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Product ImageCombating Corruption, Encouraging Ethics - 2nd Ed (2007)In their second edition of Combating Corruption, Encouraging Ethics, ASPA members William L. Richter and Frances Burke update this essential staple to delve deeply into the unique ethical problems of twenty-first century public administration.29.7129.71CCEE_2ND
Product ImagePublic Administration Review: 1-Year SubscriptionPublic Administration Review is published every other month, 6 issues per year.

Product ImagePA Times - 1 year subscription - InternationalInternational subscriptions are available at $75 per year international air delivery. Subscriptions must be prepaid, U.S. dollars or credit card.

Product ImagePA Times - 1 year subscription - DomesticDomestic subscriptions are available at $50 per year first class delivery. Subscriptions must be prepaid, U.S. dollars or credit card.

Product ImageSon of Virginia: A Life in American's Political ArenaBy L. Douglas Wilder, Former Governor of Virginia

This is a signed copy of Gov. Wilder's book.
Product ImageA Call to ServeA pocket-sized book featuring quotes reflecting on the various facets of public service: public service motivation, compassion, purpose, ethics, citizenship and more. Compiled by Marc Holzer, Distinguished Professor, Suffolk University.

Product ImageGetting Things Done with Courage and ConvictionThe cases in Getting Things Done with Courage and Conviction are extracted from the experiences of Dwight Ink, whose career has spanned more than 50 years (and counting...), including key roles in helping advance important initiatives of seven presidents. Each of the nine cases provides insights into key government operations that are relevant to public administrators today.

Each chapter highlights enduring issues in public administration theory and practice (e.g., political control of the bureaucracy, ethical procurement and personnel processes, intergovernmental management, several others). The timelessness of the strategies and the authors' strong desire to motivate the best and brightest to careers in public service compelled them to produce this book as both a management guidebook and a source of encouragement and inspiration for getting things done today.

Product ImageOur Own Worst EnemyOver the past three decades, citizens of democracies who claim to value freedom, tolerance, and the rule of law have increasingly embraced illiberal politicians and platforms. Democracy is in trouble--but who is really to blame?

In Our Own Worst Enemy, Tom Nichols challenges the current depictions of the rise of illiberal and anti-democratic movements in the United States and elsewhere as the result of the deprivations of globalization or the malign decisions of elites. Rather, he places the blame for the rise of
illiberalism on the people themselves. Nichols traces the illiberalism of the 21st century to the growth of unchecked narcissism, rising standards of living, global peace, and a resistance to change. Ordinary citizens, laden with grievances, have joined forces with political entrepreneurs who thrive
on the creation of rage rather than on the encouragement of civic virtue and democratic cooperation. While it will be difficult, Nichols argues that we need to defend democracy by resurrecting the virtues of altruism, compromise, stoicism, and cooperation--and by recognizing how good we've actually
had it in the modern world.

Trenchant, contrarian, and highly engaging, Our Own Worst Enemy reframes the debate about how democracies have ended up in this dire state of affairs and what to do about it.
Product ImageApplying Standards and Ethics in the 21st CenturyThis book is intended to serve as a workbook and study guide. It is designed as a diagnostic rather than prescriptive approach to professional standards and ethics and, as such, should stimulate reflections and self-realization by students and public administrators at all levels and in all jurisdictions. The materials included provide a starting point for delving into the field of public and professional standards and ethics.8.958.95PUBS_ETHICS21
Product ImageThe Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols 20.0020.00PUBS_EXPERTISE
Product ImagePublic Administration with an Attitude(c) 2005, A collection of George Frederickson's columns from PA TIMES.9.959.95PUBS_PAATTITUDE
Product ImagePerformance Measurement for Managing Local Government

Today, local governments routinely report performance measures to city councils, county commissions, and citizens. Many government officials want to do more with their measures. They want to use them not just for reporting but also for management purposes-to improve operations and services. But the measures governments have now often are inadequate for this expanded role. After teaching thousands of government practitioners about performance measurement, author David Ammons knows the questions these practitioners, as well as students of performance measurement, want answered. This book delivers.

Performance Measurement for Managing Local Government answers the persistent questions confronting everyone who has ever tried to design measures, refine measures, or make measures the management tools they are supposed to be. This book describes the ins and outs of performance measurement, guides readers toward proper design of measures, illustrates common errors and ways to avoid them, offers tips, and even provides sets of suitable measures on which to build.

Product ImageMeeting the Challenges of Performance Oriented Gov'tHow might we ensure that current efforts to measure and report on performance in the public and nonprofit sectors result in improved decision making and increased public confidence in these institutions? Practitioners and academics who are heavily involved in performance measurement efforts at all three levels of government and in the nonprofit sector discussed this issue and others in a symposium held by the American Society for Public Administration's (ASPA) Center for Accountability and Performance (CAP). This volume includes the papers presented at the conference, preceded by an overview of the issues discussed and the lessons identified by participants, and followed by an agenda for future research and action.25.0025.00PUBS_PERFORGOVT
Product ImagePerformance Measurement Concepts & Techniques 3rd Ed.This workbook will help you understand and implement performance measurement. It is designed for use in workshops, department/agency performance improvement efforts, and MPA programs, and is published by the American Society for Public Administration's (ASPA) Center for Accountability and Performance (CAP).25.0025.00PUBS_PERFORM
Product ImageGimme Shelter: a life of public service in New York CityNow and then, there really is good government. Bonnie Stone spent 40 years in New York City-and social services-oriented not-for-profits. She doggedly and ingeniously tackled some of New York's most urgent issues, particularly chronic homelessness. Undaunted, Stone negotiated choppy waters, working with the expert, the difficult, the skeptical, the next-to-impossible, the determined, and the inspired.

Gimme Shelter has a cast of characters as colorful and varied as the city itself. There are big stories of apparently insurmountable odds, surmounted-and smaller stories of people who with dedicated help were able to beat terrible odds. At a time when government is viewed as ineffective or even as a saboteur of people's best interests, Gimme Shelter reveals how the men and women who work for the City of New York can bring positive change to the lives of its citizens.