Welcome to ASPA's 2019 Annual Conference website!

Public Finance. Infrastructure. Social Equity. Public Service. Among public administration’s most significant 21st century challenges, these four issues transcend geographic boundaries, sectors and levels of government. They impact the lives of citizens every minute of every day. They are researched, discussed and applied by our members in our public, private and nonprofit institutions.

ASPA’s 2019 Annual Conference is a Call for Action on these issues. We who are dedicated to the public good must answer the call—those who deliver services amid distrust in government institutions and dwindling resources; academics and scholars who connect theory to practice; non- and for-profit organizations that operate in a world that blurs the distinction between “public” and “private;” and a new generation of professionals who define public service much differently from their predecessors.

Advancing public service—effectively, efficiently and equitably, with a focus on the citizen—requires an unprecedented level of understanding and cooperation. Through the lenses of public finance, infrastructure, social equity, public service and global public administration, the 2019 Annual Conference will highlight innovative scholarship and tested on-the-ground practices that definitively advance public service in the United States and beyond. 

As we move toward the 2019 event, bookmark this website and check in regularly. From plenaries to workshops to special events, this conference will boast plenty of reasons for you to join us in our nation's capital and take home with you innovative research and hands-on solutions you can use in your locality or agency right away!

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