2018 Public Administration Trivia Night

ASPA is excited to announce that this year's Annual Conference will host a FREE trivia night!

Teams of 3-6 people will join together for eight rounds of public administration trivia on Friday evening, March 9. Pick your own team or come by yourself and join another group. Either way, come ready to have a ton of fun while you learn some public administration trivia.

This event will go for no more than two hours and will be based off a simple points system: The team with the most points at the end of the evening wins! What's the prize, you ask? We're not telling! Show up, play trivia and walk away with some random PA knowledge—and maybe a fabulous prize if you knew it already!

Trivia categories will include:

U.S. Presidency
Federal Government
State Government
The History of Public Administration
ASPA National
ASPA Pictures
Public Administration in Popular Culture
Public Administration Abroad
2018’s Annual Conference
Random Questions

Questions go from easy to hard, with accompanying point values going from low to high. Where will you excel? Be in the room to pit yourself against other attendees' knowledge and may the best team win!

(Did we mention? Drink tickets are available for the first 20 people in the room!)