Below you will find the 2013 Founders' Fellows and a link to their research. Please browse through the papers and make the most of this catalog.

Crystal Carter
Paying for Performance in Louisiana

Can Chen
Taking the Future More Seriously

Heather Hanna
A Comparison of LGBT Workplace Policies and Religiosity by State

Imane Hijal-Moghrabi
Pressures and Strategies for Local Sustainability and High Performance under the Fiscal Crisis

Jisun Youm
Adoption of Sustainability Policy Innovations and Green Local Governance

Kendra Brumfield
Prioritizing the Process

Nathaniel Lane Wade
Sustainability Through Personalized Medicine

Palina Prysmakova
When The Son Becomes Smarter Than The Father

Rachel Linstead Goldsmith
Supporting the Practice of Telemedicine in Delaware

Samantha Mosier
Soft Tech Solutions