on the role, choices of different strategies and responses made by international organizations and leading democracies when facing human-made emergencies and subsequent disasters. These discussions will enrich knowledge on crisis management and resilience from an international perspective, allowing academics, practitioners, and politicians to enhance their understanding of emergency responses to human-made and subsequent disasters—to learn from the past and inform decisions in this new era of crises. All articles are due by January 31, 2023. Click here for more information.

  • Call for Nominations: Arthur S. Flemming Awards
    Established in 1948, the Flemming Awards honor outstanding federal employees. Recognized by the president of the United States, agency heads and the private sector, the winners are selected from all areas of the federal service. The George Washington University and the Arthur S. Flemming Awards Commission present a total of 12 awards annually in five categories: leadership and/or management; legal achievement; social science, clinical trials and translational research; applied science and engineering; and basic science. Agencies are encouraged to nominate outstanding public servants with three to 15 years of experience in the federal government. All nominations are due by January 31, 2023. Click here for more information.

  • Call for Papers: NAPA Social Equity Leadership Conference
    NAPA's Panel on Social Equity in Governance is partnering with the University of Kansas and the Mid-America Regional Council to hold the 2023 Social Equity Leadership Conference (SELC) June 12-14 in Kansas City, Missouri, a region that has a long history of both perpetuating inequities as well as overcoming them through coalition building, deliberative and inclusive practices, and persistent commitment to action. This year's SELC will help public administration practitioners advance social equity in policy and practice. We will try to find out “what works?” and, equally important, “why?” We may also learn from challenges, failures and stunted performances as well by finding out “what doesn’t work” and “why not?” Social equity academics are encouraged to submit current studies, theoretical considerations or “emerging challenges or opportunities” for social equity scholarship and education. Practitioners are encouraged to submit case studies or “emerging challenges or opportunities” from their region that highlights successful or unsuccessful attempts at building more diverse, equitable, inclusive, just and belonging communities, services and/or public goods. These efforts are very often designed to address needs in some very specific policy domains including policing; health outcomes; educational attainment/workforce skills; housing; and environmental and social justice governance. All proposals are due by February 6, 2023. Click here for more information.

  • Institute for Peace and Dialogue Call for Participants
    The Institute for Peace and Dialogue has issued a newly launched three-month executive diploma program, with special modules of instruction and experienced trainers to give participants field-based education, wide professional experience and fruitful networking, appropriate for a variety of positions. This program targets titles including manager, program coordinator, human resources officer, case manager, mediator, public relations manager, mentor, coacher, arbitrator and more. Modules are "Leadership, HR Management, Coaching and Project Management" and "Peacebuilding, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation, Conflict Management, International Security and Law." Participants may join either module. Applications are due beginning February 10, 2023, depending on your module of choice. Scholarships are available. Click here for more information.

  • SECM Opens William Petak Award Call for Nominations
    The Section on Emergency and Crisis Management (SECM) has opened its solicitation of papers for the William Petak Award, given each year to the best paper on emergency management delivered at the ASPA Annual Conference. The award honors William Petak, a founder of the Section and a seminal scholar in emergency management. The winner will receive a $100 cash prize. Submissions should be sent to Jason Rivera no later than February 15, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Contact Jason Rivera for more information.

  • National Forum for Black Public Administrators’ Student Scholarships
    The NFBPA is continuing its prestigious scholarship program in 2023. This program recognizes African American or other minority students who are currently enrolled full-time at an accredited, traditional four-year college or university, preferably at an HBCU, and show outstanding scholarship and leadership, particularly as related to public service. NFBPA provides several scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students through its partnerships with corporate supporters, public sector organizations and individual contributors. The scholarship program is an integral part of NFBPA’s goal of lending support to African American and other minority students interested in leadership roles in public service. Applicants may apply for multiple scholarships or other NFBPA financial awards. If selected, the applicant can receive only one award. All applications are due February 27, 2023. Click here for more information.

  • National Forum for Black Public Administrators’ Student Research Poster Contest
    The NFBPA Student Research Poster Contest will be held on Thursday, April 27, 2023 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in conjunction with NFBPA's FORUM 2023. The competition recognizes research conducted by the students at all undergraduate, masters and doctorate levels. All students are encouraged to submit for this competition. In order to be eligible for the poster contest, all applicants must be currently enrolled in a traditional four-year college or university with at least one academic semester remaining after April 2023. All payments will be made to the university. The deadline to submit a poster abstract is February 28, 2023. Click here for more information.

  • National Capital Area Chapter Issues Student Essay Contest
    The National Capital Area Chapter (NCAC) has established a student essay contest to encourage new thinking and thoughts to advance the practice of public administration and public policy. This essay contest also was established to help advance the development of future public administrators. The essays should focus on one of the following topics: social equity, intergovernmental relations, the future of government workforce, public engagement, community collaboration, new technologies and community resiliency. All entries are due by March 17, 2023; only NCAC student members are eligible to enter. Contact NCAC for full submission guidelines and other details.

  • Public Money and Management Special Issue on "Hyper-Lean" Post Managerialism
    This PMM theme will concentrate on understanding the short- and long-term impact on economies, organizations and public sector and not-for-profit employees if the present priorities, funding and management models persist in terms of equity, fairness and the wellbeing of societies. Organizations need to do more than examine their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility, they need to examine the sustainability of the "hyper lean" post-managerialism logic. We welcome articles that challenge the present entrenched paradigm and instead propose new funding and management logics. All articles are due by July 31, 2023. Click here for more information.



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