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August 9, 2017

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2018 Annual Conference Website and Registration Now Live!

Get ready for ASPA's 2018 Annual Conference! Taking place at the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center, March 9-13, this is public administration's event of the year. If you are ready to guarantee your seat in the audience, the conference website is live and so is our registration form!

The 2018 Annual Conference will center around the theme, "Mission Focused and Service First: Creating Innovative Solutions." Presentation tracks will look to definitively bridge theory with practice, providing opportunities not only for researchers and academicians to demonstrate their work, but also highlight ways practitioners can put that work to use—and have already done so. Far from being theoretical, attendees can expect to take home hands-on innovations they can put to use in their locality.

The conference website has basic details now and we will continue to update it with plenty of information in the coming months. Right now, you can find:

The early-bird registration rate is $439 (members) but if you register by Oct. 27, 2017 you can take advantage of our current discounted registration rate of $399 (members). Visit the registration page for our full list of fees and more information, as well as the link to register.

We look forward to seeing you in March! Register today and guarantee yourself the lowest rate possible for this must-attend event!

Questions? Contact us for assistance.
Follow us on Twitter using @ASPANational and #ASPA2018!

ASPA National Council Call for Nominations Expires Aug. 18

Have you been considering running for election to join ASPA's volunteer leadership on its National Council? You must be nominated to do so and all nominations are due by next Friday, Aug. 18.

Serving on the National Council is a valued and important role within the Society, as Council members are more than name-only positions. Rather, each National Council member helps guide the Society and contributes to its strategic operations. We value our leaders and encourage all ASPA members to consider running for office.

This year's ballot will include candidates running for three positions:

  • Vice President (succeeds to president in three years)
  • District Representative (represents one of ASPA's five districts)
  • Student Representative (represents the leaders of the future)
ASPA held a webinar recently to provide information about leadership requirements, as well as the valued skills elected leaders bring to the National Council. You can now access a recording of that webinar on our website.

Check out all the information online and submit your nomination—for yourself or a peer!—by next Friday, Aug. 18.

You must be an ASPA member for at least 12 months to be considered by the Nominating Committee for inclusion on the ballot.

Webinars, BookTalks and Student Series on the Horizon

ASPA's professional development webinars are ongoing throughout the year. Averaging 75 attendees per webinar and free to ASPA members, these e-learning opportunities provide you with valuable insights and information at your fingertips. Visit our website to stay in the loop about all upcoming webinars, BookTalks and Student Series.

Student Webinar: Landing the Academic Tenure-Track Job: Applying, Interviewing and the Negotiation Process
Aug. 17 | 1 p.m. ET
Sebawit Bishu, University of Colorado—Denver
Samantha Larson, University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh
Raymond Zuniga, Virginia Tech
Andrea Headley, Moderator, ASPA Student Representative and Florida International University

This webinar will provide first hand testimonies from successful job candidates about their experiences and lessons learned. Each panelist will discuss either the application process, interviewing or negotiating. All of our panelists have received tenure-track appointments at various schools (both research and teaching universities) and will be starting in the fall of 2018.

BookTalk: Public Budgeting in America
Aug. 24 | 2 p.m. ET
Thomas Lynch, International Academy of Interfaith Studies
Robert Smith, University of Illinois—Springfield

Plan to attend this BookTalk about a very critical subject, as discussed in one of the most comprehensive and accurate books published about it. Plan now to join us for this event and learn from these authors.

Veteran Policy
Sept. 20 | 1 p.m. ET
Raun Lazier, Director of Policy, Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Policy and Planning
Nathan Williamson, Senior Policy Analyst, Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Policy and Planning

This webinar will have a special focus on the relationship between the practitioner and scholar. VA experts will highlight their research priorities and areas where academics and practitioners can collaborate, and will outline actions for developing a field of study. It will also offer suggestions on ways to connect practitioner needs and priorities with those of researchers.

Focus on Membership: Meet Our New Team Member!

We are happy to announce that ASPA has hired a new membership coordinator to replace Michael Silliman, who left ASPA in June after two years of excellent service.

Our new membership coordinator, Phillip Carlisle, is already on track to learn how best to serve our members, as well as how to best help ASPA grow and expand its membership!

Prior to joining ASPA, Phillip served in a range of administrative roles at Albion College, Columbia University and Brandeis University. Most recently, he provided logistical and fundraising support for graduate conferences at Brandeis and served as Chairman of the Budget Committee for two consecutive years. During the past six years, he has worked with independent contractors and community-based organizations, served as a research assistant for faculty at both Albion and Brandeis and was always ready to step up and take on additional projects or tasks as necessary—a skill that will come in handy at ASPA!

Phillip received his MA in english and women's, gender and sexuality studies from Brandeis University; and his BA from Albion College.

Phillip is excited to have joined ASPA and looks forward to hearing from its members—so don’t let him down! Reach out to him, say hello and let him know how he can help you!

Make the Most of Your Summer with Online Education

While you still have a few weeks left of summer, use some of your downtime to build on your public administration knowledge! Already this year more than 10 hours of educational webinars have been added to ASPA's archives, providing you with a treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips! Approximately an hour each, these previously recorded webinars and BookTalks can provide you with the inside scoop on important topics impacting our discipline right now. Need to know where to start? Here are staff recommendations for your consideration:

  • Writing a CV
    For those of you planning to attend next week's Student and New Professionals webinar about landing a tenure-track appointment, start with learning more about how to craft the perfect CV! Incoming PAR co-editor Jeremy Hall and 2016-2017 ASPA Student Representative Angie Kline teamed up this past winter to provide this webinar about the dos and don'ts to an academic CV, and it's a not-to-miss hour!
  • Workplace Behavior
    Another one for new professionals! ASPA joined with Careers in Nonprofits last fall to produce an hour-long look at dos and don'ts for the workplace. If you are a college student headed into the office for the first time—or a young professional who feels like you are missing social cues—take an hour to hear from our expert about ways to make a great first impression...and a terrible one!
  • BookTalk: Public Policymaking by Private Organizations
    This BookTalk took a close look at Public Policymaking by Private Organizations, by Lee Fritschler and Catherine Rudder. The hour-long discussion brings to life the hidden world of policymaking by providing an overview of this phenomenon and in-depth case studies in the areas of finance, food safety and certain professions. Check it out and add to your knowledge!
With five more months of e-learning headed your way in 2017, take some time with what remains of the summer slow-down to catch up on what you have missed and listen in on some excellent conversations!

Access to these archives are available to our members for free; non-members do not have access to this resource.

Annual Conference Fun Continues with Call for Proposals

We are a month into the 2018 Annual Conference Call for Proposals process and we already have more than 90 proposals in the works or submitted! There are still six weeks left for you to identify your topic and assemble your proposal. Plan now for the proposal you'll submit for the Mile High City!

Next year's conference will center around the theme: Mission Focused and Service First: Creating Innovative Solutions. Presentation tracks will look to definitively bridge theory with practice, providing opportunities not only for researchers and academicians to demonstrate their work, but also highlight ways practitioners can put that work to use—and ways they have already done so.

Ten tracks provide you with plenty of flexibility to determine where your research will best fit within this year's theme:

  • On a Shoestring: Budget, Finance and Procurement
  • Before (and After) the Storm: Emergency and Disaster Management
  • An Eye Toward the Future: Environment and Technology
  • A Guiding Philosophy: Ethics and the Law
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Human Resource Management
  • Blurring the Lines: International and Comparative Public Administration
  • Winning the War: The Military in Public Administration
  • A Fresh Approach: Nonprofits and Civic Engagement
  • All Are Not Equal: Advancing Social Equity
  • A Perfect World: Public Administration Theory
Find more track information here and make sure to read through our Presenters Guidelines to help you shape the perfect proposal.

Want to add an event? Email us with the details!

SECoPA Early-Bird Registration Rate Expires Aug. 15

As you plan your attendance at the 2017 Southeastern Conference for Public Administration, taking place in Hollywood Beach, Fla. Oct. 4-7, make the most of the discounted registration rate that is available through Aug. 15. Click here for more information.

NECoPA Call for Nominations in the Field

The Northeast Conference on Public Administration (NECoPA) has issued its 2017 Call for Nominations for four leadership positions, including Chair-elect, Secretary, Trustee and Student Representative. Click here for more information.

Center for State and Local Finance Offers Procurement Seminar

The procurement process—no matter what type of business—can be a complicated maze of decisions and responsibilities, but when you are dealing with public dollars via RFPs, bids and contracts, the challenges can be magnified. The Center for State and Local Finance has found that several tenets will help keep state and local procurement officials leading with confidence. Want to learn more? Join them Sept. 13-15, 2017 for a deep dive into the topic. This three-day course will equip you with must-have procurement tools and strengthen your judgment in deploying them. As a plus, you will learn from the procurement officials behind Georgia's No. 1 ranking by Governing. Get details here and register today.

10th Annual Public Performance Conference Next Month

The 10th Annual Public Performance Conference, hosted by the National Center for Public Performance, the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University—Newark and the Suffolk University Sawyer Business School's Institute for Public Service, will take place Sept. 28-29, 2017 at Suffolk University in Boston. The topic of this conference will be how organizations design, implement and sustain performance innovations that can withstand times of transition and change. Keynote speakers will include Governor Martin O'Malley, Donald Moynihan of the University of Wisconsin—Madison’s La Follette School of Public Affairs and Shelley Metzenbaum of the Volcker Alliance. Click here for more information.

NECoPA Taking Place This November

The 2017 Northeast Conference on Public Administration (NECoPA), is taking place Nov. 3-5 in Burlington, Vt. Focusing on its theme, "Public Administration, Policy and Community Development: Managing a Changing Landscape," the conference will look at local communities' ability to thrive amidst political, social, economic and environmental change. The Call for Papers has closed. Click here for more information.

ZSPA Public Service Awards Call for Nominations

The Zambian Society for Public Administration (ZSPA) has issued its call for nominations for its 2017 public service excellence awards. With awards being given out in more than 15 categories, this is a robust awards program honoring public servants both within Zambia and internationally. The awards ceremony will take place Nov. 24, 2017 in Lusaka. Click here for more information.

ZSPA Offers a Certified Public Manager Orientation Workshop

The Zambia Society for Public Administration is offering a Certified Public Manager Program in Zambia, Nov. 22-23, 2017. The Certified Public Manager (CPM) is a U.S. professional designation established in 1979 for the purpose of improving performance and advancing best practice standards for public sector managers. It is a comprehensive management development program based upon a selected set of competencies. Click here for more information.

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences Journal Releases Call for Papers

The journal, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences (SEPS), is planning for a special issue titled: "Indices for the Betterment of the Public." The purpose of the special issue is to assemble cutting-edge research on many different composite indices for development that can support better policy design, analysis and implementation. This special issue is sponsored by SEPS consistent with its mission to encourage scholarship from multiple disciplinary traditions (operations research, analytics, planning and policy, among others) around improved public decisionmaking. Find the Call for Papers online here. The submission deadline is Jan. 31, 2018.

Welcome to Our Most Recent Members!
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PAR Update

The latest articles from Public Administration Review are available in the Wiley Online Library.


The Clumsy War against the "Administrative State"
Donald F. Kettl
Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.


Subjecting Donald Trump’s War against the Administrative State to Management Science
Stephen Heidari-Robinson
Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.

Regulatory Reform in the Trump Era
Keith B. Belton, Kerry Krutilla and John D. Graham
Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.

Kimberley R. Isett, Brian Head and Gary VanLandingham, Editors


Doing More with More: How “Early” Evidence Can Inform Public Policies
Colleen Barbero, Siobhan Gilchrist, Sharada Shantharam, Erika B. Fulmer and Michael W. Schooley
Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.

Bringing Rigor to the Use of Evidence in Policymaking: Translating Early Evidence
Daniel Max Crowley and J. Taylor Scott
Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.

Hal G. Rainey, Editor

Crowdsourcing Government: Lessons from Multiple Disciplines
Helen K. Liu

Rosemary O'Leary, Editor

Transaction Costs and the Perceived Effectiveness of Complex Institutional Systems
Mark Lubell, Jack M. Mewhirter, Ramiro Berardo and John T. Scholz


Corruption and State and Local Government Debt Expansion
Cheol Liu, Tima T. Moldogaziev and John L. Mikesell

Some Practical Considerations Concerning Public Debt Issuance
Michael J. Bell

Managing the Entanglement: Complexity Leadership in Public Sector Systems
Joanne Murphy, Mary Lee Rhodes, Jack W. Meek and David Denyer

Messy Business: Leading in Regeneration
Aidan Culhane

Institutional Analysis of Neighborhood Collective Action
Mike Craw

Neighborhood Associations and Homeowners Associations: Do They Really Make a Difference in Your Community?
Victor T. Turner

From Birth to Death: The Life of The Standards Board for England
Alan Lawton and Michael Macaulay

Embedded Government Control and Nonprofit Revenue Growth
Na Ni and Xueyong Zhan

Questioning Kaufman: How Cross-Level Political Coalitions Interact with Organizational Structure
Forrest Fleischman

Let's Look Again
Herbert Kaufman

Kaufman's Paradox
David C. Iverson

Business Experts on Public Sector Boards: What Do They Contribute?
Ian Kirkpatrick, Francesco Vallascas and Gianluca Veronesi

Varieties of Participation in Public Services: The Who, When and What of Coproduction
Tina Nabatchi, Alessandro Sancino and Mariafrancesca Sicilia

W. Henry Lambright, Editor

Frances Harriet Williams: Unsung Social Equity Pioneer
Susan T. Gooden

Danny L. Balfour, Editor

Danny L. Balfour
Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.

Networks and Governments
Robert Agranoff
Book reviewed: The Chessboard and the Web: Strategies of Connection in a Networked World by Ann Marie Slaughter (2017)
Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.

A Critical Perspective on Evidence-Based Policymaking
Samantha June Larson
Book reviewed: The Politics of Evidence: From Evidence-Based Policy to the Good Governance of Evidence by Justin Parkhurst (2017)

Unmasking the Blurred Lines Regulating the Foreign Intelligence and Domestic Surveillance Activities of the United States
Kristine Botsford Mullendore
Book reviewed: American Surveillance: Intelligence, Privacy, and the Fourth Amendment by Anthony Gregory (2016)

Exporting South Korea's e-Government Experience
Inchan Choi and Mark C. Hoffman
Book reviewed: Bringing Government into the 21st Century: The Korean Digital Governance Experience edited by Tina George Karippacheril, Soonhee Kim, Robert P. Beschel, Jr. and Changyong Choi (2016)
Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.

Making Development Work for All
Sabith Khan
Book reviewed: Institutionalizing Constitutional Rights: Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Socio-Religious Communities in India by Abusaleh Shariff (2016)

Reinventing the Wheel? Public Sector Innovation in the Age of Governance
Mehmet Akif Demircioglu
Books reviewed: Enhancing Public Innovation by Transforming Public Governance edited by Jacob Torfing and Peter Triantafillou (2016) and Innovation in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors edited by Patria De Lancer Julnes and Ed Gibson (2016)

Public Integrity Update

For the latest news on Public Integrity's articles and topics getting international attention, join the Journal's Twitter page: https://twitter.com/PubIntegrity, or our other active sites at:

Public Integrity

New Symposium on Military Ethics
Symposium Editor: Manfred Meine

Public Integrity is excited to announce the publication of a new symposium on Military Ethics, which will appear in your mailboxes soon. Articles can be also be accessed online.

Meine has expertly edited the issue, Volume 19, Number 5, which includes the latest research from around the globe on key topics related to the military sector:

Addressing Corruption in Military Institutions

Accountability, Complacency, or Obfuscation? An Analysis of the U.S. Military's Prevention and Response Efforts to Military Sexual Trauma

PTSD and Suicides Among Veterans—Recent Findings

Ethics and Integrity in the Procurement of Goods and Services for the Military

Ethics Training for U.S. Military Leaders: Challenging the Conventional Approach

The Changing Nature of the Just War Tradition: How Our Changing Environment Ought to Change the Foundations of Just War Theory

New Wars and New Soldiers: Military Ethics in the Contemporary World

Examining the Ethics of Government-Organized Nongovernmental Organizations (GONGOs)

Managing Competing Interests: A Review of Ethics in Military Procurement

Military Ethics: A Future-Oriented Retrospective

New on PA TIMES Online

Every Tuesday and Friday, ASPA publishes a curated collection of original content that covers public service, management and international affairs.

This quarter, we welcome submissions that focus on the military from a public administration perspective. Send your contributions to us now! The deadline is rolling; contact us for more information.

Check out our recent articles and columns:

FY2018: A New Low in Congressional Appropriations?
By Jason Juffras

Blurring the Lines Across Public Administration Borders
By Hillary Knepper and Ronald Matten

Are Recent Immigration Policy Changes at Odds?
By Grant Rissler


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