Have a Family-Friendly Conference!

The 2020 Annual Conference will be in Anaheim—in the 21st century! We understand many of our attendees have family demands that impact how and when they attend events, and we want to make this year's event as easy as possible for you to join! Check out the below information and keep your eyes out in the coming weeks for our full conference schedule, which will include new, FUN family-friendly events taking place at this year's conference!

Registration and Attendance
We understand that working parents, particularly with young children, need flexibility! If your paper/panel proposal is accepted and assigned for a day/time that won't work for you, contact us to move your slot to a time that will.

Need flexibility with your registration to make attending the conference as affordable as possible? One-day rates will get you there! Need to be in Anaheim for two days? Contact us and we'll see how we can help.

Spouse/Partner Attendance
Spouses/partners within the discipline who are planning to attend the conference will need to register at the standard attendee rate, but if your spouse/partner is coming to Anaheim and just wants to join for the family-friendly activities (and bring the kids!), we have a special rate for them! Look for those details on our registration page and contact us with any questions.

Kids Attend for Free!
Yep, you read that correctly: Your children are welcome to attend any part of this year's conference for free. Whether it's a plenary, panel, networking reception, evening event or other conference session, you are welcome to bring your child. We believe in fostering future public administrators!
(The only exception to this policy is a ticketed meal, such as the Gloria Hobson Nordin Social Equity Luncheon or the SWPA National Awards Breakfast, where you will need to pay for a meal ticket for your child to attend.)

Nursing Mothers
With or without your baby along for the ride, nursing/breast feeding brings its own challenges, not the least of which is finding space to nurse between sessions. ASPA has arranged for the Hyatt to provide lactation rooms throughout the conference space for those in need. Please ask for these locations when you pick up your registration materials; we will also do our best to mark them on our maps and printed materials.

Child Care Providers
Please note: ASPA does not endorse any specific child care provider and is not liable for any aspect of child care services provided during ASPA’S 2020 Annual Conference. 
Below are child care service options in Anaheim area; please contact them directly for more information about their services while you're at the 2020 Annual Conference.




Be Comfortable!

More than anything, ASPA wants our parent attendees to be comfortable while at the conference. If you have a need not addressed on this page, please make sure you reach out and ask about it; we'll do our best to support you!