For Immediate Release
March 17, 2017
Karen Garrett
Chief of Communications & Marketing
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ASPA Recognizes Scholarship and Outstanding Contributions to Public Service Scholars and Practitioners Honored at 2017 Annual Conference

Washington, DC – More than 30 top scholars, practitioners and organizations will be recognized for their contributions and extraordinary commitment to public service at the American Society for Public Administration’s Annual Conference in Atlanta, March 17-21. Individuals will be recognized for their contributions promoting integrity in public service, lifetime scholarship and service to ASPA.

Their work, research and leadership have been instrumental in building a stronger public sector.  This year’s recipients represent a diverse mix of individuals working in the public, nonprofit and academic field, as well as recognition for the next generation of public servants through student awards and scholarships.

“Public service is about commitment to others. Those who work in the public and nonprofit sector dedicate endless hours to making their communities and the world around them better. ASPA is honored to be able to say thank you for their dedication and to recognize their contributions,” said ASPA Executive Director William Shields.

In recognition of lifetime scholarship, contributions and dedication to the public service field, in particular public administration, ASPA will present the following awards:

The National Public Service Awards, recognizing outstanding public servants, will be awarded to Marc Ott of ICMA and Max Stier of the Partnership for Public Service.

The Gloria Hobson Nordin Social Equity Award, honoring lifetime achievements in the course of social equity, will be presented to Martha Chavez of University of California—Berkeley.

Public Administration Review (PAR), the premier journal for those in public management and administration, will present awards for the best submission, commentary and book review during the 2016 publication year.

For PAR’s Louis Brownlow Award: Fiona Buick (University of Canberra), Deborah Blackman (University of New South Wales—Canberra), Janine O’Flynn (University of Melbourne), Michael O’Donnell (University of New South Wales—Canberra) and Damian West (University of New South Wales—Canberra).

William E. and Frederick C. Mosher Award: Joannie Tremblay-Boire (Georgia State University), Aseem Prakash (University of Washington) and Mary Kay Gugerty (University of Washington).

Burchfield Award for Best Book Review: Alex Ingrams of Rutgers University—Newark.

Chester Newland Award: Joyce Wilson of Workforce Solutions Borderplex.

The Public Integrity Award, which recognizes an organization that has made outstanding contributions to responsible conduct in public service, will be presented to the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.

The Elmer Staats Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Public Service, honoring an individual’s contributions to public service over a lifetime, will be presented to Jerome Lewis of University of Delaware.

The Donald C. Stone Service to ASPA Award will be presented to Patria De Lancer Julnes of Penn State Harrisburg and David Broom.

The Paul Van Riper Award, given to an ASPA member who has made significant contributions both as an academic and practitioner, will be presented to Angela Evans of the University of Texas—Austin.

The Dwight Waldo Award, which honors outstanding contributions to the professional literature, will be awarded to Guy B. Adams of University of Missouri.

The Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Exemplary Practice Award, presented to individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to a more equal society, will be awarded to Patricia Robertson of Southern University at New Orleans.

ASPA will also present the H. George Frederickson PA TIMES Best Article Award for the writer of the article judged most informative, critical and contributing to new knowledge published in PA TIMES during 2016. This year’s winning author is Tia Gaynor of Marist College.

The International Public Administration Award will be presented to Prajapati Trivedi from the India School of Business, for his work on a global scale to strengthen the public sector and understanding of public service.

A student scholarship, the Wallace O. Keene Conference Scholarship Award, will be presented to Samantha June Larson of University of Colorado—Denver and Yousueng Han of Indiana University—Bloomington.

The South Florida Chapter will be presented with the Oveta Culp Hobby Award for exceptional professional development and the Patricia J. Yearwood Award for the best Chapter newsletter. The Section on International and Comparative Administration will be presented with the Patricia J. Yearwood Award for the best Section newsletter.


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