What are the dates of the conference?
ASPA’s 2021 Annual Conference will be April 9-15, providing a dynamic, flexible event comprising both live and prerecorded sessions. Attendees will have online access to all content for months following the conference’s conclusion.

Since all concurrent panels are being recorded, how do I interact with the speakers?
Conference panelists will be live-chatting with panel attendees throughout their sessions, answering questions, sharing new data and providing more information about their research. You will also be able to connect with your fellow attendees through chats and email to keep the conversation going after the panel is over.

I am a panelist and I have recorded my session. What happens next?
Panelists will show up for their sessions on the day of the event (a 60-minute session) and they will engage in live chat, Q&A and other interactions with the audience viewing the video. (See above, as well.) The live chat/Q&A will last the entire 60-minute time while the recording is playing.

How do I access the conference?
The conference will be hosted via a website (not this one). All attendees and speakers will be given the website link and login details the week before the conference. You will use that link to access the entire conference, including any sessions you are attending. If you are a speaker on a panel, you will use this same website to access your panel at the time it is playing, and engage with your audience through the chat and Q&A screens. You will not receive separate Zoom details for conference events. While the software is Zoom-based, access to it is not via Zoom. (Those speaking live will receive slightly different instructions.)

Will international participants have the same experience as U.S.-based attendees?
ASPA is committed to a digital conference format that allows international attendees to receive the same conference experience as those in the United States (subject to global technological limitations over which ASPA has no control). We are taking time zones into consideration to enable live participation from around the world and will be careful about timing to ensure maximum participation. All sessions will be archived for future, on demand viewing.

If I have transferred my presentation from the 2020 event, what do I do next?
 Your presentation should have been scheduled for recording by now. If you have not heard from us, please contact aspaconference@aspanet.org for assistance and more information.

Will there be opportunities for Chapter and Section events?
Yes. ASPA leaders are committed to having our Chapter and Section communities convene during the virtual conference, just as they would in person. We hope that the digital platform will enable more opportunities to meet, not fewer. Opportunities include Chapter and Section business meetings, symposia, panels and more. View the related pages on this site for more details.

Will there be a code of conduct for the 2021 Annual Conference?
Yes. A digital code of conduct is being developed to which all attendees must adhere. Click here to view our Code of Conduct and look for updates related to digital participation.

Whom should I contact with questions?
Please email aspaconference@aspanet.org with any questions.

What are the registration fees?
There are two simple registration fees for this year's event: $175 for full attendance; $50 for students. Please visit our registration page for more information.

What is your refund policy?
Because of the nature of this year's digital conference, ASPA is not able to grant refunds for any cancellation requests of registrations for #ASPA2021. If you are no longer able to attend the Annual Conference, you may request a substitution by emailing us at aspaconference@aspanet.org. The substitute must be from the same university or organization. Substitutions will be accepted until March 15, 2021.

What are your registration deadlines?
All conference attendees (no speaking roles):
Any time before April 15, 2021. Only registered attendees will receive access to the digital conference.

All concurrent panelists:
Registration and payment must be received prior to your session being recorded. Contact aspaconference@aspanet.org for more specific details.

All live panelists and speakers:
Registration and payment must be received by March 31, 2021.

Why did ASPA decide to host the 2021 Annual Conference as a digital event?
The ASPA National Council made the decision after considering public health concerns and budget issues impacting the public service profession. Several elements impacted the choice, including vaccination administration timelines both in the United States and globally; international travel restrictions making in-person participation by non-U.S. attendees impractical, if not impossible; and financial limitations many are facing as travel funds are not widely available and instead are significantly constrained.