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BookTalk: New Public Leadership: Making a Difference from Where We Sit

June 6 | 1 p.m. ET

Most leadership literature stems from and focuses on the private sector, emphasizing personal qualities that bind leaders and followers to a shared purpose. As the authors of New Public Leadership argue, if these shared purposes do not build trust and legitimacy in public institutions, such traditional leadership tropes fall short of the standard demanded by contemporary public servants. For 20 years the authors have been developing a leadership education and training framework specifically designed to encourage public service professionals to "lead from where they sit." This book presents that comprehensive, integrated and practical leadership framework, grounded in the uniqueness of public legal missions, culture, history and values.

The authors explore three key elements of leadership success:
1) An understanding of our public service context, including the history, the values and the institutions that comprise our leadership setting,
2) A set of tools designed to help leaders initiate collective action in wicked challenge settings, and
3) Tools to support sound judgment, enabling leaders to do the right thing in the right circumstances for the right reasons.

The authors further provide readers with a basic understanding of democratic institutions, encouraging them to work within and across multiple vertical and horizontal systems of authority. The book is organized into four sections, each of which is accompanied by a Master Case that provides the reader with an opportunity to apply the principles and leadership tools discussed in the text to practice. To further reinforce the practice-centered approach to leadership knowledge and skills, the authors have developed an accompanying EMERGE Leadership Handbook, complete with exercises, available online. Written specifically with the practicing public manager in mind, this book arms public servants with a large repertoire of leadership skills, designed to accommodate changing public values and conflicting priorities at all levels of our public organizations.


Douglas Morgan, Portland State University, Hatfield School of Government
Marcus Ingle, Portland State University, Hatfield School of Government
Craig Shinn, Portland State University, Hatfield School of Government

BookTalk: Ethics and Professionalism in the Public Service

June 20 | 1 p.m. ET

Ethics and Professionalism in the Public Service is written for current and future practitioners and is an important resource for managers and students in public policy, public administration and nonprofit management. It embraces the significance of self-control, critical thinking, moral leadership and values as essential knowledge to more fully understanding ethics in the public and nonprofit sectors.


Cynthia E. Lynch and Thomas D. Lynch, Hawaii Pacific University