PA TIMES is the flagship magazine of the American Society for Public Administration. Its electronic version can be found at PA TIMES Online is published twice a week and highlights emerging trends in public management, original articles on issues related to public administration and expert columnists discussing best practices and lessons learned for other public managers and public sector employees.

ASPA circulates a Call for Authors twice each year: Once to plan for the coming 12-month cycle (starting annually in January), during which we accept monthly and quarterly columnist applications; and once to plan for the second half of each year, during which we only accept monthly columnist applications. Selected columnists will be notified by email and are expected to begin their column shortly after notification. A schedule of column publication dates will be provided by ASPA. PA TIMES editorial staff do not contact those who have applied and have not been accepted; no response indicates your application was not accepted. 

Prior to applying to be a columnist, please review our style and submission guides. We require all authors to conform to our style, including AP style. 

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

How to Submit a Column

Columns should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document by email to [email protected].

Final columns should be sent by the corresponding Monday or Friday, one week before the scheduled publish date. If you have questions about your deadline, please contact us for assistance.