2021 Deil Wright Symposium

Introductions and Welcome

9:00-9:15 AM

The Future of Fiscal Federalism

9:15–10:45 AM

Nicholas Jacobs
Colby College
If Congress Can't Budget, Can It Influence Intergovernmental Relations?
Carmina Jimenez Quiroga & Heidi Jane M. Smith
CENTRUS/Universidad Iberoamericana
Fiscal Sustainability of Mexican Debt Decisions: Is Bad Behavior Rewarded?
Yoon-Jung Choi
Syracuse University
Too Many Governments and Not Enough Government: Does Citizen Voice Restrain Government Growth?
Paul Chalekian
University of Nevada, Reno


10:45–11:00 AM

Rethinking Models of Intergovernmental Relations

11:15 AM–12:30 PM

Claudia Badulescu-Colfer
European University Institute
Overcoming dysfunctional integration through domestic administrative capacity building: a new approach to Europeanization
Ricardo A. Bello-Gomez
Human Resources in Multilevel Service Provision Performance: The Role of Field Offices and Local Organizations

Matt Bagwell
Tarleton State University
State and Local Anguish amid Federal Apathy and Paralysis: The COVID Crisis in the U.S.
Qian Hu
University of Central Florida

Lunch Break

12:30–1:30 PM

Studying and Practicing Intergovernmental Relations and Federalism Across Fields

1:30-3:00 PM

Carol Weissert and Matthew Uttermark
Florida State University
Going Deep: Studying Charter Schools from the Bottom Up

John Kincaid
Lafayette College
A Research Agenda for Federalism Studies

Jason Webb Yackee and Susan Webb Yackee
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Using Wright’s ASAP Data from 1964-2008:  New Data for Scholars and Students of Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

Christopher Hawkins
University of Central Florida

Wrap Up

3:00–3:15 PM